Signature V urban pannier (unit)

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This waterproof laptop pannier is equipped with our Cam-Lock® self-locking system. Streamlined vertical design made for urban bike travel.

The Signature V is part of the Signature Series – Made in Canada & signed by its creator. If your rack tubing diameter is bigger than 15mm (and up to 21mm), you will need the Oversized Cam-Lock. More details here

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Key Features

The SIGNATURE V is a waterproof bike pannier (Vertical style design) made for urban bike travel. This pannier is made with sturdy 1000 denier US-made Cordura® nylon so you know it is built to last. A TPU laminated internal nylon liner with fully taped seams ensures 100% waterproofness. The SIGNATURE V is equipped with the best pannier mounting system in the bike business, i.e. our patented Cam-Lock® attachment system but with one small difference. In order to streamline this pannier and make it easier to use in an urban environment, we removed the lower hook and bungee. You can read more about this in the section “why we don’t include the bottom hook and bungee” to better understand how this works. Finally, the super strong and fully adjustable aluminum hooks will safely and securely hold your laptop and gear on your rack no matter the road conditions. You can ride in peace knowing that your precious cargo is well secured.

“The pannier mounting system really is the best: once used a few times for the new stiffness to wear off, the camlocks just smoothly do their job – excellent! I have travelled some rough roads and the pannier is completely secure. I have had no issues at all with the lack of a third anti-sway clip – a little bit of weight in the bag and it sits securely.” Steve B. UK

Technical Specifications (Unit)

1,02 kg

Weight (2.3 lbs)

28 L

Volume (1700 cu. in.)

Position : Rear

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Equipped With Our Cam-Lock® Mounting System

This patented technology allows you to securely attach and remove a bag pannier to your bike rack in seconds.


4 reviews for FOR Signature V urban pannier (unit)

  1. Matthew Withy (verified owner)

    Bought a Signature V back in 2015. Daily commuted in Minn-St Paul year round for four years. Kept my laptop and change of clothes dry, no matter the weather. Since then I’ve done some bike touring in NZ with it (alps 2 ocean) and then used it for school drop off (e-cargo bike with the kids). This thing is invincible with not a thread out of place, after plenty of abuse, mud, salt, overpacking and kids dragging it around in the garage when we get home. Thanks Pauline!

    Couple of months ago my bike got stolen. Police actually recovered the bike, but the pannier bag was gone. Unfortunately it’s not invincible to theft! I promptly ordered a replacement, no need to waste time considering other inferior alternatives. Happy to report that unlike many other companies, Arkel hasn’t cheapened their design in the last 7 years. Looks to be the same excellent quality level. Thanks Sara!

    My recommendation is to just order this one, don’t waste your time looking around. Second tip, consider throwing a tracker (airtag, tile whatever) in it. It will last long enough that theft is a real concern.

  2. Patrick

    The best for me. Awesome bag for commuting. I’ve had mine for about 5 years and use it 5 or more days per week. It fits a ton and is super versatile. Never had water get it. Honestly, I use it just as much without my bike as with my bike. It just works!

    As far as securing to the bike, no issues there either. My version only attaches to the top bar. Even when I get out of the saddle and pump up a hill or something I don’t have any issues with it.

    Mine still has many years of service. I really hope these are still around when I go to buy a second or a replacement one.

  3. Rachel (verified owner)

    I’ve had this pannier for several years now and couldn’t be happier. It’s held up really well to commuting and any trips around town. I go grocery shopping with it and another bag most weekends and can easily fit what I want into it. I really like the pockets it has, the exterior pocket is great for stashing sunglasses, phone, wallet, etc. I expect to get many more years of use out of this bag, well worth it.

  4. Johnny LaRue

    This pannier is really fantastic! It has a huge capacity that can take some overflow with the roll-down lid. It protects my laptop when I’m commuting and looks good doing it. The steel hardware and terrific locking mechanism keeps it securely on my rack even when it’s fully loaded and I hit a pothole. Carrying it off the bike is surprisingly comfortable, too. The mounting hardware does not dig into my back and there are various handles and a padded strap that you can use depending on the situation. Highly recommended!

    I need to mention that it fits on my regular Axiom Journey rack if attached towards the backend of the rack. Arkel’s site indicates it would not fit but it does. No need to buy another rack if this is the one you have.

    This pannier also has an extra interior pocket that is not mentioned here: between the smaller zippered pouch and the back of the bag is a slide in pocket and you can slip a u-lock, tablet or other stuff in there.

    If you have a small Kryptonite u-lock, it will fit in the exterior pocket nicely and be easily accessible.

    I should have bought this sooner. I waffled between this and another Canadian company’s pannier many years ago. I regrettably went with the other company’s pannier first because they were local to me. Their mounting hardware began failing on my first ride with only a six-pack of tallboys in the pannier! Thankfully, they had a lifetime warranty so they would keep sending me replacement hardware but it became a PITA. The last time the hardware broke I went out and bought this Arkel. This bag will last a very long time.

    My only suggestion is to add a strap holder for the slack at the end of the strap – just an elastic or something – so it doesn’t dangle loose. I tucked my slack into the padding of the strap but it slips out every once in a while. Minor nuisance that does not detract from this remarkable pannier.

  5. Melissa

    NYC bike commuter here. I needed something with large carrying capacity for big grocery shopping hauls, that’s easy to carry off the bike, stays put, and I wanted a nice colour. After MUCH research, getting this Urban pannier was the best decision! Can’t recommend it highly enough. I love the Velcro flap that covers the rack attachment, it’s spacious, has super carrying capacity, nice design with a smart inside pocket and an outside pocket I use for my lights. The mechanism is a little finicky, but definitely sturdy. Love this bag. You won’t regret it.

  6. Steve Brigden

    Received a Signature V pannier and BB handlebar bag a few months ago, and was immediately impressed with the quality and design. They arrived from Canada more quickly than many deliveries within the UK! Better in every way than the (many) alternatives I considered – including that dominant brand beginning with an “O”…..! Mounted on my Royal Dutch Gazelle ebike and have now seen a bit of use. The pannier mounting system really is the best: once used a few times for the new stiffness to wear off, the camlocks just smoothly do their job – excellent! I have travelled some rough roads and the pannier is completely secure. I have had no issues at all with the lack of a third anti-sway clip – a little bit of weight in the bag and it sits securely.
    Top quality pannier – great materials and design and I love it. Holds an amazing amount, nice subtle colour (Olive) and the shoulder strap is comfortable when off the bike even when the pannier is stuffed.
    If I was pushed to suggest any improvement I have two ideas for tiny ones:
    I like to be able to mount a ‘blinky’ be-seen light to the pannier using a belt/clothing clip (I hate clipping it to the back of my jacket) and while I can just about thread it through the backing strip of the shoulder strap fixed loop, it is a bit floppy and thus less effective. A better provision would be either slightly modified stitching of that mounting strip, or continuation of the reflective tape strips around to the side, with a suitable loop stitched-in.
    Also – I remove the pannier every time I park the bike, and for travel I roll the shoulder strap securely into the top closure. That means ‘opening’ the pannier and fiddling with clips even though I may not need to access anything inside. Hardly a problem, but some creative stitching or looping with Velcro could provide a ‘keep’ for it on the outside.

    • Arkel Admin

      Thank you so much for this great review Steve! You are spot on with your comment on fact that we don’t included the bungee and wire hook that we use on most of our other panniers. Our Cam-Lock® system uses opposing cams to lock the panniers to the rack and this is very effective. Because of this we can remove the lower hook with no significant side effects. In fact, this makes it easier to fasten the pannier to a rack and removes the fuss of a two step installation – very practical when you’re running errands and you want to take the pannier on and off several times a day! Another advantage of this, is that the lower hook is no longer in the way when you want to shoulder carry your pannier.

  7. Jon Archer

    I switched from an Osprey Momentum cycling-specific backpack to this as I wanted to stop carrying everything on my back. In general, I’m pleased with it, but there’s definitely room for improvement in my opinion. The pannier seems solidly constructed as indicated in other reviews. However, here’s some things I think would make it a load better:
    – There’s not really any pockets; it’s a place to slide your laptop and one huge dumping zone. So although it’s quite roomy there’s no organization. I bought a couple gear bags from Fjallraven to compensate for this, but it would be a ton better if various pockets were built in.
    – There’s just one small external pocket-like thing, that doesn’t zip closed. so if you want access to a cellphone, building access badge or glasses or some other small item you have to undo the clip, unroll the top and them rummage through the dark interior — it would be so much better if there were was at least one external pocket/pouch with zipper to handler such things (it would be great if the interior wasn’t black so you could see better)
    – Related, if you’re carrying a U-lock it’s gonna be inside your pannier unless you have some external carrying solution already.
    – There’s no provision for clipping on a light
    – These issues are where the Osprey backpack shines: pockets galore inside and out, an external U-lock specific carrying mechanism and even a way to clip on your helmet
    – The clip that holds the roll top in place is OK, but there is a ton of extra ribbon there that seems unnecessary and has to be tucked in or it flaps about
    – It doesn’t actually standup by itself all that well, depending heavily on what you have in there

    All that said, the copper color is nice, it’s great to not have to wear a backpack and with the added gear backs for internal storage I’ve more or less got what I wanted.

    • Arkel Admin

      Thank you for all the feedback, this is very helpful for future updates of the Signature V. Note that the Signature V was designed with a minimalist approach and our goal was to offer a nice streamline urban pannier. We’ve had good success with it but realized that some users might prefer a pannier with more features. For those, our Metropolitan waterproof pannier with padded laptop sleeve and multiple pockets is worth a look. The Metropolitan will fill most of the needs listed above.

  8. Patrice Audet

    Great bags. Very high quality. Great they are made in Quebec. The only things that are missing is a hook near the bottom, so the bags are more firmly attached to the rack (as other models have). Also, I’d insert a semi-rigid inserts, so that the bag can hold upright by itself. I made one with a recycled politician sign 🙂 Other than that, the quality is exceptional. Keep up the good work. Have a nice ride!

    • Arkel Admin

      We have been selling the Signature panniers without the lower bungee and hook to make the panniers easier to mount and this has been working really well for us. The Cam-Lock system locks so well to the rack that we can remove the bottom hook without causing any issues. The panniers will stay on the rack and you barely notice the difference when riding, as soon as you have some weight in the bags everything stays put.

  9. Mad Dog

    This bag is everything it claims to be. I figured I needed a waterproof shopping bag and this one hits the mark right on the bulls eye. I have even found a use for the laptop pocket. I have received a number of complements on the copper colour. It would make a very good commuter bag.

  10. Stewart

    After using this pannier for close to 2 years now in sun, rain, snow, sleet etc, I can honestly say this is an amazing pannier. I love the laptop compartment and the sole reason I bought this and this pannier has performed better than I thought imaginable. I’m in Vancouver and there are many days of riding in downpours and this bag keeps everything dry. There is plenty of room to store whatever you need and love the roll up top that allows you to expand if need be. The material on the outside is very strong and durable, exactly what a pannier should have. I can’t say enough about these panniers. I will definitely buy another one if this one ever breaks down.

  11. Meaux

    I commute daily, year round in Boston and have a sturdy dedicated bike but could not find waterproof panniers big enough to hold my work bag, full grocery bags and a case of catfood and some items from he hardware store (a typical errand trip)
    I got these for Xmas last year and they are a dream come true. I can run multiple errands after work or do a full week’s worth of groceries at once in any weather.
    Thanks Arkel!

  12. Raincheck

    If you were wondering? The Signature V – urban pannier fits perfectly on Giant Quick-E+

  13. ChicagoBikeCommuter

    As a maximizer, I spent way more time than I should have for a $160 purchase but such is my personality. I had 6 essential requirements:
    1. Bag had to be water proof
    2. Bag had to have a simple on/off locking mechanism to the rack but still VERY secure
    3. Bag had to be adjustable so there was NO CHANCE my foot would rub against it.
    4. Lastly, the Bag had to have a Strap I could throw over my shoulders without taking it off the bag prior to locking it onto the rack each time.
    5. Had to have an inner Laptop compartment to secure my work laptop.
    6. Only wanted the bag as a UNIT not a PAIR. I don’t have that much stuff (clothes, laptop, bike repair kit).

    You can’t believe how many bags I researched and this is the only one that met all selection criteria.

    Results: I’ve used this bag several times now, even in rain, and I can say confidently the bag met or exceeding my expectations in ALL 6 areas. Very very happy with the bag: I should have done it years ago! No more shoulder/back pain; feels so free. Only comment: noticed some small threads on the bottom of the bag but think it is leftover from the sewing machine or whatever. I burned them off. Pricey but so worth it.

  14. JeremyHL

    I live in Vancouver and bought this pannier because I often take my laptop on my commute. I needed something waterproof. While my laptop fits very well, the bag doesn’t suffer from the overly specific layout that many restricts many laptop bags. It simply offers one big pocket, one small pocket, and the laptop sleeve. This makes it quite versatile considering that I’m often carrying groceries or gym attire. One more detail to add is that the cam attachments can be moved, meaning that you can customise how the bag fits on your rack. Customer service was excellent when I had to return the one I ordered by accident. All things considered, I’m very happy.

  15. Rr1200gs

    I’ve been using Arkel bags for nearly ten years now. I have several models include ones for touring too. This Signature is my favorite probably because it’s the one I use every day.

    I owned the one that this model replaced and I didn’t think anything could be better. I was wrong. For function and carrying comfort the Signature is perfect for work, gym and light shopping.

    I DO think the cam lock is the best in the industry and I’ve never had a problem with it on any of my bags. Rock solid. Straps? Not satisfied, … get one you like. They’re easy and cheap. The bag itself is brilliant and so durable. Thanks Arkel. I couldn’t be happier.

  16. Rangdrol

    I’m thrilled that a local Quebec maker made this available. Quality product with great space, and excellent design. I love that I can fit so much stuff in this, even grocery shopping. The one thing I wish they had done was provide a padded, reincorfed shoulder strap, to go along with the strap that’s on the bag. Since it’s so big and heavy, that would be a great version. I also bought the urban briefcase style pannier and that is half the size of this bag and that pannier has the padded strap, attached to the shoulder strap so a bag that is twice as large would have benefitted from that. This is the only design feature Ihope they will implement. Who knows, maybe I can just buy one from them.

  17. Rehan

    I bought these in a store. I got the green ones, and they are really awesome for commuting. I’m doing 15 miles one way, and they’re enough to easily hold all my stuff — towel, toiletries, shoes, clothes, notebook, lunch, and a laptop once in a while.

    The camlock system is fantastic and really secure. The covers for the cams mean no more digging into my legs from the hooks. And the shoulder straps are easily stowed with the flaps, too. Nicely thought-out throughout.

    The zippered pocket is good for my wallet and cell phone. Otherwise everything else just gets dumped in and balanced. I have no doubt these will last for years.

    They also look great, period. Very classy. Highly recommended.

  18. Bill

    My use for this bag: commuting w/ a lot of stuff–laptop, clothes, lunch, etc. I wanted to consolidate my two panniers into one and this accomplished that. Plus, I was using a competitors touring panniers which are fairly pricey and I wanted to limit their wear from everyday commuting.

    First the good: this bag had the most capacity out of any non-backpack commuter bag I could find. The inside shopping carry handles are convenient for picking up a full bag and moving it around. It does have separate compartment inside for tools, etc. The copper/rust color looks pretty good. The roll top allows you to make the bag as compact as you need it to be.

    The not so good: I know I’m in the vast minority for this, but I don’t think the Cam Lock retention system is the best out there. The bag I received didn’t have the loop/handle that actuates the retention system looped underneath the other strap that holds it in. That apparently is a key point. I thought it was odd that there was a loose strap sticking out behind the hardware. You can still pull the handle, the system still moves around, but it has to be threaded correctly for it to work actually properly.

    Second time out using this bag and coming home, I rode over a fairly tall bridge seam and it fell off in traffic. The bag skids and now has two holes in the bottom. I fully admit user error. With the amount of stuff I’d put in this thing, I have no doubt those holes will get bigger and this bag will be done by fall. A commuter bag w/ holes is useless to me–an expensive lesson learned. I’m going back to a less futzy retention system.

  19. Sander288

    Took a gamble and bought this online based on these reviews so thought I better write one myself.

    Ordered a copper coloured one but there weren’t any in stock so rather than making me wait I got an email asking if i’d prefer other colours. REALLY appreciated this and ordered a black one which landed on my doorstep in Brisbane, AUS after 7 days.

    Fitted to my Focus Mares AX with Topeak Super Tourist rack

    Great quality bag that swallows all you’ll need for your day, I use this for commuting and small shopping trips. The versatility of this bag is great, it looks good, attaches well to my rack and fits my mid-2015 Macbook pro no problems. No interference with my feet either (size 46).

    The lack of bottom attachment point isn’t an issue either for the commute and avoids this bag looking like a pannier once off the bike especially with the shoulder strap option. Waterproof too, without looking like a sewn together tarp!

    Great bag, do yourself a favour and order two!

  20. Kaveh

    I had the old version of this pannier, which I had purchased a decade ago. Finally it started to fall apart after heavy use. The new version costs more than twice as much, but it’s well worth the money. It is beautifully designed and constructed (not in China!). I wanted to be able to use it for grocery shopping, as well as commuting to the university (bulky books, laptop, layers of cloths). It easily fits a standard full grocery bag. The loading mechanism works well, after you get used to it. The Velcro cover is well designed and the hooks and studs no longer dig into your side when you are walking or climbing stairs. The construction is even more solid than before, and it is waterproof. I am not a fan of rollover tops, and I was concerned that the top hook would not be long enough to properly seal the bag if I really filled it. No such problem, the adjustable belt allows you to lock the top (it is a top loader) even if you overfill it with bulky stuff (this was a problem in the old bag). I got the rust color, and it is much better looking that the picture (which comes across as orange). It is good looking enough to be dressy and attractive. My only gripe is that it is still missing a convenient outside pocket for wallet, keys, cell phone, and other utility knickknacks. Who wants to open a top loading bag and dig in the depths to search for and find these things? It is a small, but significant annoyance which I hope they eventually fix, although it won’t benefit me as l will be (happily) stuck with this baby for the next decade. Highly recommended!

  21. Bob Mantell

    A couple of months ago I purchased a Signature V pannier. I use my bike to commute to work and ride 9.5 miles each way. I’ve used a number of different panniers for commuting over the years and this one is great. At first I wasn’t sure having a bag this large would be a good thing but the size is perfect! The roll top lets me shrink the bag to accommodate both small and large loads. I can bring my work clothes, lunch, and stop for groceries on the way home from work. The fact that it’s waterproof is a real plus. The pannier is easy on/ easy off. I think having a separate strap for carrying it by hand (in addition to the strap for putting in on and taking it off the bike rack) was a great idea.

    Thanks for the wonderful product!

    From a real fan,

    Bob Mantell

  22. mrreadsalot

    I’ve had a 2015 model of this bag for about 3 months now used for bike commute. I also use when I can’t ride bike. It’s become a trusted item. Well made, sturdy, love the attachmentsystem.

  23. Alyssa

    I have the Commuter Urban Pannier, but I decided that I wanted another bag that could hold a LOT for grocery shopping, etc. (The Commuter Urban Pannier holds quite a bit and enough for work, but I wanted something even bigger.) I couldn’t even look at any brand other than Arkel because I love the bike rack attachment system so much. It is designed so perfectly that it is easy to attach and remove, but firmly attached. No struggling and so convenient.

    This bag holds a LOT because the top secures by rolling the top down and clipping the strap. The strap is adjustable so it keeps the top securely closed.
    So you can decide how tall you want the bag to be. I carried two large (flat) boxes home in this bag, along with other items.

    There’s also a zipper pocket inside, as well as a padded laptop holder pouch.

    The only thing I wish this bag had is a zipper pouch on the outside of the bag to hold little things easily accessible. Otherwise this is another win from Arkel.

  24. rr1200gs

    I have been using the older model of the shopping basket bag every day for about 8 years. I commute 20 miles every day year round. I put that bag through a lot. It finally gave out. Frankly I’m amazed that the zipper took that much abuse. None the less, it was a favorite part of my kit. When I saw the new Signature model I was skeptical but excited that I didn’t have to worry about zippers anymore. It arrived today. I am amazed at how perfect it is. Better than the old model. Obviously only time will tell how it performs, but having owned several models of Arkel bags, I am reasonably sure I just got a new favorite.

    * My only concern is the lack of a bottom hook for the rack, but Arkel must have a good reason for leaving it off. It sure makes attaching and removing the bag even easier.

  25. Eric

    This is my first pannier. I live in Portland, OR and bike to and from work 3-4 times a week (14 miles roundtrip). This bag goes with me every time. The laptop sleeve its my 15″ macbook pro with a little room to spare and my gym clothes, water bottle, lunch + dinner, and other misc fit in the bag section no problem. I also take this bag with me around town and I LOVE the built-in carrying strap. It’s also signed by “Johanne” who made(?) my bag, which is awesome. Someone give that guy a raise! The only thing I wish it did was zip on the top. Sometimes the rucksack situation can unravel a bit if the bag isn’t full enough or too full. So it goes. I recommend this bag!

  26. Qshipley

    Initially I was reluctant to spend 3 x what I had spent on my last pannier. However, after using this pannier, I’m convinced this one is 10 x as good. I take my laptop everywhere I go so I needed a pannier that could withstand the wear and tear that a computer places on a bag. My previous pannier quickly tore at the seems after a month of use. The Signature V holds a ton of gear, is easy to pack and hands down the Cam-Lock attachment system is the best I’ve used. I also love the built in carrying strap which makes the functionality of the bag all that much better. I am not in habit of writing product reviews but I am so happy with this purchase that I had to spread the word.

  27. LP

    I am so happy I got this pannier. As usual, Arkel did not disappoint. This pannier is so easy to use, both on and off the bike. I love that it stands on its own, which is something I wish my bug did. It also holds a ton. I was looking for something very utilitarian like a basket, that I could throw a bunch of stuff in, yet also carry easily off the bike (and that wouldn’t look horrible carrying it around), and this works great. The wide shoulder strap is great – since I do tend to put a lot of stuff in the pannier, it can get heavy, so having something that distributes the weight a little better and stays on my shoulder is nice.
    I’ve also been able to test its waterproofness this week in several downpours, and nothing got wet. It might be just me, but it seems a little odd that you can’t actually close the bag, which would seem necessary to prevent rain from getting in, but just by rolling over the top and using the clip, it seems to work fine. The outside gets covered in water, but nothing gets inside.
    The only downside to this pannier is that it’s pricey, but that’s pretty common with all Arkel products. However, based on my previous experience with other Arkel products, this thing will last forever so it should be worth it. As I’ve read in other reviews, don’t bother going with some cheaper alternative first, as you’ll end up needing the Arkel version when the cheaper option either falls apart or just doesn’t work as well. So save your money and just buy Arkel to start!

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