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Randonneur Seat Post Rack®


Randonneur Seat Post Rack®


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Seat post rack with dual attachment points to provide unequalled strength and stability. Fits most bikes including road bikes with carbon seat posts.
Weight: 495g (unit)
Minimum clearance required between the seat rails and the top of the bicycle seat tube is 4 inches (10cm).

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If the seat rails of your saddle are more than 3.5 inches (89mm) apart, you will need the following adaptor More Details…

Installation Instructions PDF

559 in stock

559 in stock


This seat post rack is strong, light, stable, goes on and off in seconds and adjusts to fit both longer or shorter seat post set ups. A sleek quick release bracket attaches to both sides of the seat rails, forming rock-solid attachment points. The front of the rack gently envelopes the seat post with a soft rubberized clamp that is secured with a velcro strap. The three point attachment system of the Randonneur Seat Post Rack® brings unequalled stability – it feels like it’s bolted on to the frame! Move it from bike to bike depending on what type of riding you want to do.

Installation Instructions PDF

If the seat rails of your saddle are more than 3.5 inches (89mm) apart, you will need the following adaptor More Details…

Versatility: Want to carry stuff, but don’t want a full-fledged bike rack? Before the Randonneur Seat Post Rack® it was heavy beam racks that clamp hard on the post and rotate around it, or the flimsy and flapping, low capacity bags that clip on a tiny ring bolted around the seat post. Match Arkel’s Randonneur Seat Post Rack® with our Tailrider and you are ready for light touring on and off road.

Adjust and  install video:

Randonneur Seat Post Rack® with TailRider trunk bag. Perfect setup for minimalist weekend tours!

Arkel Randonneur Rack™


With its dual attachment points, the Arkel Randonneur Rack™ is designed to combine both strength and stability with a very lightweight structure. The vertical load is carried by the seat rails while the seat post abutment point provides the exceptional lateral and vertical stability to the system. Moreover, the soft polymeric seat post bracket acts like a shock absorber to dampen shocks from rough road conditions. Here is how it works:


Installation – Quick release bracket to seat rails
The seat rails bracket is attached by pivoting the rack in place so that the quick release backplane sits behind the seat rails.

Installation – Engage seat post bracket.
By pressing down on the rack platform, the seat post bracket made of soft thermoplastic material engages on the seat post.

Installation – Level platform.
The rack platform slides onto the supporting channel. The platform is brought to a horizontal position by using a 5mm hex key to loosen and retighten the connecting bolt.

Installation – Adjust and tighten quick release bracket.
The quick release mechanism of the seat rails bracket is tightened and closed shut.

Installation – Close velcro strap around seat post.
Simply close the velcro attachment to the seat post and you’re all set.

Exceptional lateral stability
While regular beam racks clamped solely to the seat post tend to rotate around the post when the rear of the rack is pushed sideways, the dual attachment points of the Randonneur Rack™ provide exceptional lateral stability.

Installation and Removal in seconds.
The Randonneur Rack™ is installed and removed in a snap thanks to the quick release mechanism and wrap around velcro strap.

Gentle on seat post.
The soft seat post bracket merely abuts against the seat post. It is not clamped hard on it like regular beam racks. There is no risk of denting the seat post and a simple wrap of electrical tape can be applied at the seat post contact area to keep a perfect finish to the seat post.

Gentle on seat rails
The reinforced nylon seat rails bracket is designed so that the nylon wings of the bracket will bend slightly if ever the quick release mechanism is over tightened. This protects the seat rails from dents or damage.

Rubberized seat post bracket dampens shocks.
The seat post bracket is made of a special thermoplastic compound called Santaprene®. Although it has much longer lasting properties than rubber, it has similar physical properties. In addition to providing the necessary support to the rack, the Santaprene® seat post bracket acts like a shock absorber to dampen the shocks from rough road conditions. This greatly reduces the peak dynamic loads that are generated when hitting bumps and potholes at high speed. Think of trying to drive a nail with a rubber mallet instead of a regular hammer. This greatly reduces the impact on your bike’s components not to say that your ride will be that much smoother.  

Aluminum frame and reinforced nylon bracket
The outer frame is made of 10mm diameter aluminum tubing. The seat rails bracket is made of virtually unbreakable reinforced nylon.


Fits most bikes.
The Randonneur Rack™ will fit most bikes with regular saddles. The minimum clearance required between the seat rails and the top of the bicycle seat tube is 4 inches (10cm) for the short setup and 7 inches (18 cm) for the long setup.

Ideal for the TailRider
The Randonneur Rack™ is ideal for carrying our immensely popular TailRider, or any top rack trunk bag for that matter.

Caution – Maximum Load:
We state a maximum load of 6 kg (13 lbs). The actual maximum load will be dictated more by the particulars of your bike than the actual capacity of the Randonneur Rack™, which can withstand more than the stated maximum load. So you may need to consult your seat and seat post manufacturers to verify whether or not they prohibit the use of such a seat post rack, in which case we recommend that you abide by those manufacturers instructions.

Caution – Carbon Seat Rails
Use of the Randonneur rack is fine with carbon seat posts, but it is not recommended with carbon seat rails.

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Dimensions 42.5 × 15 × 5 cm


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