Frame Bags (unit)

VAT excluded

Our frame bags are 100% waterproof and great to carry items such as tools, food or extra clothing.

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Click here to verify the proper frame bag size by using the templates. This will avoid having to exchange the bag.



Key Features

3-point attachment strap system

This completely eliminates the necessity for large, messy velcros. The strap system will not interfere with top tube packs and will always remain under tension for easy zipper action.

Technical Information

Determine the best size for your bike frame:

1. Print

You can use the templates below to determine which size will best fit your frame.

Frame Bag Small Cutting Template
Frame Bag Medium Cutting Template
Frame Bag Large Cutting Template

2. Cut

 These templates are exactly the size of the bags and can be cut and fitted inside your frame to determine the fit.

3. Fit

These bags are designed to be stretched tight inside your frame at each of the 3 attachment points. If the bag can't be stretched tight this will make operating the zipper difficult. When in doubt, choose the size smaller.

Questions? We can help!

Talk to an Arkel staff member to guide you in your decision.



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