We proudly offer a lifetime guarantee for your Arkel product, whether you purchased the bag directly from us or through a local bike shop.

This guarantee covers the workmanship, stitching and pieces such as the aluminum hooks, rails, nuts and screws, and inner stiffening backplate. In other words, in the unlikely event that your product has an inherent defect, you can count on us to repair it. If it cannot be repaired to our high standards, we may offer you a new bag or a credit toward a new purchase.

Please keep in mind that the inbound shipping fee is at the customer’s expense, while the outbound shipping fee is covered by Arkel. If you wish to avoid shipping fees and delays, please consider visiting a local seamstress or cobbler to fix your Arkel product. We will gladly refund the cost indicated on the receipt, but this must be approved beforehand. We can also send the necessary matching material for the reparation at no extra cost, shipping included.

Please note we do not accept warranty requests for any of the following:

  • Normal wear and tear, including zipper malfunctions.
  • Products that have been handled against their intended use, involved in accidents, or defaced.
  • Products purchased from non-authorized dealers.
  • User-created damages like rips, tears, burns, or holes.
  • Bags or products discounted for final sale.
  • Products with sewn-in labels that are cut or removed.
  • Lost, stolen or discarded product.

Expect a reply within 5-10 working days.


As much as you can trust our bags and panniers, please keep in mind that even the most well-maintained product is not made to last forever. Indeed, we give you our word that our products will last you a reasonable amount of years if used appropriately. If you do find yourself in an unfortunate situation, we can repair it at a reasonable price. All shipping charges are at the customer’s expense.

Please keep in mind that winter, spring and summer seasons are quite busy at the shop and if possible, we ask you to ideally plan repairs during the fall. Repairs may take several weeks due to limited staff. We will provide a cost estimate and lead time based on the received pictures and description. The cost estimate could be modified upon the reception of the products. Customers must approve cost estimates prior to any work being performed by our staff.

Local Repairs Philosophy

We encourage you to do repairs locally. Shipping products back and forth is costly and emits more gas emissions. Finding a local cobbler or seamstress to repair your product helps the local economy and the environment.

If you are in the USA or Canada, our customer service team is happy to send you pieces of fabric or other needed components to repair and lengthen the life of your gear. While the shipping charge is at the customer’s expense, we will gladly provide the items free of charge under reasonable circumstances.

Expect a reply within 5-10 working days.

Real Life Examples

Find Out If it is Covered by our Warranty

Your dog mistakens your bag for a snack

Because this is damage caused by an accident, the warranty does no cover this.

VERDICT: This is eligible for repair at a reasonable cost.

Your grandpa's pannier has a hole in it

In this situation, the hole was either caused by wear and tear or by a bike accident in the past. Unfortunately this is not covered by our guarantee, but you can expect us to repair it at a reasonable price.

VERDICT: This is eligible for repair at a reasonable cost.

You receive your order and a stitch appears to be unravelling

This is an inherent defect, therefore you can contact us for a repair or replacement at no extra cost, depending on the severity of the situation.

VERDICT: This is coverd by our warranty.

You go to the grocery and the handle rips off the bag

In this case, the ripped stitching is covered by the warranty, therefore the bag is eligible for repair or replacement at no extra cost, depending on the severity of the damages.

VERDICT: This is coverd by our warranty.

Still Not Sure What is Covered by our warranty?