At Arkel, the majority of our products are handmade in our head office in Sherbrooke, Canada. We make sure that all of our bags and panniers can endure the toughest of conditions for your next adventure, whether it be in the Northern Canadian freezing cold weather or the blazing hot temperatures of the African continent. Our attention to detail requires us to prioritize quality over quantity, resulting in limited sponsorship abilities. In other words, the select few cyclists that we choose to proudly represent Arkel on their cycling voyage must meet our high standards and expectations.

Whether it is to raise funds for a charitable cause or simply to accomplish a personal daring goal, we highly recommend all applicants to include a complete media coverage plan in their sponsorship request. Indeed, we think it is important that your story be shared to the community in order to inspire others and help spread the thrill of adventure endorsed by Arkel. We encourage our cyclists skilled in photography to document their journey with high quality pictures and videos which we can afterwards use as marketing content on our website and social media. Articles are also welcomed, as we love to share these to our fellow readers on our blog. To sum up, we highly value quality content and encourage you to include it in your sponsorship proposal.

If you think you have what it takes to ride for Arkel, please send us an email with the following information:

  • Previous accomplishments
  • Plan & timeline
  • Requested products
  • Media coverage
  • Videos/photos/blog articles examples
  • Associated brands/charities (if applicable)
  • Any other pertinent supporting documentation

Please note that the review process may take up to 4-6 weeks.

Ana Zamorano Ruiz: Filmmaker, photographer & editor