The Shopper urban pannier (unit)

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Foldable shopping pannier for corner store trips or toting a full load of groceries home. The Shopper does it all! Equipped with our Cam-Lock® mounting system.

If your rack tubing diameter is bigger than 15mm (and up to 21mm), you will need the Oversized Cam-Lock. More details here

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Key Features


  • Easy access draw cord closure
  • Folds against the rack when not in use
  • Carry handles and shoulder strap for comfortable off the bike travel
  • Has a small zippered pocket inside for keys, wallet, etc.
  • Practical key hook inside the bag
  • Light aluminum frame ensures the bag will keep its shape
  • Made of tough 1000 Denier US made Cordura
  • Plenty of reflective material on all sides
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The pannier is secured to the rack with our patented Cam-Lock mounting system

Arkel’s foldable shopping pannier: for corner store trips or toting a full load of groceries home. The Shopper does it all! Folds tight against your rack when not in use. A drawstring sleeve extends its already spacious 1525 cubic inch capacity to 1768 cubic inches. In order to streamline this pannier and make it easier to use in an urban environment, we removed the lower hook and bungee normally included in the Cam-Lock® mounting system. You can read more about this in the section “why we don’t include the bottom hook and bungee” to better understand how this works. Add another layer of waterproof protection, increase visibility, keep grime off your bags with an Arkel rain cover.

Technical Specifications (Unit)

1.4 kg

Weight (2.5 lbs)

25 - 29 L

Volume (1525 – 1768 cu. in.)

Position : Rear

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Equipped With Our Cam-Lock® Mounting System

This patented technology allows you to securely attach and remove a bag pannier to your bike rack in seconds.


1 review for FOR The Shopper urban pannier (unit)

  1. Brett D (verified owner)

    This is an incredible bag. I have a pair of Arkel GT84’s ( no longer available ) which can hold a boat load of groceries, but has no flat bottom which makes it awkward for groceries. I also have a pair of Arkel GT18’s which are great for small amounts of groceries. So I had been wanting to buy this bag for sometime, but lacked the need. But, about a year ago I went for it. Why did I wait so long. There’s nothing like it.
    Many people have commented about how much I can get into this bag ( because of the extra skirt on the top ). I put my phone ( with my grocery list ) in the convenient zippered compartment. I love the way it folds up so there is no wind resistance when not in use. And, of course, I love the solid flat bottom.
    I put a grocery size freezer bag inside for cold items (milk, ice cream) and, if necessary, extra items in my GT18’s up front so I am still carrying a boat load of groceries.
    Yup !! I’m an Arkel fan.

  2. Andrew

    Bought this bag in 2016 to use for shopping. The bags live on my bike and almost are never removed. I use them for shopping, commuting to work, Saturday trips around town with the kids, trips to the farm market, even on some longer day trips on paved trail system. They are perfect. The folding feature makes for a nice neat package on the bike when not in use, when you need it-open it up and it literally swallows gear and groceries-what ever you need. The olive color even looks great on the bike. I can’t imagine a more perfect rear pannier for all around general use. Also, the quality is phenomenal. 5 years of use, and they still look as good as the day I bought them. I keep the rain covers handy for rainy days.

  3. Brian G (verified owner)

    I like it so much that making quick shopping trips are now opportunities to stretch my legs and get some fresh air. An exceptionally fine bag. The material is extremely durable. (I’ve not had the bag long, but I’ve used an Arkel Bug for years and have no durability issues.) I keep re-usable produce bags in the Shopper’s internal zipper pouch, so it saves me from searching for them when I need them. The Shopper is slightly bigger than a paper grocery bag (here in the USA), but it carries a lot more, because I can stuff it full without fear that it will tear or break under the load. The draw-string closure keeps stuff from falling out when I go over bumps and tucks away effortlessly when I don’t need them.

    I made one modification. The aluminum rod frame (which I love for maintaining the bag’s shape under load) can bruise fruits. I slipped piping insulation over the rods to provide cushion. Although the rods are securely attached, it’s easy to get them out of their sleeves in order to slip on the insulation.

    When fully loaded, the bag swayed while I rode and rubbed against the back tire. This was easily fixed by sliding the bag forward. Luckily, the bag was durable enough to avoid damage other than a black rubber smudge from the tire.

    Minor critiques: (1) I wish the shoulder strap clips were metal instead of plastic. Metal inspires more confidence that the clips won’t break when the bag is heavily loaded. And metal doesn’t squeak when I walk. (2) I prefer the bungee-based mount on my old Bug over the new cam-based mount, because it takes me longer to attach/detach the bag with the cams. I have to pull the cam strap up 7cm while pressing the pannier down in order to open the cams enough attach to the bike rack. The cam opening is only slightly bigger than the frame of the bike rack, so it takes some attention to align both hooks up to the rack. With the old system, I just pull the hooks up above the rack then let them set them down. However, the new system is more adjustable, for example with respect to how far back or forth I position it.

    By the way, Arkel is great to work with. I abused my bug and ripped the zipper. My fault. I sent it in for repair and got it fixed very promptly and for a reasonable price.

  4. Derek Sheh (verified owner)

    Got this bag with the sole intention for hauling groceries, but I end up using this bag for all my bike trips now because it is so convenient.
    The cam-lock drop-in mounting system is a joy to use and the main reason I buy Arkel over other brands.
    Design of the bag and functionality is well thought out, with ample room for extra water bottles, jackets, etc.
    I use the little pouch to store my smartphone and electric bike pump.
    The thing I like most, besides the cam mount, is the open top convenience and quick access that this bag provides.
    Easy to shoulder carry from apartment to bike locker and to anywhere I ride.

  5. Patricia (verified owner)

    As suggested by an earlier review, I clamped the bag to the side of the grocery cart and filled it up. I had a gallon of milk, small watermelon, tons of produce, eggs and bread. I wheeled the cart out to the bike and pulled up to release the Shopper from the cart and moved it to the bike. The only challenging part was getting it out of the cart because it probably weighed 20 lbs. Attached it to the bike and off I went.

    I love this bag! Such a great purchase!

  6. Tim (verified owner)

    The Shopper Urban Pannier has been a pleasant surprise from start to finish. I needed a pannier that could accommodate my (admittedly bulky) GORUCK GR1 backpack, a weight which I had been carrying on my back for years prior to finding Arkel. I initially expected that I would need to replace my GR1 with a convertible pannier/backpack (like the Arkel Bug), but after communicating with the Arkel Team, I finally settled on purchasing The Shopper. And I couldn’t POSSIBLY be happier with my decision. This pannier is a truly inspiring expression of ingenious design. (It’s even better in person than on the website.) From its fold-up capability to its indestructible fabric + hardware to its (brilliantly simple + bulletproof) Cam-Lock mounting system to its built-in zippered pouch to finer details like the Key Leash, this bag is a winner-winner-winner! Simple, elegant, dependable, foolproof. I will be recommending this bag to anyone willing to hear me out. If you’re on the fence (for any reason), I encourage you to consider your search completed: this bag will NOT let you down. ENJOY!

  7. SRO

    Great product, well-thought-out. I love the strap for mounting a rear light and the ability to fold up the pannier when not in use. The rain cover extends the depth of the bag. People see and like the pannier.

    The pannier fits a whole shopping bag of groceries – which is the problem. I tend to fill up the panniers with more than 20 lbs, causing the black plastic bottom to make holes in the back corners at the bottom. There is a hole forming in the center, between the back corners as well. I’ll need a new bag soon. Would it help to round the back corners of the black plastic bottom?

    I have the models with the front pocket, which I find useful.

    When I put the panniers on the rack, I have to push the shoulder strap into the bag and tighten the rain cover, so that the shoulder strap doesn’t fall out and get caught in the back wheel. I wonder if Arkel can provide a suggestion with the bag about the best way to secure the shoulder strap.

    Note from Arkel: Please email pictures of of the holes at [email protected], we’ll be happy to have a look and see what can be done to prevent or repair. Shoulder straps should always be removed completely and stored inside the pannier while riding.

  8. JanieH

    I’ve been using “grocery” style panniers for years for shopping but also for schlubbing all my gear to and from my teaching job, on my daily commute. Because of the heavy wear (abuse?) I subject them to, I usually get 12-18 months of use before they self destruct and fall apart–no matter the brand.

    I decided to upgrade to the Arkel after factoring in the cost of buying yet another pair, despite being initially daunted by the price. I SO WISH THAT I HAD BOUGHT THESE SOONER! They are light years better than any similar pannier that I have owned over the last 15 years of commuting. Quality materials, fantastic design, and high quality workmanship make these a stellar choice, even if you are on a budget.

    Things that I appreciate:
    -super high quality fabrics
    -high reflective details
    -nice sturdy frame
    -easily adjustable width settings on the rack clips
    -handy arm loops for carrying over your forearm
    -the folding option with velcro tabs to keep it shut

    Things I love:
    -super spacious interior holds a butt-ton of stuff. These are way bigger than any other grocery style pannier I’ve ever owned (which would be 10, in case you were wondering)
    -zip pockets inside
    -the adjustable/removable skirt around the top!!! This keeps items from flying out, provides some light rain/snow protection, and gives you a ton more storage for shopping
    -the tabs for attaching blinkie lights
    -the flat bottom
    -the rain cover –which makes these waterproof in even torrential rains for long periods of time! (for me, this is an extremely important upgrade as I use these bikes for year round shopping and commuting in Chicago)
    -the velcro adjustable cover that allows you to carry the bag comfortably without jamming your side with clips
    -the easy speed of the cam lock clips for loading/unloading

    I was unfortunately hit by a car last year and went down with my bags fully loaded. The left rear pannier skidded under my bike (and body) for about 15 feet across pavement and survived almost unscathed (just some mild stains). Considering the damage both my body and my bike sustained, this is nigh miraculous. They aren’t joking when they tell you that you can’t rip the fabric!

    Despite shopping for a family of 5 (3 teens), carrying an excessive quantity of heavy textbooks and papers to and fro every day, and just generally using the heck out of these, they still are almost like new, after close to 3 years of use.

    These easily get my 5 star rating!

    Thank you Arkel for making something awesome and useful.

  9. Lori

    I keep this bag on my bike at all times while commuting around town, and camping. It holds SO much and is very sturdy. The camlock system is the best I’ve used or seen used by my friends, its fast, easy, and sturdy.

    I found that I would rather place everything into this bag vs. wedge it into a normal pannier. I am actually about to get the Commuter Urban Pannier because I place my entire laptop bag into this bag, why not have a laptop bag that hooks to the other side AND matches! Love it.

  10. Bob

    I have had this bag for 3 years and it is still in great shape. I use them for shopping trips 3x week. It is much easier to use than another brand roll top bags I had. My main “complaint” is that this bag holds a ton which encourages me to overshop sometimes. I end up riding home at 5mph with all the weight. I have never worried about the bags breaking though. I also thought they might flop a bit since they dont have a clip or anything on the bottom but they are very stable and move less than my other one which has a clip. They are spendy but worth it long term.

  11. Rebecca

    I started with an analogous Novara pannier that cost half as much, but which was completely busted after 6 months of use. Two years later and this one is still going strong, and I love using it. It’s a great multitasking bag. It has good structure, it holds a ton, it has a shoulder strap, it’s durable, it’s easy to put on and take off my bike rack, and I can fit my entire backpack in it if I don’t want to wear the backpack. I take it as carry-on when I travel. I forsee it lasting nearly as long as my 16-year-old Overland panniers.

  12. Robert

    I’ve used this panier for over 4 years now. I’m back on the site now to purchase the new signature V which is like this bag but waterproof. I’ve always just used trash bags inside to keep laptop and gear dry on commutes in rainy Seattle. Only wear and tear on this shopper panier has been when I had a rear rack bolt failure and it got some burn marks against the tire. The camlock system is absolutely the best. I also own the Arkel backpack panier but barely use that one as it’s great having the big volume space in the shopper to be able to add things at a stop at the store on the way home. I do keep a small panier permanently mounted on the other side with basic tools, etc. which lets me bring this bag and my laptop into the grocery if I stop on the way home.

  13. iloveradio

    These can lead to significant drag when both attached and full. Got mine in 2010. Not so new. Great quality though. Give it a 4/5.

  14. Neil

    Just wanted to say I’ve been using these to do my weekly grocery shopping on bike for the past two years and they are amazing. Tough as hell and you can cram tons of stuff into them. I’ve ridden home with these things filled to the brim…worrying that my tires would pop…but never a problem with the arkel panniers. Even have lots of people at the grocery store commenting on how cool they are. Wish more folks would drop the plastic bags and use these babies. Anyway, great product and worth every cent in my opinion. Thanks Arkel.

  15. James

    I can recommend this bag after using a few years it has paid for it self .

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