T-42 Classic Touring Panniers (pair)

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Rear touring panniers with large zippered opening to main compartment and additional pockets for easy access and functionality.

If your rack tubing diameter is bigger than 15mm (and up to 21mm), you will need the Oversized Cam-Lock. More details here

MADE TO ORDER: Order before October 15th and receive your T-42 panniers in November.


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Key Features

Arkel T-42 panniers in black
rear view with Cam-Lock® mounting system of the Arkel T-42 pannier.

The T-42 Classic touring panniers are made of super tough 1000 Denier US made Cordura and comes equipped with our patented Cam-Lock® mounting system to keep the panniers on the rack no matter the conditions you ride in. The top and side zippered pockets are great for quick access to small items and the front mesh pocket is a great place to store a wet jacket or any other piece of clothing you need to shed during your ride. The large size YKK zipper on the main compartment goes all the way down the front of the pannier and opens up completely, just like a suitcase, for ease of access and functionality. Finally, a lightweight aluminum frame and rigid bottom inside the main compartment will prevent the bag from sagging.

Add another layer of waterproof protection, increase visibility, keep grime off your bags with an Arkel raincover.

Technical Specifications (Pair)

2,3 kg

Weight (5 lbs)

42 L

Volume (2550 cu. in.)

Position : Rear
Dimensions de la sacoche T-42

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  1. Jean-Marc Hachey

    I just purchased my fourth set of these fantastic paniers. Each set lasted 10 years with continuous daily year-round use. Yes, I am in my early 60s and purchased my first Arkel panier when I was in my early 30s. I am an active urban Toronto cyclist, and I can’t say enough good things about my Arkel paniers. They are the best piece of equipment that I own. They are versatile, durable, well designed, easy to clean, and handsome. And they carry huge amounts of groceries as well as everything for regular picnics at the Toronto Islands Hanland’s Point Park. I look forward to purchasing my next set of paniers in 10 years time. A big thank to the Arkel team!

  2. Jay Hardcastle

    I picked up a set of T-42s this spring to replace my vintage `80’s Eclipse rear panniers. My first trip to use was a 6-day camping trip from Indianapolis to Lansing, MI this past July. The T-42s are a perfect size for rear bags, and the pocket combinations are well placed and sized for organizing things needed during the day or to set-up camp. the 3-sided main compartment openings are prefect, either for organizing and loading while flat, or for adding groceries and extra’s during the day The mesh pockets are great for quick access items, and letting clothing dry on the road. And you can’t beat CamLock for their adjustability and rock solid mounting. They are now combined with a set of Arkel T-28s I use for front bags and day trips. I am hoping for a couple fo decades of trips with these, and have no doubt I they are up to the task.

  3. Phil Campeau

    My dirt cheap panniers from REI were falling apart; so I needed to replace them. Like a few people who look at high end touring panniers.I didn’t think I could justify the cost of Arkel. Until I went to the local LBS and found a pair of T-42 that had been returned by someone. Not sure why you would return anything made by Arkel unless you were upgrading ?? Bags had a mark (grease stain). So I bought my T-42’s at a great price. I’m on year 5 and have used these for work commutes, winter rides, summer tours. They have been out in rain, -40 C winter rides, and gravel touring for a couple weeks.
    The bags still amaze me. They have been bounced around on gravel roads at speed descending. Have been thru a couple rain storms without covers on. They do have some ability to keep stuff dry without covers. Just not for long periods of rain. Gravel dust doesn’t get into the bags. Freezing temperatures don’t break any of the attachments or zippers. I doubt that Arkel had Fat bike rides and Gravel tours in mind when they designed the T-42. Both I can say that they work well and flawlessly. Also as a Can I am thrilled to buy Can and cheer about how good the product is.

  4. Nicolas Duguay

    I mean, I abused those bags.
    Bike trips, going to work, going to work during winter, camping, groceries, spilled beer, bike accidents.
    Buy those bags, they are the best, and I am personnaly very picky on the quality of the things I possess.
    I would choose those bags if someont told me “you can keep only five things amongs the things you own”.
    I don’t know the market, and I am certain there is nothing best on the market, because it is not possible to make better.
    You won’t regret it, you will fall in love, you will use them every time you will get the bike out.
    I give five stars to all stats, even price, because I think it is a very good price for the quality you get.
    If you don’t buy those bags after this review, you don’t need bike bags.

  5. William

    Bought 2017 T42s planning two major rides. I plan credit card mode, with no tent or cooking gear. I am using these with a small Arkel bar bag only, no front panniers as of yet.

    I just finished arise from Half Moon Bay to Santa Barbara California. Bought these based on slight knowledge of panniers in general. Customer support and willingness to believe in Canadian quality closed the deal. I opted for the cam lock system because I witnessed Ortleib users making a two handed effort to release or attach. The cam lock system worked flawlessly over my 8 day trip. No rattles, wiggles, or jamming. This is a high point for the T42s IMO. The external pockets were super convienient when quick access was needed. The zippers work well, but I am still learning how to negotiate the run around the corners of the big flap. This is the biggest pannier/bar bag combo I would need unless I planned to do camping and cooking. Overall, couldn’t be more pleased. Hats off to Arkel.

  6. caretaker

    I took my first trip this week from Santa Cruz, CA. to Half moon bay For a short three day trip they are fine. The material and zippers are incredibly strong. You can over stuff them and still get the zipper to close. I don’t think there is a better set of bags out there. I liked them so much I bought the T28’s for when I take longer trips. I am very pleased and think they are well worth the small fortune they cost (a poor man speaking). When the T28’s get here I will take a 300 mile trip and will leave my review for both sets of bags.

  7. Logansrun

    Have used my black T42s for 4 years of year round Canadian commute and summer tours,a testament to old world quality and workmanship with new world maerials. Also use xm28s on front racks on longer tours.the ease of axess with the t42 is great for picking up groceries and people ar.e amazed when they see how they consume 4 bags of groceries. Fantastic product.

  8. dON

    If you know you will ride 20,000 or so. Buy these. For commuting – one bag holds everything I carry: clothes, shoes toiletries and shoes, toel and sometimes laptop and heavy-duty lock. Big enough to lold dress pants and shirt to arrive unwrinkled.

    I’ve had these since 2005. Two years ago upgraded to the cam operated release. The bags have 16K commutes, plus one week credit card camping trips with no failure in fabric attachments or zips.

    I would like them to wear out so that I could try a T18 backpack which may be a better commuter.

    Best, Don

  9. cyclin’ min

    500 miles from Le Puy to Pamplona, 500 miles from Pamplona to Santiago de Compostela, and 750 miles from Geneva to Rome… these bags worked miracles on our three (unsupported) adventures biking medieval pilgrimage routes. All three of us used the T-42s and we will be using them for future trips! Easy to get things in and out; easy to get the bags on and off (even with a mending broken collar bone); loved the exterior mesh pockets and top pocket. It’s all the bag I need.

  10. James

    Dear Arkel

    Just a quick E-Mail to let you know how outstanding I found your panniers on a recent week long cycle tour in France.

    I have the T42’s on the back and T28’s on the front, the versatility of the bags was a major plus, being able to put maps, torches and flip flops in the outer mesh pockets was really advantageous! Also then using the other pockets to organise my tools and stove fuel, bits which really need to be kept separate from my clothes and other belongings. My two pals with me both had the waterproof Ortleib bags and they were most jealous, I reckon i’ve nearly talked them round into getting a set like mine!

    The only downside is that I ended up carrying most of the communal stuff as my panniers were better and more accessible, so thats the shopping for the evenings meal at the camp and of course the splendid vino from our various stop offs in the wine region, but I think i’m fitter for it!

    I’m saving up now for your small handlebar bag and I think that will be me set!

    Anyway thanks again for helping me have an outstanding trip, hopefully I will use your bags in many more like it.

    I’ve attached a photo of myself in France sporting my bike and panniers.



    – From London UK.

  11. Seth Kauppinen

    After six years of unfailing service, I'm still using my T-42's every day. What a great product! Thanks again for making such a great pannier, and for doing it in North American factories. The quality is appreciated, and so are the jobs.

  12. Tim

    I just received my T-42s in red. Very impressive construction and materials, and they fit without adjustment on my stock 2007 Cannondale T2000 … no heel clearance issues, and they really stay put on the bike. These are the perfect size for the credit card touring I plan to do on the KATY trail between STL and KC, and a great compliment to my Tailrider trunk bag. Highly recommended.

  13. Susan

    Just back from first tour with these fantastic panniers which I ordered from the UK – and they were worth all the extra costs involved! I loved the fact that I could always find what I needed inside the bags whilst my partner was still rummaging around in his sacklike Ortliebs! The Arkel raincovers worked really well on the wet days. The hooking and unhooking was quick and easy and the pockets were really great for essentials like snacks and suncream. I love them and can't wait for the next trip!

  14. Aaron

    We've owned red T-42s for four years and used them a lot for commuting (I commute by bike most days). We've also used them for day rides and longer tours. No complaints about them at all! They've held up well. The two smaller zipper pockets and the mesh open "pocket" are so handy (whether touring or commuting) and make this design more useful to us that designs with only a single large top loading compartment. The T-42s are an excellent size for us, we use these far more than the T-28s. Our T-42s will hold at least a full grocery bag of food. We liked ours so much that we bought another pair in yellow for us and one in black for our daughter. The new zippers are bigger than the old ones, but we've had no problems with zippers on any of the panniers. A good product.

  15. Sean

    We rode these to Dawson City, Yukon and they never let us down. At first, we thought we could not afford Arkel bags, but luckily we ended up buying a used touring bike that came with a full set. The other bags we had with us were no match for the Arkels – Their zippers jammed and broke. Their attachment hooks bent. Their "top-down" openings were terrible to use. The T42/T28 combo however performed flawlessly and were just a dream to use on a daily basis. We have refused all other bags since. The initial cost is higher than the made-in-china bags out there, but these are an investment that I'm confident can be passed down through the generations. If you want a bag that will last for one tour, look elsewhere. If you want something that will go the distance… well, you're on the right page.

  16. Tom

    I've had my T-42s for about 5 years. They are TOUGH and I use them for everything: long road trips, to the beach, shopping, daily commutes. These are truly the 'Lexus' deal in panniers. I looked at every other option before opting for Arkel, and so pleased with the results. I connect mine to the Red Rock rear rack and it's a great marriage. Don't hesitate just because these may have a slightly higher price point than the competition. These panniers are tougher than a pig's nose. And put them in your will: they'll certainly out last you!

  17. Janet

    I have owned my set of T-42 bags for 8 years. I used them for two tours in 2004 along with a set of T-28s. They were perfect for my needs. On the second tour, we rode during four inches of rain on the C&O trail. We were drenched and dirty, but everything in our bags stayed clean and dry using the rain covers. Since that time, I have used my bags sporadically for errands but they are now back on my bike as I prepare for an upcoming B&B tour. My only regret is that my bags were made before the cam-lock system. I do have a commuter bag with the cam-lock system and it is great. The bags are certainly durable and easy to use. If I ever wear these out, I will be sure to get another pair.

  18. Jaelanne

    I remember thinking that I couldn't really afford these when I bought them, but after five years, I can honestly say they may have been the best investment I have ever made. They were bought in red to match a commuter bike named Cherry Jubilee, and have since served my touring and cyclocross bikes. They have never fallen off, and even on occasions when I forget to zip the top right compartment, I have never lost anything off them. The red has faded a bit from heavy use, but not a single rip or tear. They have carried groceries, lab samples, laundry, costumes (including feathered headresses) school projects, camping equipment, and even helped me move. I have used them as a base for wide things (car free girl can bring home pizza without melted cheese running off the pie). I love these bags, and as for 'lite touring'…you'll be shocked to see how much these bad boys can carry!

  19. Chuck

    I purchased a set of Arkel T42 and GT18s a year or so ago and have been using the T42s for commuting. This summer I finally used all four of my bags for a 528 mile trip most of the way around Lake Erie. The bags were perfect and had plenty of capacity for my self contained trip. I'm not sure why the T42s are marketed for credit card touring. For me the combination of T42s and GT18s are perfect for a self contained tour. The one thing that I did notice is that the zippers on the T42s are a bit less heavy duty than the GT series whcih is something that I think that Arkel could and should upgrade. Overall I am very pleased with my panniers, they performed well in wet weather with the rain covers and were a pleasure to use.

  20. Paul

    Michael, at 'The Broken Spoke' in Iowa City, recommended these to me after he had a pair for years/miles. They seem to be holding up like they were new – great quality product.

  21. Robert H. Kloet

    Yes we have the GT18’s, Dolphin 48’s, T28’s, T42’s, Tailrider Trunk Bags and the Big Bar Bag for a total of 15 individual panniers. All from Arkel. Most of them were acquired for our 23 day unsupported trip in the Netherlands last year although my wife has had a set of T42’s for years and has used them on many other cycling trips.
    They all worked seamlessly. The GT18’s and T28’s were used as front panniers while the rest were used as rear panniers. We travelled with 3 children aged 10, 12 and 14. The zippers and material were excellent. Travelling with a teenage daughter you can imagine her panniers were already full at the beginning of the trip. This made no difference to her as she ran across items almost every day that she had to have. Mostly clothes and yes she managed to stuff them into those panniers every day. But the panniers worked perfectly like they were made for the carefree teenager.
    Every morning we hooked them up and at the end of the day unhooked them and hauled them up usually at least 2 sets of stairs if not 3 or 4. This also worked wonderfully. I have to admit the kids kind of abused them a bit. Elevators were not common and yes the panniers were occasionally seen flying down the stairs end over end as the kids dropped them at the top of the stairs. I could hook up the 19 individual panniers in a matter of minute’s basically due to so the Arkel cam-lock system. Not one of those panniers came unhooked on route or was damaged in any way on the trip. And yes the bikes with the panniers attached were dropped on occasion. (When I say dropped think cycling along and wiping out.)
    We’ve also used them on numerous other bike trips we go on annually. I plan and organize two trips a year and this fall we will be cycling in Prince Edward County for three days with two pairs of T42’s. We now use them almost daily for trips to the library, the grocery store or wherever we are going. I would highly recommend these panniers. My local bike store, Pieriks Cycle, carries them and I’ve also order them on-line which worked perfectly as well.

  22. Paul Natelli

    Hello Ives I have my Arkel T-28 and T-42 panniers and they are absolutely bullet proof and work extremely well. Been on three tours and all is well. Paul Natelli, a very satisfied customer.

  23. Allen

    I am on my third set of T-42's and use them all year long – snow, rain and heat. These bags are tough,spacious and dependable but in the end it is always the zipper that fails. Avoid stuffing them to the point of bulging and you will probably get longer life from them. Despite the zipper problems I still maintain that they are worth the expenditure and are quite reliable. The adjustable hook location is quite useful and allows you to compensate for winter footwear which tends to be bulky and prone to kicking the edge of the bag.

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