GT-18 Pannier (unit)

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Plenty of pockets for functionality and organization in a pannier that can work both on the front or rear. Sold as a single pannier, it can be paired with the GT-18BP (pannier/backpack) to create a super versatile set.

If your rack tubing diameter is bigger than 15mm (and up to 21mm), you will need the Oversized Cam-Lock. More details here

MADE TO ORDER: Order before November 15th and receive your GT-18 panniers in January.


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Key Features

GT-18BP Pannier Backpack Black

Designed as front panniers to compliment our GT-54 for fully loaded touring, the GT-18’s exemplify Arkel’s commitment to quality and functionality. The rectangular shape offers the most versatility in terms of lodging capacity. The exterior mesh pocket is great for stashing that rain jacket after a summer shower, and if you are just going across town instead of across the continent, you can also use the GT-18’s as rear panniers. As with the GT-54’s, the GT-18’s come with a fully waterproof integrated liner bag inside the main compartment. The GT-18 is sold as single units (and not as a pair) so you can decide if you want 2 regular GT-18’s to form a pair, or one regular and one backpack or 2 backpacks. Talk about versatility and style, the GT-18’s are at the top of their class.

Technical Specifications (Unit)

1,2 kg

Weight (2,7 lbs)

18 L

Volume (1100 cu. in.)

Position : Front or rear

Detailed Measurements

Arkel GT-18 rear view

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  1. Matthew Bozek

    I’ve used these panniers on a couple of tours, including the Katy Trail and GAP/C&O. I will say that they are phenomenal panniers and can hold a ton of gear, and having the zippered portions is super helpful for organizing all your touring gear. The zipper quality is excellent and the mesh pack on the outside of the bag is nice for commuting; I’ll typically put items I need to quickly grab or my U-Lock in mesh pocket for quick access. The panniers dry quickly as well, which is nice in the event that they do get wet. I also find these easier to mount than my Ortlieb panniers.

    While I love these panniers, especially for commuting, there’s a couple of things I dislike about them:

    1. Weight: At 2.7lbs for the pair, these do weigh a bit more than some competitor products, though they have less space. For those conscious of weight, this might be a consideration before purchasing these bags.
    2. Mesh Pocket: One of the pockets has a small tear in it, unfortunately. I don’t know how it happened but I’m hopeful it doesn’t tear any further.
    3. Zippers: The zipper ties are prone to falling out. They’re annoying to get back in, but they’re optional and the zippers can be used without them.
    4. Rain Cover: While the rain cover does an excellent job of preventing rain from getting into the pannier, it has a mesh pocket on the bottom. Going through puddles has soaked the bottom of the pannier even with the rain cover on. Fortunately, the panniers dry out pretty quickly.
    5. Tubus Tara mounting: Keep in mind if you have a Tubus Tara rack, that you can’t use these panniers without a hook extension. I purchased one on adventure cycling, but just another accessory you may need to consider when purchasing these panniers.

    Overall, I really like these panniers and would recommend them. However, do some research depending on what type of mounting system you’re looking for, how wet the region you live in is, and also consider the backpack style GT-18 panniers.

  2. Harold

    I purchased a pair for light touring. These bags are spacious and strong. The design allows for a lot of expansion. I rode for a couple of days in heavy rain and everything inside the liner stayed dry. These bags also dry quickly so gear outside the liner does not stay wet. I use 4 zip-ties to connect the panniers so that they count as only one piece of luggage when traveling by plane, bus, train, etc.

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