Signature BB Waterproof Handlebar Bag (unit)

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Waterproof handlebar bag with a rolltop closure system, Fidlock© magnetic snap buckle and shoulder strap.

The Signature BB is part of the Signature Series – Made in Canada & signed by its creator.
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The Story Behind The Signature Series

Each bag is handmade right here in Sherbrooke, QC and signed by the person who made it.

Key Features

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Quick Access to your Essentials

This smaller waterproof handlebar bag is great to carry a small camera, windbreaker, maps, wallet, and snacks. It is secured to the handlebar with adjustable cam buckle straps and it is super easy to install and remove. It can be carried off the bike with the included shoulder strap. Made of 1000 denier Cordura® nylon lined with a waterproof TPU laminated fabric with fully taped seams. Tough, durable and waterproof!

Technical Specifications

180 g

Weight (0.4 lbs)

4 L

Volume (244 cu. in.)


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6 reviews for FOR Signature BB Waterproof Handlebar Bag (unit)

  1. Thomas Campbell (verified owner)

    I own one of your handlebar bags, and I love it. Works great. Telling my friend about your products and how great they are.

  2. Amy (verified owner)

    Brilliant bag, well made, and love the colour (light blue). Perfect for a few small essentials like phone, snack, thin extra layer, puncture repair kit etc. When the bike is parked at home it holds my gloves, sunglasses and cap ready for the next cycle ride. I have a Tern folding bike with an Andros stem and Velo light so can’t have the bag on the front where it should be, but it fits nicely on the back of the handlebar without interfering with anything. Also waterproof which I’m sure will come in handy, and just a great bag to add to my small collection of handy bags!

  3. MB

    This is a great bag—surprisingly capacious: easy to fit a sizable camera in alongside other necessities like wallet, flat-fix tools, etc.), and once I managed to get a beach towel in there. It’s also easy to take on/off the bike and carry. The bag is now, in my view, perfect: it’s great on tour, where you can use it to carry off-bike valuables when you need to stop somewhere, and also surprisingly useful for those rides where you want to supplement your saddlebag/jersey pocket capacity but don’t want to bother with a rack/panniers.

    I didn’t initially love it: I bought the bag a few years ago when it came with velcro attachment straps; now it comes with nylon webbing with locking buckles (as pictured). The velcro straps were a hassle — they were hard to attach securely on my crowded road bike cockpit, and they had a tendency to catch on clothes when I carried the bag off-bike. I contacted Arkel CS to see if I could try the new style, and they were happy to sell me a few of the little straps without a bag. The new buckles are GREAT —- secure, quick to attach/detach, and they lie flat naturally against the back of the bag when not on the bike. If you have the old style bag and don’t like the velcro, contact them and order the new straps as an upgrade!

  4. Robyn

    I’m a BIG fan of this bag. I use it ALL the time –road riding, bikepacking, cruising in the city on my 3 speed. I love the stiff fabric and rigid opening (the black piping) means that it holds itself open making it easy to access one-handed while on the bike. I use it a bit like a feedbag as well as I can just throw some food on top and reach in for a nibble. The magnetic closure makes one-handed opening/closing pretty easy while riding too. So much great attention to detail in this bag –the choice of nylon webbing for the closure is very smooth so it’s also very easy to adjust one-handed while on the bike. I ride with the Arkel Dry-Lites for bikepacking so don’t have a big handlebar bag, but I figure if I ever get one this may still be able to attach to the front of that bag.

  5. Edie (verified owner)

    I just finished a cycling tour from Seattle to San Diego, 1,700 Miles, AND THIS WAS THE BEST HANDLEBAR BAG EVER. It was the envy of my team. This bag is TRULY waterproof, I carried my Canon Rebel with me the whole way in it through a torrential rainstorm coming out if Seattle for 5 days and none of the contents ever got wet. Also the way it could turn into a cross body bag when off the bike came in so so handy when we were off our bikes. It also fits so much, I was able to carry my camera, snacks, wallet, chargers, and pretty much anything else in there, the way it fold up is so helpful. I got the orange and I love it. Basically if you don’t buy this bag you’re missing out. If you are biking in general or going on tour this handlebar bag is a NECESSITY.

  6. Yoann Molard


    J’ai reçu le sac de guidon, qui est magnifique. Merci à Laurie pour la qualité de son travail.

    Avec mes meilleures salutations,

    • Arkel Admin

      Merci pour la note Yoann, content que le sac te plaise. Bon vélo!

  7. Doug Force (verified owner)

    I live on the Oregon Coast. There is a reason its do green. I bought the handle bar bag on a whim, it’s been years since I used one to tour. First real ride of the season. From Lincoln City to Newport is about 25 miles one way, good hill halfway and a nights stay at the Silvia Beach hotel for fun. Put change of clothes, wallet, snack, razor, and flip flops in the handlebar bag ( so easy to install). It began to mist as I cleared Siletz Bay.
    By Depot Bay it was raining horizontally, windowed at 15 mph and gusts to 25. OCEAN waves were breaking over the seawall next to the highway. On the top of the ridge, even in a great rain coat, I was soaked, temps were well in hypothermia range, and only the thought of a 5 mile town hill and a beer kept me going.

    At the hotel, I left the dripping bike and coat outside, put on my soaked mask and checked in. Looking forward to warm shower, but wondering where I could buy some clothes, I carried the bike to my room.
    Opening the roll-top, to my surprise and delight, all was pristine and ship shape! Even the footwear on top was dry. Prayers of thanks and long life went out immediately to the Canadians in general, and Arkel in particular. Candles were lit in honor of SHE who stitched the bag, even though I’ m a Luke- warm Methodist. Blessings to you all for this fine equipment may your tores never go flat.
    Doug Force
    The Devoted

  8. Thomas Campbell (verified owner)

    I received my new handlebar bag and ,I have to say it is great looks great on my new ride bike. I would like to thank Joseanne for making a great bag. Keep up the great work.

  9. Mel Roman

    I wanted to use the bag for a while before I wrote up this review. I’ve been using the bag for three weeks now and I firmly believe every cyclist needs a bag like this. When I go on longer rides (80-120 km) I often find it challenging to cram everything needed into my jersey back pockets. This bag solves this problem brilliantly. I pack it with my waterfproof shell, extra food bars and energy gels, minimal first-aid stuff, and anything else that I think might come in handy that day. I still keep some things in my jersey pockets that I want to access more frequently, but all the other stuff goes in the bag. It straps securely in seconds onto whichever bike I’m using that day. It’s not for bikepacking trip duty, but is great for bringing the things you may need over the course of the day. I use it frequently and count it among my best biking purchases. High quality design and construction – highly recommended.

  10. Joanne Cl

    I first discovered Arkel products when I was searching for a handlebar bag for my gravel bike (a Trek Checkpoint). Our local bike store suggested this bag, after examining the bag – and learning that it was made in Canada, I decided to give it a try. The bag is deceptively simple, no bells and whistles, simply a perfectly sized bag that easily attaches to the handlebars of a bike. I use it daily to carry my mirrorless camera with lens, snacks, my wallet and other assorted small items. I’ve ridden with the bag in the rain (torrential rain) and the dirt, and not an ounce of either has entered the bag. If you’re looking for a small handlebar bag, this Canadian made bag is of the highest quality, and at a great price point.

  11. Pauline Symonds (verified owner)

    I wanted a bar bag which is totally waterproof so I could put my camera in it. This bag kept everything completely dry in a torrential downpour in Colombia. I also wanted a bag without a complicated attachment, which would be easy to take on and off. This would make it simple to use on other bikes, and easy to remove when going into a cafe or restaurant. The bag attaches with simple velcro strips and they work very well. I didn’t want a huge bag sticking out in front – just something which would take my camera, phone, suncream, gloves – just a few items which need to be handy. This fits the bill. It also has a quickly attachable strap so it can be used as a shoulder bag when off the bike – useful when on tour. I have used it for three months on a tour in Colombia.
    It would be nice if it came in a more jolly colour such as red like the panniers. As for other improvements! The magnetic front fastener is great but the strap is a bit too long. Also when the bag is rolled up to close it I find it sticks out a bit on either side. Perhaps the top could be more tapered. However, these are very minor points.
    I love it. Previously, I was seriously considering trying to make my own as I was so frustrated by the search for something just like this bag.

  12. Angela (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my new handle bar bag. It is of great quality and fits perfectly on my gravel bike. The online ordering process was seamless and I got the bag soo quickly despite all that is going on. I definitely recommend this company and this product. 10/10

  13. Andreas

    Purchased last year for use on a long ride that entailed changing out of sweaty cycling clothes at the end, since then it’s became a regular riding companion. It’s proven to be incredibly versatile, securely handling everything from just a wallet and phone to a change of clothes and selection of take-out. Quality is what one would expect of Arkel, and thus far has shown little wear. A couple of minor improvements would make the bag perfect: (1) as noted by others, the bag should have a zippered interior pocket large to hold keys and a wallet or cell phone, and (2) although the Velcro straps have worked fine so far, I would prefer the security of a set-up with buckles similar to some of Arkel’s other handlebar bags.

  14. Patricia (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic handlebar bag! I put what I need in for a ride and off I go. It holds a lot or a little just fine. But I agree with the other reviewers – this needs a zippered pouch and key holder! I’m trying to figure out if I can rig something together myself with velcro. I would prefer to organize the contents instead of just dumping everything in.

  15. snowy owl (verified owner)

    I just used this bag during a 2 week guided cycling trip in Myanmar. It was perfect for this trip – large enough to hold my wallet/passport, phone, small camera, sunscreen and a windbreaker, and it’s super easy to take off and throw over your shoulder when walking around. We had good weather, and mostly I rode with the top open to make it easy to grab my camera to use while cycling. I feared that it would flop around on bad roads/unpaved areas, but it doesn’t. I wasn’t carrying keys with me on this trip, but it would be great if there was a small clip to attach keys.

    Others on the trip noticed how great the bag is – in fact, a British person on the trip bought it from me at the end, so I’ll order another.

  16. joo (verified owner)

    I live in The Netherlands, Europe, and ordered this handle bar bag all over the oceans. I was going to ride a roadrace daytrip of 300km and needed a bag not too big and not too small. So this 4L bag seemed perfect and because of the weather conditions I needed a waterproof one (not water resistant but absolutely waterproof, because my phone would be in it, my powerbank and dry bibshort/jersey). It was a tough race with a lot of heavy wind and rain, but at the end of the day everything in my bag was dry! I am really glad and happy with it and I use it also for shorter roadrace rides.

    What I miss is a small pocket inside for some small things to grab quickly, like keys, bank card, money etc. I like the shoulder strap, really useful when you take the bag “for a walk”.
    Thanks a lot for this great product of nice material. When there will be a small pocket inside in the next model, I will buy that one too!

    • Arkel Admin

      Thanks for the review and thanks for the feedback. You’ll be the first to know if we decide to add a small pocket inside the main compartment. Ride on!

  17. Eilis O’Connell

    Super addition to touring. Travelled 1,100 km from Porto to Seville via Salamanca. This bag accommodates snacks, passports, sunglasses, wallet, sun cream, phone, keys…all the items you need at your fingertips when travelling and saves you having to dismount to check your panniers. You have your documents to hand when you arrive at your destination to check in. Easily removable and doubles as immediately portable, durable, waterproof handbag. Design affords surprising capacity. Also translates as super everyday commuter bag. Sturdy enough to accommodate heavy D lock for urban nights out. Great value, well-designed, essential addition to the suite of Arkel bike accessories.

  18. Tim (verified owner)

    I’ll be honest: while completing my order for (2) of The Shopper panniers, I decided to add a couple of these to my cart (one for myself + one for my partner), knowing full well that I would be on the hunt for a good handlebar bag sooner rather than later anyway. It was a last-minute gut decision. As you might have already intuited based on my all-5-star ratings, the decision was a GOOD one. These bags are perfect expressions of design-at-its-best. It has been said that true mastery always expresses itself through simplicity, and that is PRECISELY what we have occurring here in the Signature BB front bag. Simple, elegant, bulletproof, and compact (with WAY more space than you expect upon first glance), this bag will most certainly be a lifetime addition to our everyday rides. At the time of this review, I have my bag packed with a hand pump, a couple of multitools, the removable shoulder strap, my EDC Dopp kit, and a fresh bag of locally-roasted coffee beans. And there is room to spare. (On my ride home, I’ll add my iPhone 8 + wallet to the mix.) If you’ve been on the hunt for that perfect weatherproof handlebar bag, LOOK NO FURTHER: you’ve already found the best. ENJOY!

  19. Anonymous

    Just received this bag as expected a quality my opinion needs minor improvements and would be an awesomer bag.A loop on front to hook a light to,a zippered pocket inside large enough to hold glassses and hook for retaining keys

  20. BC_or_Bust

    I got the all black bag to go with my navy Marin Nicasio and I love it! I like having water, snacks, and a few tools with me on longer weekend rides + it is great to have somewhere to stash my cellphone & some cash to load up on coffee at the end of the day. The bag is very well made, doubles as a cross body purse, and looks cool. What more could I ask for?!

  21. Jazzmann

    Picked up an olive coloured bag (funky retro look!) from my LBS for use on my winter bike. Wanted to have super warm lobster claw gloves and emergency outdoor stuff attached to my steed at all times, `cause I always forget something and that can really suck out in the woods. Fits tube, pump, levers, big-ass gloves, shell, multi-tool and first aid kit perfectly. Looks awesome to boot! Definitely recommend.

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