Spare Handlebar Bag Mount (pair)

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Extra set of handlebar bag mounts for use on your second bike.

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671 in stock

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Key Features

Ultra-strong, super light aluminum brackets that mount separately for use on more than one bike. Swap the bag from bike to bike quickly and easily with this spare handlebar bag mount. Won’t slip, shift or move and safely supports heavy gear including DSLR cameras. One mount fits Arkel’s Large or Small bar bag. Interchangeable depending on your ride needs. Fits bars from 22,2 mm to 31,8 mm.

Arkel Handlebar Bag Mounts - Made of light and strong aluminum

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  1. GT

    I purchased two of the large handlebar bags to go on a pair of Salsa Marrakesh touring bikes. I grappled with whether to buy the small or large, but I am so glad we went for the large. We have ample room to store snacks, wallets, raincoats, and just about anything we would need for a “short” 50-mile ride. The quality is great, and so far they have been 100% waterproof. I am planning to buy an extra pair of brackets so that we can use them on our road bikes.

  2. Mike

    this is a great bag for the bar…IF you dont mind it sitting as high as it does above the bag…and i do mind. traditional bags sit level and put the load lower. i could engineer the same bracket to hold the bag lower…its not complicated.

  3. Nickorwood

    In September 2012, I visited a major bike shop in Mainz, Germany, to get some repairs done. The staff were very helpful to a touring cyclist. When I took of my Arkel small HB bag, the woman who booked in my bike marvelled at the mount: "That's beautiful," she said, "and strong. We don't have anything like that here." A German endorsing engineering from elsewhere — rare praise indeed!

  4. Francesco

    I have seen and tryed all of the other products, famous and "home made" brands: no way, each one had a problem. This is simply perfect. Just try and you will say the same

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