Dry-Lites (pair)

At 540 g, these are truly the ultimate waterproof light & fast touring saddle bags. Stand-alone use, or combined with any trunk bag. Perfect match with Arkel’s Tailrider.


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Key Features

Hit the road with Arkel Dry-Lites, the lightest waterproof bicycle panniers on the market. 100% waterproof, with a sleek design, able to accommodate a volume of 28 liters and with an incredible featherweight of 540 grams, the dry-lites are literally incomparable. Equipped with reflectors on all sides and watertight “roll-top” closure, they can be attached and detached from your rack in a jiffy.

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Pair it with a Trunk Bag

Can be paired with the TailRider Trunk Bag for simplicity, functionality and lightness!

• Featherweight 400 denier ripstop Nylon with TPU coating
• Waterproof roll-top design
• Ultralight horizontal stays kept bags clear of the wheel
• Reflectors on all sides for safety
• Built-in handle or optional shoulder strap
• Rolls tight for easy storage
• Dimensions per bag: 14.5” X 11” X 5.5” / 37cm X 28cm X 14cm
• Compact rolled size 15” X 4” X 2”

NOTE: Arkel’s Dry-Lites are built for lightness and performance. The lifetime warranty still applies, but wear and tear and resistance to impact is less than with Arkel’s heavy-grade products.

Dry-Lites sacoches ULTRALÉGÈRE (Paire)-2335

Technical Specifications (Pair)

540 g

Weight (19 oz)

28 L

Volume (1708 cu. in.)

Position : Rear

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7 reviews for FOR Dry-Lites (pair)

  1. Michelle Toder (verified owner)

    I just returned from a 5000 mile self supported solo tour across the US. It was my first tour and I was determined to travel ultralight. These panniers performed perfectly. I paired them with a medium trunk bag by Topeak. I had a custom frame bag because my bike is an extra small frame and I could not get a standard bag that fit. I also had a Revelate mag tank and a jerry can on my top tube. The Dry Lites remained in place while riding, packed easily and were easy to access with the roll tops. They remained completely dry. I am very happy with my choice of panniers.

  2. Ry Schulz (verified owner)

    The Arkel Dry-Lites are good for what they are designed for. I would give them a 3.5-star review if I could. The pros far outweigh the cons.

    Unfortunately, they started to fail after 20 days of use. The spot where the bungee cord goes under the webbing near the bottom started to wear out the bungee cord. Eventually, I could see the threads of the splitting bungee. I contacted Arkel and they said it would be a complicated fix. Indead, they were correct. The bungee is sewn into the webbing near the top, so it is impossible to attach a brand new bungee cord. I ended up cutting the bungee cord near the bottom, slipping off the hook attach, then mending the new cord to the old cord with a few hog rings. The materials to fix the bags cost $20, but it was worth the effort. The panniers function properly again.

    Arkel did help me out with the purchase of some Orca Bags. I’ll continue to use my Dry-Lites while they hold up. It’s worth noting that the pannier material itself has held up well. I have certainly put these through the wringer with heavy loads on single-track terrain on a rigid bicycle. I’m optimistic they would hold up for many years with a more gentle user.

    -Very lightweight
    -Very spacious for their weight
    -They continue to be 100% waterproof
    -Once mounted, they feel secure on the rack
    -The roll-top closure is easy to use
    -They have reflective accents on the out bag for added visibility
    -Great price

    -The bungee cord started to tear after 20 days of use
    -The velcro mount makes adding a top rack bag difficult
    -They take a bit of time to mount
    -They are difficult to carry once they are off of the bicycle, no strap

  3. AEM

    These are great if you’re looking for a set of lightweight, waterproof panniers to carry just enough stuff. I’ve had these for almost three years now. I toured 3,000 miles on the road with them and use them weekly for commuting. I’ve ridden in downpours and everything stayed dry. They’re still waterproof after three years’ use. The color hasn’t faded from the sun or water exposure. When the bags are fully loaded, they stay in place well without much movement.

    I’ve dragged these through the woods a few times to camp and they withstood briars and branches. I can wear each bag on my front and back sides by sticking my head through the hole in between the attached bags. It’s not the most comfortable but it’s convenient when having to hike out a very short distance to camp after a long day.

    Be cautious of how you pack the bag. I packed a Sea-to-summit x pan on the inside of one bag and the friction between the pan and rack rubbed a hole in one bag. Also, know that if you throw a small, “heavy” item, e.g. boots, in the bag by itself the item may shift to the back of the bag and inwards toward the spokes. I’ve had a bag get caught in the spokes a few times because of this. (Even though I clipped the small metal piece at the bottom of the bag to my rack.) This shifting problem hasn’t been an issue with a fully loaded bag.

    I wish that both bags came with a handle for carrying the bags separately. One bag has a grey handle that’s durable; it would be nice if this same type of handle was attached to the other bag. The buckle ripped off the bag without the grey handle because I carried the bag by the roll top.

    Finally, beware that the bottom of the bags are tapered, not square. This hasn’t always been the most convenient for packing but it probably makes the bag a bit more aero and perhaps it helps with the overall balance of the bag.

    While these bags aren’t perfect, they’re trustworthy so I’d buy them again.

  4. Merlin (verified owner)

    My wife and I each have a set of these for bikepacking with our Salsa Fargo’s. My bike is a small frame and hers is an x-small so there is very little room for frame bags or decent sized seat post bags. With a pair of these each, a medium sized trunk bag, a Salsa Anything Cradle and Rollbag and a couple of Salsa Anything cages and small roll bags, we have done two week self supported rides and had plenty of room for gear. Our total loads run around 11 kgs or 25 lbs. The panniers have had 3 years of use and are still holding up great.

  5. brucemay (verified owner)

    These are great! I have just purchased these in advance of the spring and starting to commute to work for the year. The plan is to take a week’s clothes to work on Monday. These will do the job nicely. Fastening to the rack is easy (and no little plastic clips that will only break anyways). Very happy.

  6. AG Martin (verified owner)

    Bought these bags when looking for a lightweight solution for backroads touring on my Pivot Les Fat fat bike (set up for touring). I don’t care for modern large seat bags sold for bikepacking- too much sway, not enough carry options. I use a lightweight but sturdy AK made Fat Bike rear rack which allows me to mount a 20L dry bag on top, with these bags on the side. These are small / narrow enough to allow for comfortable hike-a-biking on single track, but coupled with a 20L dry bag, plenty big enough to carry all sorts of needed gear. I’ve done several multiple-hundred mile self supported backcountry tours and have never been left wanting my traditional road bike (also Arkel) bags. Bikepacking? Buy these!

  7. Robyn

    I love this set of bags. I’ve used them for about 5 bikepacking trips so far and their narrow profile and distance off the ground are great on singletrack with barely any movement rolling over big rocks and bumps. The attachment system, while finnicky, is perfect for bikepacking. If you’re doing road, I wouldn’t bother with these and get a more traditional set of panniers that you can remove easily.

    They seem very repairable as well, which is something I always look for in a product. Curious how the velcro will hold up to repeated rainfall, but it looks very durable.

  8. Greg H.

    These bags worked flawlessly bikepacking from Astoria, OR, to Pueblo, CO, on the Trans Am Bike Race. Great alternative to the popular seat packs used on ultra-distance bikepacking rides when speed isn’t your highest priority.

  9. sandeep

    so light and simple, seems very durable and I packed so much stuff into them I couldn’t believe it. Very happy about the value most sets are so expensive. For commuting these are great value

  10. phil

    currently on my winter bike. holds everything I need for varying conditions.

  11. Doug

    I bought these panniers for their light weight, then rode through Maritime Canada. Using lightweight gear, I was able to fit sleeping bag, airmattress, casual clothes, foul weather gear and bike repair kit. My tent fit between the bags on the rack. My total kit was 7 kg,so it didn’t make sense to then have heavy saddlebags to put it in.
    Easy to put on and take off, Fit the bike perfectly.,and easy to use as a travel bag when not on the bike. I haven’t used them a lot, but there’s no sign of wear. I’m very happy with them.
    Thanks Arkel for a great product.

  12. rexer

    I researched a lot before I bought these for long distance touring. I wanted something lightweight to fit my front rack, since I already had full size rear bags. The Arkel Dry-Lites are featherweight, easy to get on and off, and ruggedly made. I stuff my sleeping bag into one side, and since I do a lot of desert riding, keep a compartmentalized water bladder filled to the day(s) requirements on the other. My tent bungees onto the top of the rack and I’m ready to roll.

    Fedex screwed up my delivery on the Texas border with Mexico, and Cindy at Arkel got them straightened out without any effort on my part.

    Great company! Great customer service! Great product! Recommend!

  13. Doug

    Finally found panniers that work great for off road touring. Not to big and dead simple mounting system free of rattles and movement. These things are tough was well. I got stuck on a trail a few miles of blackberries bushes overgrowing the trail. My legs got torn up pretty good but the bags came through unscathed………was amazed. Great job Arkel!

  14. harry

    I have used these bags for 4 years now and drove 8982 kilometer with the Drylites under different conditions in Spain,Austria,Slovenia,Italie,France,Germany etc.
    Some rain, lots of hot sunny weather etc.
    My ultralight bike fell now and then.
    I most of the time travel with a complet very light campingequipment with also cooking stuff on board.
    I put on top of the drybags an ultralight stuffsack and a steeringbag on my handlebar;that s all I need.
    I really have used them intensive but the bags are still in very good condition and waterproof!
    Topproduct ,highly reccomended!!

  15. howlinggrace

    If you are looking for lightweight, look no more, these are big enough for lighter touring, fairly waterproof and reasonably tough. They are not for those who take the kitchen sink, or ride through cactus, but with a bit of care and minimal gear, best choice in a pannier.

  16. Vincent

    Use mine for commuting. I work at a grocery store and these are great for small grocery runs. Not seeing myself giving these up!

  17. Terry

    I couldn’t be happier with these. Light, waterproof and strong enough, I used them on the Dalton Highway, a good test. Paired them with a VO Constructeur Rear Rack which is minimalist yet strong as well. I prefer the black, though I can understand where others would like to see some bright colors. The best feature for me is the ability to roll them up into a tiny package for travel.

  18. The Wanderer

    If you like the idea of bikepacking with frame bags and minimalist gear but prefer rear panniers for fit, convenience and/or extra storage, the Dry-Lites are a great choice. Sgt Peter Viol used a set on his rig during the 2015 Tour Divide: http://www.therecord.com/news-story/5739901-local-officer-faced-bears-mountain-lions-on-28-day-ride/. Even though they’re definitely lightweight, they’re tough and waterproof. Just be sure to pack clothing or other soft edged items inside to keep them within the handling range they were built for. A tough rear rack like the Tubus allows you to team the Dry-Lites up with an Arkel Tailrider making a perfect match.

    A couple of reviewers have commented on wanting BRIGHT colours for busy roads but those of us cycling on lightly traveled dirt or gravel backroads prefer the black bags for hiding mud/dust/dirt. The easy fix for more visibility is simply to go with one large safety triangle out back (or on your back) or use several as shown in this review: https://trikeasylum.wordpress.com/stevestuff/arkel-dry-lites-pannier-evaluation/.

    As for the comment about adapting Dry-Lites as front panniers, see the photo example of a cyclist on the Great Divide using Dry-Lites front and back on Flanagan’s Ride of the Great Divide Day 19 Basin to Butte Riding with Lug’a and Nicoli to Butte: Lug’a used rear Dry-Lites on her bike while Nicoli had them doubled up at both ends. It might be a case of choosing a suitable front carrier than designing a new style of Dry-Lite.

  19. Andreas

    I like that they can be rolled up, not in the way when not used. Great for extra room needed for clothes when riding in fast changing weather.

  20. Parham

    I bought these panniers because I wanted to see whether I could do self-supported touring in a minimalist/low-weight style with less than 30 lb of gear. I actually ended up with around 21lb and have cycled well over 2000 km by now, e.g. see my trip journal http://www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/GreatLakes2015

    These are great functioning panniers in terms of water-proofness, they have so far endured very well, and and I would highly recommend them IF you are want to/can go lightweight, and are comfortable without pockets.

    There are three improvemens I would like. (1) The velcro attachement system works but is a bit complicated, and I used some extra elastic straps to make sure they stayed in place. (2) Could you make them with a colour that is more visible for safety? (3) Please design a front pannier version of these for when one cannot avoid the extra gear and needs front panniers.

  21. Sboag

    The Arkel Dry-Lites look to be almost perfect for me. Except the color. Why a dark color that may not be seen by drivers? If you offer them in red or orange or the like, I will buy them.

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