Randonneur Seat Post Rack® (unit)

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Seat post rack with dual attachment points to provide unequaled strength and stability.

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Key Features

The Randonneur Rack will fit most bikes with regular saddles. The minimum clearance required between the seat rails and the top of the bicycle seat tube is 4 inches (10cm) for the short setup and 7 inches (18 cm) for the long setup.

The outer frame is made of 10mm diameter aluminum tubing. The seat rails bracket is made of virtually unbreakable reinforced nylon.

The Santoprene seat post bracket acts like a shock absorber to dampen the shocks from rough road conditions. Think of trying to drive a nail with a rubber mallet instead of a regular hammer. This greatly reduces the impact on your bike’s components not to say that your ride will be that much smoother.

While regular beam racks clamped solely to the seat post tend to rotate around the post when the rear of the rack is pushed sideways, the dual attachment points of the Randonneur Rack provide exceptional lateral stability.

The Randonneur Rack is ideal for carrying our immensely popular TailRider, or any top rack trunk bag for that matter.

The reinforced nylon seat rails bracket is designed so that the nylon wings of the bracket will bend slightly if ever the quick release mechanism is over tightened. This protects the seat rails from dents or damage.

The soft seat post bracket merely abuts against the seat post. It is not clamped hard on it like regular beam racks. There is no risk of denting the seat post and a simple wrap of electrical tape can be applied at the seat post contact area to keep a perfect finish to the seat post.

Easy to install, resistant, stable and light, the Randonneur Rack meets your needs.

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Compatible with Carbon & Aero Seat Posts

Thanks to the flexible seatpost mount, this rack will adjust and mold seamlessly to carbon and aero seatposts, without the danger of damaging or denting the post.

Dual Attachment Points

With its dual attachment points, the Arkel Randonneur Rack is designed to combine both strength and stability with a very lightweight structure. The vertical load is carried by the seat rails while the seat post abutment point provides the exceptional lateral and vertical stability to the system. Moreover, the soft rubber seat post bracket acts like a shock absorber to dampen shocks from rough road conditions. Click here to view the installation video.

This seat post rack is strong, light, stable, goes on and off in seconds and adjusts to fit both longer or shorter seat post set ups. A sleek quick release bracket attaches to both sides of the seat rails, forming rock-solid attachment points. The front of the rack gently envelopes the seat post with a soft rubber clamp that is secured with a velcro strap. The three point attachment system of the Randonneur Seat Post Rack brings unequalled stability – it feels like it’s bolted on to the frame! Move it from bike to bike depending on what type of riding you want to do.

How to Install

Technical Specifications

495 g


6 kg

Maximum Load (13 lbs)

Minimum clearance required between the seat rails and the top of the bicycle seat tube is 4 inches (10cm). If the seat rails of your saddle are more than 3.5 inches (89mm) apart, you will need the following adaptor More Details…

Detailed Measurements

Ethically made in Asia (learn more)

Use it with the Tailrider

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2 reviews for FOR Randonneur Seat Post Rack® (unit)

  1. Ken Staley

    I’ve had mine a few years now with the Tailrider. Sleek, efficient, and with the other streamlined packs I’ve got going makes my black carbon bike look like a road demon. The only improvement I can see is to slip a pulse jet under the Tailrider and make all those electric roadrunners step off their moving bikes thinking they were stopped.

  2. David (verified owner)

    I think I sold four, maybe five Randonneur Rack and Tailrider Bag combos yesterday!
    I’ve had the rack and bag for some time and find they work very well for me (pretty sure I overloaded it with vegetables from the farm shop and made it home on gravel roads without breaking anything), but due to the pandemic my friends had not seen them until yesterday. A cool November gravel ride, which warmed up later, so having somewhere to stow some snacks and gear proved invaluable.
    Four of said friends are doing a month long, supported tour in Europe next year, so they want enough to carry a one day supply and they’ve all taken note of the Arkel website! The other one had been looking at it previously, but wasn’t sure it could fit his shorter seat post – so he’s coming round to try it out.

  3. Jason Alder (verified owner)

    I wanted a simple to remove seat post rack that I could easily transfer between bikes but wanted to avoid the type that rely purely on a solid grip around the seat post.
    The 3 points of contact on the Randonneur ensure not only that it fixes on securely but you never need to fiddle around lining it up over the rear wheel.
    Usefully I imagine that it will also function quite well as a rear mudguard. It is very well built and feels rock solid but also lightweight.
    My only minor criticism is that I wanted the rack to be as low as possible so wanted to use the provided extension links with my 5″ of exposed seat post.
    However, with the extension links fitted the rack would not quite fit. Problem solved by drilling a 6mm hole between the 2 lower holes on the extension links and another one 35mm above it to provide 2 new mounting points, then cutting off the section containing the lowest hole to prevent fouling. A little drastic, but worth it for a perfect fit.
    A great product. Not cheap, but high quality rarely is.

  4. Francois

    I have used this rack all year for commuting to work. I need to bring clothes, locks, and lunch. I needed something that can be installed and removed in seconds. It’s perfect. It’s solid. I can do gravel sometimes with it, you can drop a curb, it won’t rattle and shake. It looks good.
    Great product. The only negative is that the center of gravity is rather high so it’s not ideal for pedaling out of the saddle. Not a big problem. I would recommend.

  5. Photoguy

    Bought this rack after seeing one on a bike during a group ride. The owner raved about it after he used it for years. I really liked the look of it and found a Black Friday deal on it direct from Arkel. Very nice rack and works exactly as described. The only way it could be better is to have a snap-on plastic fender that will fit on beam of rack. I made my own.

  6. Prescott Old Timer

    I have used this rack and the tailrider for 6 years and still think they are perfect for long days in the saddle. I have used them on long bike tours like Ride the Rockies and Bicycle Tour of Colorado many times to carry my cold morning gear and extras for the day. I highly recommend this combo.

  7. Larry C

    Purchased the rack for a light weight carbon bike and seat post. With about 10 lbs on the rack, I found that it has a lot of sway to it, making standing climbs almost dangerous. When seated, there is very little sway. Loved the rack, easy on, easy off, as well as the accompanying trunk bag is worked very well for a 500 Km trip….just dont like the sway when climbing.

  8. CD

    I was looking for a rack that would support enough weight for light loads. I wanted something easy to attach and detach so I could remove it when riding shorter distances. This rack works quite well.

    Easy to attach and detach.
    Sturdy, solid construction
    Positive control resulting from attachment system, so rack doesn’t swing from side to side.
    Combined with the Trailrider bag, holds just the right amount of stuff for a brevet or a commute (although if I need to carry a change of clothes, I’ll combine this with a backpack)

    It fits nicely on my carbon frame bike where I can use the extensions.
    On my other road bikes, there isn’t enough room on the seatpost to use the extenders, but without them, the rack and bag ride quite high (just under the saddle).
    *suggestion… Arkel make extenders that are mid-range, perhaps 3-5 cm shorter. I’d like to be able to have the rack ride lower so my butt doesn’t rub on the rack bag.

  9. Commuter/Club Rider

    I love this rack.

    What do you do when you want your lightweight carbon road bike to do double duty – commuting during the week, club rides on weekends? I had three primary goals; first, to purchase a rack that I could easily and quickly attach and remove; second, to keep the weight down as much as possible; and third, to have versatile cargo carrying options.

    This rack fulfills all three requirements. I permanently attached a feather-light plastic basket to the rack using zip ties. I typically place my notebooks, clothes, food and tools in a lightweight nylon backpack, place it in the basket, and secure it all with a bungee net. Super light, super secure. Perfect! Allows me to use my beloved road bike as a commuter.

    Did I mention? I love this rack!

  10. Tim_P

    I bought this pack and accompanying rack last winter and have used it on numerous brevets. It has performed flawlessly. it is sturdy, easy to install/remove, light, and has a huge carrying capacity. The hide away rain fly is a great idea too. I have used it in cold, wet, and grimy conditions and the zippers have never had a single problem. I would recommend his set up to anyone.

  11. John

    recieved my arkel randonneur seatpost rack very fast , rack fit my gilles berthound saddle rails perfectly and my 31.8 post… it looks great was easy to install and is nice an solid , very happy with it . ive had other brand seatpost racks and none come even close to the arkel in fit, looks or quality. now im going to buy the tailrider bag to go with it.

  12. Works great for lightweight rack

    I have a Specialized Diverge (the bike used by Arkel in the pic). I have just started randonneuring and commuting (20 miles each way) to work. I bought this rack and the tailrider back for my commutes. I appreciated the videos regarding its use and installation, and after watching them, the rack was very easy to install. I have the Brooks Cambium C-17 carved saddle and I don’t need the Brooks adaptor. The wide clamp attachments work just fine. I also have installed the extensions as I have the space for it. Without the extensions the pack would ride quite high above the seat.

    The rack is very easy to put on and off. When the pack is loaded down with stuff, and heavy, the rack will waggle back and forth a bit. While securely mounted and not going anywhere, the lightweight (thin/light) brackets will allow some sway. How much sway do you ask? Enough where I stopped to check that my wheels weren’t loose and ready to fall off. Once I confirmed wheels were coming off, I accepted that I had loaded the pack pretty good and that the rack was going to waggle. When the pack is packed lighter, I havn’t noticed any sway. (I’ve since ordered a backpack to put the extra stuff needed for larger temp. shifts during the day. Overall, the rack is great for use on road bikes, cyclocross bikes, or gravel grinders where you want an easy on/off option. If you don’t need that option, and your frame can handle it, get a frame mounted rack.

  13. Jonathan

    I commute to work everyday. I was looking for a bike rack that would be easy to remove for weekend fun but be able to carry everything I need.

    This is the perfect product. I carry my lunch, change of clothing, coffee thermos with room to spare in the Tailrider trunk bag. Sturdy over bumps and curbs. Easy to remove.

    Would highly recommend.

  14. Marty

    I’ve owned this Arkel Randonneur Seat Post Rack for several years now. It has never failed me. It’s solid, secure and just right when used in combination with the Trailrider bag.

  15. Michael

    The rack has many uses – I am very pleased wih the cost and the way it works- very strong -no sags at 23lbs –

  16. Evan Petersen

    GREAT THINGS about your carbon seatpost rack, as well as the tailrider bag and the rear backpack trunk bag we bought! Friends and I headed out this past weekend for a 2 day adventure from Rexburg, Idaho, over Teton Pass into Jackson, Wyoming then a return trip a different 108 mile route the 2nd day back into Idaho.

    The four of us purchased the Seatpost Rack for our carbon bikes, as well as Tailrider bag, and another bought the rear backpack trunk bag. Needless to say, your products were AWESOME! All of us noted the quality of the rear trunk system, and made it to the 200 + miles over the two day trip was fantastic for hauling an “overnight bag” on our bikes!

    For anyone on the fence about buying the item, I can honestly say they are fantastic products, and my friends and I wanted to thank you!!!

    Evan Petersen
    Beaumont, CA

  17. John Cook, “JDCBIKING”

    I bought the Randonneur rack a couple of years ago and it has been great. Your support was also great when I needed new hardware to hook the rack up to my bike. I have used it for thousands of miles and it has handled great. I reciently bought the tailrider bag and I am very impressed. Its compact design is wonderful and even when I loaded it up it did not wag the bike like the north face bag I was using. Great products.

  18. Marty

    I have a Tailrider rear bag. Absolutely the best bag ever for short day rides. Light weight and can get everything I need in and on it. I am now, after seeing, going to order the rear seat post rack. Perfect match to the Tailrider. All other racks are too
    flimsy or over weight clumsy looking racks. What superb design and engineering
    exists at Arkel.

    Keep the good stuff coming Arkel.

  19. McDuffy

    Solid materials and design with little innovations throughout to increase usability and versatility. The first real usable seatpost rack on the market. Even though part of the seat rail attachment is plastic, it’s been very resilient so far.
    Make sure to tighten the bolt underneath fully or rack can sag down and/or collapse under full load and heavy road shock.
    It’s also not as stiff as a traditional rear rack. You’ll definitely feel a little tail wag in the bike, especially if you get up out of the saddle. But it will never swing around like a normal seatpost rack thanks to its three points of contact with the bike.
    Awesome creative solution for cyclists wanting lighter load capacity and versatility!

  20. Jeff

    Hi Yves,

    I received the Randonneur Seat Post Rack on Tuesday afternoon and have used it since. What a great product! Since I volunteer as a bike trail patroller, I need to be able to cary more stuff: maps, tools, etc. I can now carry the same gear with both of my bikes on the TailRider Trunk Bag (the Raleigh Super Course with an Eclipse bike rack and now with my Cannondale CAD10 with the Randonneur Seat Post Rack).

  21. Kati

    I just want to say that I really love my rack and bag. I’m so glad I found your site. Your products make bike commute so much more enjoyable and efficient. Rest assured I’ll be your mouthpiece in East Texas and where ever I end up later in my career.


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