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Waterproof rear panniers equipped with our patented Cam-Lock® mounting system.
Weight: 2.02 kg / 4.56 lbs (pair)*
*Without removable internal cradle - 2.29kg / 5.5 lbs (pair) with removable internal cradle
Volume: 45 l. / 2750 cu. in. (pair)
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Orca 45 waterproof panniers equipped with the patented Cam-Lock® mounting system. Our welded seam technology ensures that the bag will stay dry no matter the conditions you ride in and our patented Cam-Lock® mounting system will keep the bags on the rack, regardless of the load or road conditions. No one else offers such a solid and reliable mounting system for bike panniers. Many smaller details make this bag unique, an internal organizer for easy access to documents, maps, tablet, wallet, etc. This means you won’t have to empty half the bag to reach these. A plastic protector at the bottom backside of the pannier adds protection between the bag and the rack and will avoid any premature wear caused by friction against the rack. We also added D-rings for an optional shoulder strap. This is very practical when travelling at the airport or simply carrying your panniers around at the end of a long ride. Many small details make these panniers functional, durable and most importantly fun to use.

  • Fully Waterproof RF welded seams.
  • Patented Cam-Lock® mounting system.
  • Front exterior zippered pocket.
  • Internal organizer for important papers, tablet, etc...
  • Tabs to mount blinker lights.
  • Reflective material on all sides.

6 customer reviews

ORCA 45 Waterproof Bike Panniers (pair) reviews

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(based on 6 reviews)
  1. Love em'

    By Jake

    Great pannier. Been using Arkel for awhile in Seattle. These really work great and they also look really good on the bike. Love the Orcas and the arkel cam system is second to none. At around 100 per pannier the price is very reasonable too. All in all I'm very satisfied and felt good supporting goods made in our neighbor to the North. Would recommend and buy again.

  2. Great Panniers

    By Free Rider

    I use these panniers to bike to work. So far they have worked great. I have used these for the last 2,000 + miles on my bike. I loved the can not say enough good things about the cam locking system and the quality. The Arkel Panniers have the best attachment method I have seen. These would work great for touring, but are also good for commuting. The exterior of the bags does get marked up if you lean the bike up against objects. As another reviewer noted, if you are in a consistant down pour sometimes you do notice your contents are a bit dam. I did notice this on a day when I went riding in a heavy down pour and flooding, but was not sure because I put damp items in my bag. Personally I can say that I would not have any hestiation about putting a electronic device (cellphone, laptop etc.) in the panniers and riding in a rain storm. I have done so several times and have not had any issues.

    I would say if you do not have a kickstand buy black bags... the Arkel logos are reflective and noticable at night. I noticed that the black color seems to hold up better compared to the red. The pockets on the Orca's are great quality and were a great upgrade over the previous Orca 40 bags. Another huge plus is that Arkel does sell patches for their bags. So if life happens you can always patch them! Great panniers I would not recommend anything else.

  3. Extraordinarily good design

    By Michael

    I recently purchased a Pedego Stretch e-bike and had a frustrating search for suitable carrying bags. Fortunately a fellow Stretch owner, a photographer led me to Arkel.
    I could not be happier with the bags. Vancouver is in the middle of an ancient rain-forest and the Orca 45 is perfect for my trips!

  4. Great Panniers... However!?

    By Jamie

    I've had the chance to use my panniers for everyday commuting as well as a small vacation in Banff, Alberta. In total, I've maybe travelled a little over 1500km on mostly dirt road, single track and paved roads. The bags are built with a high quality material and I think they do what they are suppose to under normal circumstances.

    In terms of "waterproof" I have to say that some of my belongings became somewhat damp after a few days of riding in some good downpours but nothing out of the ordinary. I would be reluctant to put something electronic (camera or computer in the long term in the bags if it was constantly raining).

    My only true disappointment is with the bags' handle. Mine literally split in half already after less than a year of use. I will be contacting customer service to see what they can do to help.


  5. Excellent Product

    By Mark

    My wife and I share a set of the Orca 45's, using one each to carry our lunch, clothes and other items on our daily commute. Even fully loaded, having a pannier on only one side of the rack is not an issue for the bike's balance. The panniers have done about 2,000km of commuting so far and look just like they did on day 1. The quality is excellent; I particularly like the metal rail assembly that should be much more durable than the plastic components on many other panniers. With the lower adjustable hook, the connection to the rack is solid. I carry a shoulder strap inside the bag that I use with the provided clip rings to carry the pannier off the bike. Using the integrated handle is ok for short distances, but since the handle is on the back side, the balance is a bit awkward.

    As advertised, the panniers are fully waterproof. With the roll-top closure and rugged material and buckles the construction is solid. I'm very happy with this product and it's great value despite the price.

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