Wide Rails Adapter for Randonneur Rack®, Seatpacker® hanger and Rollpacker® rear hanger

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Use to mount the Randonneur Rack® on some classic models of Brooks and Selle Anatomica saddles.

Use this adapter to mount the Randonneur Rack®, Seatpacker® hanger or Rollpacker® rear hanger to seats with wide rails (more than 3.5 inches or 89 mm apart) such as the Brooks B-17 and some models from Selle Anatomica.

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If the seat rails of your saddle are more than 3.5 inches (89mm) apart, you will need the following adapter for the Randonneur® rack, Seatpacker® hanger and Rollpacker® rear hanger. The challenge with some of the classic Brooks saddles such as the B17 and some models from Selle Anatomica is the large width between the seat rails. We’ve solved this with an adaptor that is much wider at the quick release point, where it attaches to the seat rails. The adaptor can be positioned vertically along the upper back part of the seat rails, or horizontally and closer to the seat post for when riders want to position the saddle further back (in the direction of the rear wheel.). This adaptor is not compatible with saddles equipped with coil springs.
Wide Rails Adapter for Randonneur Rack®, Seatpacker® hanger and Rollpacker® rear hanger-1665

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  1. Andrew

    Here is the picture of the Randonneur Rack on my Trek Madone 5.5 Project One with a Brooks B17 Narrow Imperial saddle. The adaptor works perfectly. Now the only change I need to make is to order a new bag for the bike. Pictured is my wife's Tailrider Trunk bag. I am looking for one in Black. Thanks for a great product. Andrew A Olson

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