1. Shoulder strap

    Shoulder strap

    Convenient way to carry one or two panniers off the bike.

  2. Rain Cover - Front

    Waterproof Rain covers

    Waterproof covers to protect the panniers against rain and road grit.

  3. Arkel MapCase attached to handlebar


    Fully waterproof, view your maps while you ride and safely carry your wallet, glasses etc.

  4. 13 liter

    Dry Bags

    Our dry bags will keep your gear safe and dry inside your pan­niers.

  5. Cam-Lock Hook Kit

    Cam-Lock Hook Kit

    Our system is foolproof and lasts forever—why not use it on your other brand of panniers?

  6. Cam-Lock Retro Fit Kit

    Cam-Lock Retro Fit Kit

    When you already have the aluminum track, you don't need the full Cam-Lock Kit.

  7. Spare Handlebar Brackets

    Spare Handlebar Brackets

    Extra handlebar bag mounts for other bikes

  8. Arkel optional laptop sleeve for Bug, Basket and Commuter

    Optional Laptop Sleeve

    Specifically designed for the Bug and Utility Basket

  9. Bike Carry Bag

    Bike Carry Bag

    Designed to carry your bike in public transportation systems (and particularly the train in Europe!).

  10. Bike Cover

    Bike Cover

    Waterproof cover to protect your bike against the elements and possible theft.

  11. Field Repair Kit

    Field Repair Kit

    For quick, easy, permanent repairs, we recommend carrying a Seam Grip Field Repair Kit.
  12. You Might Be A Cyclist If...

    You Might Be A Cyclist If...

    A Book of humor and inspiration to keep you rolling. The perfect gift for every cyclist in your life. -Bicycling Magazine

  13. Mud Sweat and Gears

    Mud Sweat and Gears

    A Rowdy Family Bike Adventure Across Canada on Seven Wheels [Hardcover]
    Joe Kurmaskie (Author), Beth Biagini Kurmaskie (Contributor)
  14. Metal Cowboy

    Metal Cowboy

    A tenth anniversary edition of  the travel classic - Metal Cowboy - with a new introduction,  five new stories and a section updating what happened to many of the characters in the original.

  15. Momentum Is Your Friend

    Momentum Is Your Friend

    The Metal Cowboy and His Pint-Sized Posse Take on America.

    A Modern Day Mark Twain on two wheels. - USA Today

  16. Joyride


    "Mia Birk is one of the most important figures in America’s urban biking renaissance."
    Jeff Mapes, author of "Pedaling Revolution: How Cyclists Are Changing American Cities".

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