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The Seatpacker 9 with quick release aluminum hanger. Completely waterproof!

Weight of seat bag: 360 g / .75 lbs
Weight of rack: 280 g / .6 lbs
Volume: 9l. / 550 cu. in. 
Requires a minimum clearance of 7" from seat rails to top of tire:
Maximum Load: 5 kg / 13 lbs.
Detail Measurements

If the seat rails of your saddle are more than 3.5 inches (89mm) apart, you will need the following adaptor More Details...

100% Waterproof   Seatpacker Rack  No Tail Wag

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New Bikepacking seat bag! The Seatpacker 9 with quick release lightweight aluminum hanger. Completely waterproof with sealed liner, easily slides on and off for easy packing and handling. Seatpacker rack totally eliminates side to side movement (Tail Wag). Plus it works with dropper posts!! Slim front design and reinforced front panels eliminate thigh rub. Needs a minimum clearance of 7" from seat rails to top of tire.

Find out why cyclists love our Seatpacker 9!

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2 customer reviews

Seatpacker 9 Bikepacking Seat Bag (patent pending) reviews

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  1. A great storage solution for carbon framed bikes

    By Deacon Blues

    A great product.
    I'd highly recommend this seat pack to anyone who owns a carbon framed bike and wants the extra storage capability.
    Super easy to put on or take off, but the bag does sit higher than the seat, so it's easy to clip the bag with your leg when getting on or off your bike.
    A big thumbs up.

  2. Perfect for Cyclists Who Are Short!

    By Galena Nightfire

    This is the only seat pack bag that works for us shorter cyclists (around 5ft or 1.5m). I have barely an inch of exposed seat post! This makes it impossible to mount all the other seat packs on the market. The Arkel SeatPacker 9 mounting is adjustable and works perfectly! I live high up in the Colorado Rocky Mountains where weather is very changeable as I pedal over mountain passes over 12k ft (3,658m). The SeatPacker holds more than enough gear for a day trip in uncertain weather (rain jacket, down vest, leg & arm warmers, gloves, shoe & helmet cover). For riding at lower elevations in warm weather, I pair it with my small handlebar bag for ultralight road touring (sleeping indoors). If you plan on camping, I'd suggest buying the larger SeatPacker 15 and a handlebar roll pack for your tent. Add a frame bag for other gear and you'll be ready to roll.

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