Recumbent Seat Bag (unit)

Weight: 0,28 kg / 0,6 lbs (unit)
Volume: 18 l. / 1100 cu. in. (unit)
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Key Features

The Arkel recumbent seat bag was designed with some help from our friend John Brunnow from [email protected] It features our durable Cordura construction and is loaded with great Arkel features such as a flag pole sleeve, water bladder pocket and hose port hole, exterior compression for variable seat widths and dual carry handles.

Here are some of the recumbents that the seat bag has been tested on:
  • Sun EZ-3, X-3, X-2, Ez Sport, and EZ-1
  • Easy Racer models with the Kool Back Seat
  • Rans (and other brands that use Rans Seats) models featuring the standard Rans seat
  • Bachettas with the standard seat
  • Lightning models with the standard seat.
  • Ice B-1 and B-2 bikes
  • Volae Tour Mesh seat
  • Azub
  • Greenspeed Anura

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  1. Werner Paukert

    Sitting every time on my seat and is a fine bag for the things, that you need for quick every day use and for shopping. Easy to handle and nice to see, that it is back in the shop.

  2. Lenny

    Very rugged and strong. Slips on and off easily from our Anura seats. Holds a lot of stuff. Would like to see more inside pockets. The two outside plastic loop things should be on the inside to clip a key ring. Arkel needs to go back to the drawing board on the place to put a flag. Totally useless. The flag flops around too much and in time, the flag stick would probably tear the bag.
    All in all, great bag. I would recommend it for sure.

  3. Machotoolz

    I have been using this bag for a month now. I find the construction and durability to be of high quality, just like you would expect from Arkel. On the down side, the siphon tube for a bladder exits the bag on the left, and plts the tube dangling out in the wind. I would prefer the syphon tube exit the middle of the bag. This would allow for the tube to be on either side of my face, at my own choice. Also I would have expected some pockets on the top of the bag to hold I.D., phone, cash, easy to get needed items. This bag is very easy to slip on and off, and holds two bladders very well. I can even fit a 100oz bladder of water, along with a seperate 50oz bladder for replenisher. I exit both syphon tubes between the zipppers, once around the handle and each is secure, and rest either side of my face for quick use. i highly recommend this item for anyone that enjoys fast down hills while rehydrating. My personnel favorite, allows me to munch weggies that much easier.

  4. machotoolz

    I purchased this bag for use on my P-38. This bag fits my seat like it was made for it. I like the ease of installation and removal. the two small pockets allow for storing items that I want easy access to. On the negative side, I use two bladders when riding. One bladder for H2O and second for replinisher. This bag only allows for the hydration tube to exit on the left side. I would rather the tube came out of the middle, or either side of the bag. Would also be an upgrade if there was a strap on the non seat side to secure items against. I still use two bladders, I bring the straw tube out between the zippers, and secure the bladders in place with clothes pins. overal great bag seems very durable.

  5. Jlib

    This is a fine and useful product but the color they call yellow is not as represented in the pictures. What you get is actually what most people would call goldenrod or amber not the lemon yellow in the picture. Just be aware of that if the yellow color is important.

  6. ojdash

    This bag has been great for me. I have used it for almost a month now and couldn't be happier with my purchase. I commute on a Volae Sport and it fits the Volae Mesh seat almost perfectly. I work at a hospital and I can pack lunch, a pair of running shoes (I have been commuting on clipless), my scrubs, stethascope and a bottle of water. When I was in school last semester I could get a pair of flip flops, a one inch binder, a novel and some other small odds and ends in there. For the price I don't think anything comes close. for the daily commute or for a day ride this guy is perfect. I went on a 50 mile ride this past weekend and had 4 bottles in there, cell phone, keys, wallet, moutain pairs, tire patch kit, small pump, tubes, energy bars, and flip flops. The construction is solid and I am fairly rough on equipment. Pros: The bag is easy to get off and walk around with. Fits alot of mesh seats including Volae. Price point (got mine through my LBS and they gave the 15% off sale price + free shipping) it's Arkel Cons: size may be small for some if you load several books you can feel it in your back Slips on quickly but it is a little tricky. I have not tried the flag pole and I am not a big bladder fan. I did try the badder and the pocket seemed to work as decribed. Bottom Line: 9/10 Great product from Arkel

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