Waterproof Panniers

In this section you will find our very best waterproof touring and commuting panniers. We offer different construction types; welded (Orca 25, Orca 35 and Orca 45), sewn and tape sealed (Dolphin 32, Dolphin 48 and Dry-Lites) or lined with a waterproof liner (Signature V, Signature H and Metropolitan). Different fabrication methods but all have the same waterproof protection.

All of the waterproof panniers in this section with the exception of the Dry-Lites saddlebags are equipped with our patented Cam-Lock® self locking mounting system. The adjustable hooks and track of the Cam-Lock® are made of aluminum, not plastic. Plastic can bend, crack or break under heavy loads or cold weather conditions.This means that once the Cam-Lock® mounting system is properly adjusted and fitted to your rack, you’ll be able to ride with peace of mind, knowing the panniers and your gear will never fall off the rack.

Compare our Cam-Lock® with other mounting systems and you will easily understand why our Cam-Lock® is so trusted.