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Nobody can predict the weather with 100% accuracy, and on your way back from work are sure to run into at least a little rain now and then. To keep your Shopper and gear dry, this rain cover is an indispensable accessory. We make them out of ultra light 1.9 oz Silicon Coated Ripstop Nylon, so they are feather light and don’t take up much room. An elasticized drawstring allows them to be adjusted to fit the load and piece of stretch micro mesh fabric at the bottom allows any water that gets inside to drain. Besides keeping your panniers dry, rain covers also help keep them clean. We all know that the grit and grime that we can pick up on wet roads is some of the hardest dirt to get out. It is also detrimental to the pannier fabric. Washable rain covers help your panniers look better and last longer.

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  1. JanieH

    I bought two of these at the same time I bought my grocery panniers a few years ago. I bike commute to work (carrying textbooks, papers, etc) and I use my bike for grocery shopping for my family of five. Since I bike year round in rain, snow, wind, and sun, I need a fully waterproof option for my gear but also need the convenience of an open top with speedy drop-in and grab-out. What to do? Why buy these terrifically effective rain covers, of course!

    They fold easily to store in the handy interior pockets of my pannier so I always have them when needed. Despite their lightweight and thinness, they are COMPLETELY waterproof in even the most torrential showers or wettest of snow falls. The bright yellow color helps make you more visible to car drivers with some small reflective accents adding to the effect. There is a small bungee adjuster on top which gives a bit of fine tuning, allowing the covers to fit the panniers both empty and full. Finally, the mesh bottom seems weird until you realize that should any liquid get under that tarp, it will drain out the bottom completely (however, in several years of use–including numerous downpours, thunderstorms and blizzards–I’ve never had my stuff get wet when these were in use).

    I have used these rain covers when parked, when cycling, and frequently when riding on the bus (bike stowed on the front end bike rack). They stay on nice and snug, protecting my gear despite what Mother Nature throws at me.

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