TailRider Bike Trunk Bag (unit)

VAT excluded

Trunk bag, aerodynamic shape, fully padded, expandable, integrated rain cover, for standard racks or for our Randonneur Seat Post Rack.


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Key Features

We thought about trunk bags a long time before coming up with this expansion bellow. Most bags expand like a tower and the bags end up collapsing sideways. We rather made the expansion sideways! It is in fact such a natural process when the bag is “over stuffed”!

The rain cover is sewn into its own pocket. Just grab under the front flap and pull it out and over the Tail Rider. There’s also some reflective material for night riding!

If what you carry needs a bigger, all encompassing volume, just remove the divider. It’s so simple! Leave it in the Tail Rider for the next time you need it.

Not only does the Tail Rider feature a lot of reflective bands everywhere, there’s also a tab at the rear to hook a flashing LED light. Safety has no price.

At the rear of the bag we located 2 D-Rings so you can clip a shoulder strap for easy carrying when off the bike.
(Shoulder strap is optional and is not included with the TailRider)

TailRider Bike Trunk Bag by Arkel
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Great for Short or Long Rides

The TailRider Trunk Bag is fully insulated, has a huge opening, many internal pockets and a divider to keep the contents from shifting around. Waterproof zippers keep the rain out, but for longer rides the TailRider has an integrated rain cover. A built-in expansion bellow expands for more carrying capacity when needed. Wrap it all up with lots of safety features, including a blinker light strap at the tail end.

And for all you “lighter and faster is better” cyclists out there, our Randonneur Seat Post Rack comes in at just 17 ounces. This combo is the lightest and sleekest alternative out there to wide trunk bags and wobbly seat post connections. Joining the minimalist revolution doesn’t mean compromising on weight, aerodynamics or space. Be lean, sleek and fast.

Technical Specifications

660 g

Weight (1.46 lbs)

8 - 11 L

Volume (488 – 700 cu. in.)

Minimum Rack Width Required: 3.15″ or 80 mm

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