Oversized Cam-Lock®

Our regular Cam-Lock® hooks work perfectly with diameters of 15mm or less. We also have the Oversized Cam-Lock® that works with rack tubing diameters of 15mm up to 21mm. Simply follow the instructions below.
1. Add The Oversized Cam-Lock® To Your Cart

Click here and add the oversized Cam-Lock® to your cart.

2. We Adapt Your Pannier

Arkel staff will switch the regular Cam-Lock® with the Oversized Cam-Lock® on your bag. Your regular Cam-Lock® will still be included in your order, just in case you need to switch it back to use your pannier on another bike.

3. Hassle-Free Installation

Once you receive your pannier, there is no extra installation required by you. Simply put the bag on your bike, hop on the saddle and ride on!