TailRider Bike Trunk Bag (unit)

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Trunk bag, aerodynamic shape, fully padded, expandable, integrated rain cover, for standard racks or for our Randonneur Seat Post Rack.

ETA on out of stock colors is Sept 30th, OUT OF STOCK item can be pre-ordered.


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Key Features

Most bags expand like a tower and end up collapsing sideways. We rather made the expansion sideways with a built-in expansion bellow for more carrying capacity when needed.

Waterproof zippers keep the rain out, but for longer rides the TailRider has an integrated rain cover sewn into its own pocket. Just grab under the front flap and pull it out and over the Tail Rider.

If what you carry needs a bigger, all encompassing volume, just remove the divider. It’s so simple! Leave it in the Tail Rider for the next time you need it.

Not only does the Tail Rider feature a lot of reflective bands everywhere, there’s also a tab at the rear to hook a flashing LED light. Safety has no price.

At the rear of the bag we located 2 D-Rings so you can clip a shoulder strap for easy carrying when off the bike.
(Shoulder strap is optional and is not included with the TailRider)

TailRider Bike Trunk Bag by Arkel
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Great for Short and Long Rides

The TailRider Trunk Bag is fully insulated, has a huge opening, many internal pockets and a divider to keep the contents from shifting around. Wrap it all up with lots of safety features, including a blinker light strap at the tail end.

And for all you “lighter and faster is better” cyclists out there, our Randonneur Seat Post Rack comes in at just 17 ounces. This combo is the lightest and sleekest alternative out there to wide trunk bags and wobbly seat post connections. Joining the minimalist revolution doesn’t mean compromising on weight, aerodynamics or space. Be lean, sleek and fast.

Technical Specifications

660 g

Weight (1.46 lbs)

8 - 11 L

Volume (488 – 700 cu. in.)

Minimum Rack Width Required: 3.15″ or 80 mm

Detailed Measurements

Ethically made in Asia (learn more)

Questions? We can help!

Talk to an Arkel staff member to guide you in your decision.


7 reviews for FOR TailRider Bike Trunk Bag (unit)

  1. COPDWarrior31 (verified owner)

    This bag holds a lot of stuff and keeps it readily accessible. I run this Tail bag on my Gravel/ tour bike and on my MTB to carry my Portable Breathing equipment too! A great addition to your commute, Backpacking, and Touring. Also, the handle straps double as a cargo tie-down for small items like jackets, Helmets, and other little items you need quickly.

    Happy Bike Camper,
    COPD Warrior 31
    Semper Fi, Can Do, and 1*SRT/TAC

  2. Narch (verified owner)

    I’m quite happy with my Arkel TailRider bag! It fit my purpose almost exactly. The quality seems quite good, and I’m especially happy to support a business in ‘La Belle Province’, where I lived for several years. Shipping was instantaneous and the process of ordering and email support very satisfactory.
    My only suggestions for improving the product would be to have the top compression straps connected with buckles for quick release so that if you want to use the straps to hold, for example, a water bladder on top of the bag, you don’t have to slide the item under the straps: you could just un-buckle them. I ride a recumbent bike so I’m using a CamelBak Unbottle strapped on top of the TailRider bag, and it’s a bit of a pain to have to slide the CamelBak under the straps. My other suggestion would be that there should be a small opening towards the rear of the bag (where the rain cover is) that either a hydration tube or charging cable can pass through. My final suggestion would be to add gear loops for strapping additional things to the outside of the TailRider. The bag is a very solid design and would be perfect, at least for my needs, with these additions.

  3. Ken Steinhoff

    I probably should give this a five. I bought the Trailrider about 20 years ago (geez, has it been that long ago?), and I kept tools, tubes, snacks, some spare clothing like socks and warmers in it, and never felt cramped. In truth, I probably carried too much stuff – based on jibes from friends who often ended up begging for some of my stuff – but I was never sorry I bought it.

    The only reason I dropped a star is because, after two decades, the Velcro straps are beginning to wear out, and the integrated rain cover has started to come unsewn.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I ain’t the person I was two decades ago, either. I guess I should deduct a star from myself for personal shortcomings.

    Don’t hesitate to pull the trigger. You can buy four cheap bags or one Tailrider, and I’ll tell you which one you use the longest.

  4. David (verified owner)

    I was out with friends last weekend and several were most impressed with the Randonneur Rack with TailRider bag combo. I was happy to confirm that they work extremely well for extended gravel rides. I really like being able to have a few extra bits and pieces with me when the weather is cooler. I’ve found that it doesn’t negatively affect my performance or the handling of my bike. I was concerned that I might feel it in gustier cross winds, but today was very blustery and it was fine. Great product!

  5. David (verified owner)

    (Copied from my rack review last week, I’d intended to post it on both products)

    I think I sold four, maybe five Randonneur Rack and Tailrider Bag combos yesterday!
    I’ve had the rack and bag for some time and find they work very well for me (pretty sure I overloaded it with vegetables from the farm shop and made it home on gravel roads without breaking anything), but due to the pandemic my friends had not seen them until yesterday. A cool November gravel ride, which warmed up later, so having somewhere to stow some snacks and gear proved invaluable.
    Four of said friends are doing a month long, supported tour in Europe next year, so they want enough to carry a one day supply and they’ve all taken note of the Arkel website! The other one had been looking at it previously, but wasn’t sure it could fit his shorter seat post – so he’s coming round to try it out.

  6. Sarah Shaw (verified owner)

    Great bag – perfect size. My only disappointment is that this one is made in Taiwan and not Canada – i was looking forward to the personalized made by tag in the bag. But if you look hard enough, you’ll find on the ethical manufacturing page which bags are made where. So my bad for not looking. I’ll get over the disappointment and probably ordering something else will help me get over it faster. What was most amazing is the shipping – shipped the same day ordered (and not just “a shipping label has been printed” kind of shipping, but actually packed, labeled and in the sticky hands of the post office. Ordered on a Thursday, and received on the Monday. The built in rain cover is pretty snazzy too!

  7. Jenni Gormley

    I bought this bag about 15 years ago and have used it soooooo much. I have been trough four bikes in that time, but only one rack pack. People still admire it. It has come on multi day bike camping trips, social rides, commuted, shopping trips. I love that when I have the shoulder strap on there is nothing hard to bump into me or catch on my clothes. I have carried piles of business papers, a ukulele (the Velcro tab at the end was very useful there), Christmas presents.

    I really enjoy having my Arkel bag in my life.

  8. Lee Trampleasure

    Incredible bag.

    My favorite feature is the hidden/integrated rain cover. While the bag itself is fairly water resistant, having this hidden cover means I never forget it. I also have Arkel panniers (which are also great), but they have a separate rain-proofing cover that you may not have with you 🙂

    I’ve been amazed at how much I can put in this bag when the compression straps are all the way open. The top flap has integrated folds that expand as needed; most of the time it’s a sleek bag with a reasonable size, but that extra space is there when you need it.

    Then, everything everyone else has said!!!

  9. Maxine (verified owner)

    I use this bag everyday on my commute to work and I love it. It is so easy to strap on and off of my rear rack. It fits so much stuff! I once put half a medium size pizza in there with the box. One time a huge puzzle box with a bulky hoodie. This is such a great bag. I am never concerned if something will fit or not. Also the rain cover is amazing! Buy it now! You will not regret it!

  10. Julie

    I paired this trunk bag with your Dry-Lite pannier set ( 19 oz.).
    The trunk bag matched perfectly with the D rings on the Dry-Lite Panniers for easy rear mounting.
    Versatile design allows the owner to manipulate the trunk bag space for necessities or purchases made along the days ride.
    Both items clean up easily from dusty or muddy rides.
    Waterproofing design sheds water or snow on both the panniers and trunk bag.

    Good for recreational rides or consecutive day touring.

    5 star

  11. Rich Stewart (verified owner)

    Bag is amazing, screams quality.
    Holds my random things with convenient inner pockets. The pouches actually fit more than a phone or wheat thin.
    Makes my bike look fancy.

  12. Julie (verified owner)

    Used the bag for the first time yesterday. I commute to work. It held a change of clothes, my lunch, repair kit, wallet, phone, keys, bug spray, and pump. It was easy to put on and off. Stayed put during the ride. Excellent quality. Best bike bag I have ever used, love it!

  13. Andrew Fitzpatrick (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for making such a great trunk bag in the first place. I have just received the two Tailrider bags I ordered, black for me and red for the other half. They are fantastic and look even better than l was expecting. They fit on our Thule tour racks perfectly. Also your turnaround from ordering on Thursday to delivery on Monday afternoon to the UK is nothing short of incredible.
    Thanks again,
    Andrew Fitzpatrick.

  14. George

    I commute by bicycle and ride pretty nearly every day. Over the years I’ve gone through a number of rack trunks. This bike trunk is really cleverly designed and I am still discovering features of it. This bag has a lot more capacity of other rack trunks I’ve owned (all of which have been expandable in some sense). I’ve been pleasantly surprised by what I could get into it. I tend to prefer bike bags that can breathe, but that have a rain cover if needed. I have gotten caught in rain for the ride home, and the bag has proven to be quite water resistant even without using the rain cover. Really fine bag.

  15. 514commuter

    I’ve had this bag for 5 years and toured across Europe with it. This bag can fit everything i need for a day trip, and is very stylish when removed from the bike. In fact, many people ask me about this bag when i’m carrying it around. The adjustable straps ensure that the contents are held tightly.

  16. Brent Irvine

    I have toured with my TailRider on seven tours and I am as happy now as when I first made the purchase. The velcro straps hold the bag snugly to the rack, the expanding top straps allow me to do two things – 1. If I need a bit more room to store snacks for the road, they allow expansion of the bag to give more room. 2. If I am lazy, once I have warmed up and removed my light coat, I can loosen the straps and slip my coat through the straps and tighten down to hold it in place.
    The bag has three compartments. Two smaller ones on the side where I slip a quick-grab pocket knife, pen, and a bit of change. They could ho,d much more, but I keep it small. The main compartment has both nice big zippers as well as a velcro flap to allow a quick grab to the interior. There is plenty of room inside the bag for my digital camera, tablet, passport/money and a few other odds and ends. And as previously mentioned, it is expandable to allow even more… if you want.
    Finally, the bag loks great even after five tours, appearing as good now as it did when I got it. The rigid foam is still rigid, and not old and floppy, the material is still very water resistant (I don’t even use the water cover) and the velcro is still clean and secure. This is my favourite bag. I love it.

  17. Greg Stevenson (verified owner)

    Wow that was fast shipping I ordered on a Friday and received it on Monday the bag looks great it was a perfect fit on my axiom rear rack and looks great on my bike I can see I will be able to carry lots of gear in it for comuting.

  18. Alexandre

    when I was achieving the transformation of my old gloomy Dutch bike into a classy electric assisted bike – I absolutly needed the perfect one ! Fortunatly I found out this great one : well manufactured, practical, elegant and large enough to contain and hold securely my heavy and bulky battery.
    Many Thanks To Arkel© for your contribution !

  19. BernieS

    This is a great little trunk bag excellently designed. The quality of the materials and the waterproof seams and zippers are outstanding. There are many useful little compartments for keeping odds and ends. Mounting on my rack is very secure. The zippers are heavy duty and easy to operate. Overall an excellent trunk bag.

  20. Ken

    Bought my bag this spring. Every time i took a ride i got looks of jealousy and folks ask me about the bag. Since i am from the netherlands all thought it was a dutch design ( there is a little town called Arkel). Had lots of fun in the swiss alps this summer. All in it for a 4 day tour from hotel to hotel. Guys you did a great job!

  21. Stuart UK

    I’ve had one of these for 4 years, its roomy and doesn’t look like you’ve strapped a fabric covered cardboard box to the back.
    But, after 4 years fairly light use, there is panel of what feels like plastic in the bottom which seems to be breaking up, very disappointed.

    Note from Arkel: Stuart UK, this is not a normal occurrence and might be covered by warranty. Please contact us by email and we will see what can be done to fix this.

  22. A Very Good Bag

    I bought this bag to help shlep my stuff for Michigan commutes (20 miles each way). My bike is a Specialized Diverge and I use this bag with the Randonneur seat post rack. (I do randonneuring as well). The bag is really really well made. Waterproof zippers and heavy duty materials. The only problem I’ve had is that with Michigan Spring/Fall, temperature swings can be pretty extreme. The morning commute can be 30 degrees with the afternoon commute home 70 degrees. This bag won’t accommodate all the stuff needed for the cold weather. It also will fit sandals and some clothes, but not cycling shoes. The pack does expand and the zippers handle the expansion very well. I’ve bungied my shoes on top of the pack under the straps and that works well. The best part of this bag is that it’s so easy to take off and put back on. (see the video). For commuting, I hit the YMCA for a shower, and it’s easy to just take the bag into the locker room with me. For temperature swing days, I’ve resigned myself to using a backpack, but for warm days, this pack is great.

  23. Vincent

    Got a hammock and loaded this thing out with gear to do day road trips to sling up the hammock and read a book wherever I choose. Love it. Even have an accident and just a minor abrasion. Quality product and worth every cent.

  24. JD

    I have been relying on my Tailrider for several years now, commuting daily to work and taking longer rides whenever possible just for the sheer fun of it. This bag is a superior product in every respect. It holds a great deal of gear, does not slip, is extremely durable, and keeps everything bone dry.

  25. Michael -Chattanooga TN

    I purchased this produce in MAY 2015 and was unable to use it until October 30 2015 due to a injury. TODAY I picked up my NEW Bicycle and rode it home 23 miles. Without this trunk bag and the rack which I bought for my new bike I would have needed to have someone drive me home in a truck. This bag has a lot of room, I mean a lot. I even stopped by the Chicken sandwich place and put in a take home bag. The rack and bag are very light and strong. In the USA – I could not find what I wanted and searched online and found this product. I feel this will last along time. It fits my needs and my Kona PVT JAKE 2016 cross. Thank god I am able to ride because I bought this and my bike and have not been able to ride for 6 months- If you are looking to get something of a transport ,this is it!

  26. Jens Peter Hansen

    Rode 1.715 km from Denmark to Nantes for Velo City 2015 conference in just 5 1/2 day. Did not have to time for messing with bad equipment, and the Trailrider + frame didn’t let me down. Riding on pavéé’s – no problems. Raniny weather most days – it kept my stuff dry.Just a perfect piece of equipment.

  27. Evan Petersen

    GREAT THINGS about your carbon seatpost rack, as well as the tailrider bag and the rear backpack trunk bag we bought! Friends and I headed out this past weekend for a 2 day adventure from Rexburg, Idaho, over Teton Pass into Jackson, Wyoming then a return trip a different 108 mile route the 2nd day back into Idaho.

    The four of us purchased the Seatpost Rack for our carbon bikes, as well as Tailrider bag, and another bought the rear backpack trunk bag. Needless to say, your products were AWESOME! All of us noted the quality of the rear trunk system, and made it to the 200 + miles over the two day trip was fantastic for hauling an “overnight bag” on our bikes!

    For anyone on the fence about buying the item, I can honestly say they are fantastic products, and my friends and I wanted to thank you!!!

    Evan Petersen
    Beaumont, CA

  28. Dan_in_Wisconsin

    Picked the TailRider bag and Randonnuer Seat Post rack up in time for RAGBRAI this year as I was in need of a means to haul minimum gear as I was able to stay at friends houses along the way. I must say this bag and rack are well engineered and highly functional. I ended up packing more gear in than I left with as I picked up a new shirt and jersey along the way. the expandability was welcome as was the built in rain cover. I wish everything I bought was this well thought out. Great job – I hauled everything I needed and spared my carbon frame!

  29. John M.

    The rack went on perfectly and held the bag exactly as described. I wanted something to carry a few larger items on longer bike rides. I have used this for 2 weeks with about 9 lbs of material inside and it has worked perfectly! In a wind and when going slower, the weight of the bag in the back can make the bike feel a little wobbly–speed up and even with wind this problem goes away completely. It is amazing how much you can put in the bag BEFORE it need to expand.
    The rack says it has a 13 lb rating for the seat post. I’m wondering if that will be a problem if I use the switchback for longer trips? I’m sure it will have 13 or more lbs when full. However, with the tail rider it is perfect!

  30. Steve in Urbana, Illinois

    Arkel bags are simply the best cycle bags available, and the Tail Rider is no exception. I recently purchased one, and my wife liked mine so much I had to buy another. The Tail Rider fits perfectly on the Salsa Alternator rear rack (on a Salsa Fargo), the Surly Nice front rack, and the Bontrager BackRack Deluxe (both on a Surly ECR). I really like the convenience of the front mount. We also have a pair of Shopper bags that get filled on trips to the grocery store and farmer’s market. My 9-year old T-42s are used daily for my year-round commute to work, filled with my change of clothes, lunch, and everything else I need. The T-42s get abused, but hardly show it. If you are looking for a cycle bag, don’t consider anything but an Arkel.

  31. Barb

    Don’t let the pricing deter you, it is a solidly constructed trunk bag and it will be the last one you will ever need. You can use the zippers effectively without getting them hung-up when you are in a hurry. (scrambling to throw layers on for a rain storm, etc) The built-in rain cover is GENIUS and also conveniently allows extra room to cover any items strapped on the top of the bag while still covering to the bottom. The bag amazingly expands but the straps allow you to tighten it to control the weight of the load. I use TailRider in conjunction with an Old Man Mountain rack and the load is perfectly weighted and manageable. The cargo net sections on the inside allow you to open the zipper slightly and grab necessities. (keep your items consistently in the same sections to help) The external side pockets help keep special items separate. (I keep my tools, flat repair items outside and separate from my camera and tech stuff like a solar charger) And when you need to bring your bag inside, just detach 4 velcro straps , grab the center handle and away you go (also an item I didn’t know would be SO helpful) I clipped 2 S-clips to the outside and brought along a cargo net for anything I picked up along my tours and packed on top.

    I have used this on RAGBRAI and DALMAC (multi-day tours) and have spent many days riding in rain without issues. It’s single-handedly my most favorite and effective purchase for my bike.

  32. Greg

    I am extremely happy with my trunk bag. I have done RAGBRAI for the last two years with this bag on my Trek madone 4.7. Never feel it move and it carries all I need for the days ride. I would recommend this to everyone and would buy it again in a heart beat. My wife uses a competitors small bag and always has something to add to mine.
    Thanks for a great product.

  33. Minneapolis Rider

    Arkel's TrailRider Trunk Bag has all the features that I wanted: a carrying handle, internal mesh pockets, top compression straps and the ability to expand. I'm not only impressed with how well the bag is designed, but also the quality of the bag itself. The zippers move smoothly and never get stuck. Zipper placement along with a velcro closure tab, let me get things out of the main compartment quickly and easily. It is clear to me that Arkel spent a lot of time thinking about the best design for a trunk bag. Not only did they include all the features that I was looking for, but they also included features that I didn't know I needed and now can't live without.

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