Bikepacking Bags

Waterproof bikepacking bags with innovative designs.

We use aluminum hangers with our Seatpacker and Rollpacker seat bags that attach to the seat rails. The hangers are easy to setup and can be installed and removed in seconds. Here are 4 reasons why we rock with these bikepacking bags:

  1. Stability is the #1 advantage of using aluminum hangers, as they completely eliminate any side-to-side movement (Tailwag), which is very common with large strapped and velcroed bikepacking seat bags.
  2. The absence of messy velcro straps to fiddle with. The hangers make it super easy to slide the bags on and off the bike, for easy access.
  3. The hanger of the Rollpacker seat bag makes it possible to mount the bag on the smallest of frames. Small bikes usually don’t have enough clearance between the seat and tire to fit a larger seat bag. Our Rollpacker Rear with aluminum hanger will!
  4. Because of its aluminum hanger, the Rollpacker can do double duty as a rear seat bag or a front roll handlebar bag by simply swapping the aluminum hanger. The front hanger is available as a separate item, in fact, you can buy any hanger, Rear Rollpacker Hanger, Front Rollpacker Hanger or even the Seatpacker Hanger on their own.