Rollpacker 25 REAR Bikepacking Bag - FULL KIT

VAT excluded

The Rollpacker® is completely waterproof. Easily slides on and off its hanger for stability and easy packing & handling. This kit includes the aluminum hanger.

Weight of seat bag: 567 g / 1.25 lbs
Weight of hanger: 363 g / .8 lbs
Volume: 25l. / 1525 cu. in.
Maximum Load: 7 kg / 15.4 lbs.


Width: 18″ / 45.7 cm
Height: 9″ / 23 cm (main compartment)
Depth: 11″ / 28 cm, without front pocket (Main compartment only)
Depth: 13.5″ / 43.3 cm, including the front pocket

If the seat rails of your saddle are more than 3.5 inches (89mm) apart, you will need the following adaptor More Details…

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Key Features

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Compatible with Carbon and Aero Seat Posts

Thanks to the flexible seat post mount, this hanger will adjust and mold seamlessly to the aero seat posts, without the danger of damaging or denting the post.

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3 reviews for FOR Rollpacker 25 REAR Bikepacking Bag – FULL KIT

  1. Allan

    Used this on a recent tour on the California coast. Really enjoyed the space in the main compartment and the side bag holds a surprising amount of stuff. Very convenient to take on and off for packing up or setting up camp. Also easy to strap stuff to it like sandals, wet towels, etc… Setup on my carbon seat post with no issues. Really happy with the setup and looking forward to using it on more tours.

  2. KJB (verified owner)

    As the Arkel website says “don’t compromise on quality”. These are great products.

    Bike: Cervelo R3; carbon frame and seat post

    Ride: Jasper AB to Vancouver BC

    I have no complaints with the Arkel roll ups (25L rear and 15L front). The rear roll up is solid on the bike with no bounce or tail wag. Good quality construction with durable materials that can withstand punishment from stuffing & compressing items into the bag to pounding rain to mud and grit flying off the tire.

    Thank you Arkel.

  3. James (verified owner)

    Trip: Maah Daah Hey Trail North Dakota. Self supported bikepacking.

    Distance (97 miles), Climb (12000 ft), Time (3.5 days and 4 nights), and Weight (~35 pounds total on bike, individual bags were not weighed)

    Bikes: Salsa Beargrease and Salsa Cutthroat both equipped with rollpackers.

    Review of Gear: These bags are worth the investment. Their carrying capacity, durability, and load versatility made them vital to the success of this trip. My bag carried 8 bags of dehydrated food, 3 person tent (Triplex Zpack), long underwear, down jacket, and socks. The smaller bag on top carried snacks, toiletries, toilet paper, snacks, and hydration tablets. Our bikes did not have suspension therefore the technical terrain was absorbed by the bikes and by our legs/arms/torsos. We did not feel tail wag at any point of our trip. The only thing that did occur was when large drop offs were encountered the metal hanger (with bag attached) would bend down and hit our back tires. This was fixed by adjusting the hanger distance from our bike posts. No dust ever entered out bags secondary to the reliable sealing capabilities of these bags which I am sure can be extrapolated to their performance when it’s raining. These bags were easy to get on and off the hanger. Required minimal readjustment and cinching after initial set up for the day’s ride. Lastly, we had to pack out our trash, the attachment loops were perfect for strapping down our garbage bag.

  4. Nick

    Took this with me on the TAW race in Ireland last year and It was great. Lots of space and very quick to mount. Much less faff than most of the saddle bags. Also the rear pocket is very handy for keeping stuff you need to get to in.

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