ORCA 35 Front or Rear Waterproof Bike Panniers

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Streamlined design with durable fabric and a mounting system you can count on. This waterproof pannier stands up full or empty.

If your rack tubing diameter is bigger than 15mm (and up to 21mm), you will need the Oversized Cam-Lock. More details here

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Key Features

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Ride Like The Wind

Our welded seam technology ensures that the bag will stay dry no matter the conditions you ride in. Our patented Cam-Lock® mounting system will keep the bags on the rack, regardless of the load or road conditions. No one else offers such a solid and reliable mounting system for bike panniers. Many smaller details make this bag unique, an internal organizer for easy access to documents, maps, tablet, wallet, etc. This means you won’t have to empty half the bag to reach these.

A plastic protector at the bottom backside of the pannier adds protection between the bag and the rack and will avoid any premature wear caused by friction against the rack. We also added D-rings for an optional shoulder strap, This is very practical when travelling at the airport or simply carrying your panniers around at the end of a long ride. Many small details make these panniers functional, durable and most importantly fun to use.

Technical Specifications

Position: Front or rear rack

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Volume for the pair: 35 L (2 140 cu. in.)

Weight for the pair: 2.12 kg (4.6 lbs) or 1.86 kg (4.1 lbs) without the removable internal cradle


Volume for the unit: 17.5 L (1 070 cu. in.)

Weight for the unit: 1.06 kg (2.3 lbs) or 0.93 kg (2.05 lbs) without the removable internal cradle

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Equipped With Our Cam-Lock® Mounting System

This patented technology allows you to securely attach and remove a bag pannier to your bike rack in seconds.


4 reviews for FOR ORCA 35 Front or Rear Waterproof Bike Panniers

  1. Curtis Lee (verified owner)

    Just got the Orca Pannier 35. Haven’t put it to the test but I love the cam mount technology. Really was easy to figure out and works great. Compared to a cheaper pannier I’ve been using the quality is better and the mounting and un mounting really is an easy one handed pull. Also shipping came when expected.

  2. Michelle Toder

    I chose these bags because I wanted to tour ultralight. The smaller the pannier, the less “stuff” I could take. I am now 1500 miles into my tour and have just ridden through three days of relentless rain. I have the dry lites and they have performed perfectly! My gear, packed in HMG stuff sacks, is completely dry. They stay out on the bike and are super easy to pack and unpack. I am super happy with this product

  3. Renée Primeau

    I have had these Orca 35 paniers for 6 years and they are fantastic!!! So durable and well made. I love the roll/clip closure instead of a zipper (which can fail). These bags are completely waterproof and the mounting system makes them very quick and easy to use. The inner pocket is useful for keeping small items accessible.
    These paniers are so superior to any that I’ve had in the past. I highly recommend them.

  4. Turtle Island Tourer (verified owner)

    I cycled from BC to Florida with the Orca 35s, and they kept my gear dry and safe through rain, hail and shine. I rode a lot of gravel, some singletrack, and camped outside for 2-3 months. The only damage was the (arguably useless) pocket on the front getting ripped by a thorn or a barb when I leaned the bike up against something. I gave away my bike at the end of the tour, but I’ll definitely be buying another pair next time I put together a bike to tour long distance.

  5. Richard Jagielowicz (verified owner)

    I have had my Orca35s for 2 days now. I upgraded from a Mec pannier that was around 20L (2- 10L pouches). I bike to work 3-4 days a week and after having my work clothes get wet a few times I started researching waterproof options. I struggled to choose between the 25L and 35L…. I wasn’t sure how big the 35L would be and read a review that they can be difficult to close when not full. Let me say- the 35L is still comparably small and compact, and even with it basically empty can be closed very easily. I have had no problems. And I’m happy I sized up as all my items comfortably fit with room to spare- and I can roll down the top to makes them nice and compact again- basically, they are as big or as small as I need and that’s awesome!

    Other features I love
    – The hard bottom insert is amazing for what I need- adds extra support and the bags can stand up on their own (so if I’m loading groceries they don’t topple over)
    -The Cam-Lock is just as easy to use as they promise- amazing… took me a few mins to figure out how to work it and now have no issues
    -The hard backing on the Orca makes using the Cam-lock just as easy if the bag is empty or full (this one was a big one for me as my previous bags, once they were full were very hard to get back on my bike)
    -I looked at other Arkel commuter options and although they looked great I like that the Orca comes with both sides- for weight distribution and also for flexibility. I could have bought a single 25L – but having 2 bags gives me greater flexibility- as I can choose to bring just one Orca if I am not carrying a lot
    -It’s a Canadian company and I love that!!

    My one and only critique would be the clasps to close the top-roll and D-rings are plastic. I worry over time they might crack and if I’m using the D-ring to carry groceries it might crack. I imagine they aren’t metal to conserve weight but for me its the only thing I would say could be improved is I wish the D-ring at the very least was metal and not plastic – but this is very minor and they do seem to be good quality regardless – so whether it is an actual issue or me being hyper-critical is yet to be determined.

    Overall I would 100% recommend the bags to anyone, and yes the price is high but from the moment I unpacked them I could feel and see the quality- by far the best quality pannier that I have ever seen and can see myself using them for many years!!

  6. Agnieszka Gorgon

    I’ve had these panniers since Nov. 2019 and initially purchased them as a replacement for my cheap commuting panniers, which after 6 months of daily use were starting to show considerable wear and tear. I was looking for waterproof, durable bags and someone recommended Arkel. I was thrilled to find out the company was Canadian, this was a definite plus as I like supporting Canadian brands. I’ve now ridden with the panniers for over 1000KM and they are part of my commuter and self-supporting touring setup. I can attest to them being waterproof, having ridden with them through some serious rain during a tour and on numerous commuting trips. I appreciate the durability and the overall craftsmanship of the product. I would also like to thank Arkel for its commitment to exceptional customer service. I’ve contacted them on a number of occasions with questions and order follow-ups and they are always responsive, informative and very helpful. Thank you, Arkel.

    I published a video review of the Arkel Orca 35L panniers, based on my experience with them and it’s available on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Bbz1aDB3i80. Thanks for what you do, Arkel!

  7. Jackie

    I have had these panniers for over 2 years. I commute 20mins to work in Vancouver. They are durable, well built, light weight and have proved fully waterproof in proper Vancouver rain. I think the textured material is more attractive than the competitors. The inner pocket is very useful. The mechanism has not failed yet. Well worth it.

  8. TonyM

    We purchased the Orca 35’s for a rear set of panniers a couple years ago. We’ve Ridden the Carterra Austral in Chile (regular roads and then 500+ miles of gravel/rough to very rough roads), a more traditional road ride tour from Seattle to eastern UT, some backroads fat bike touring in CO and UT (rear rack with the Orca’s), etc.

    The cam system is the best out there. I own the ‘big’ brand as well and Arkel outperform them in every way. On the Austral, 500 miles of “rapido” (washboard) trashed the plastic bits on the other panniers, while the Orca 35’s still looked and performed as new. They performed exceptionally well in hours of sideways rain, dust, etc.

    The only thing I’d change, and this is not a biggie, is removal of the super small zippered pocket on the side of each pannier. They seem to likely add some costs, and a tiny bit (grams) of unnecessary weight, but add practically no value in terms of storage.

    Arkel is a top, no nonsense brand made for serious touring…. buy them and you’ll be happy!

  9. Rick

    I’ve been using my Arkel Orcas for over 2 years. Most of my rides are a.week or less but I’ve had the bags in all conditions including a solid 6 hours of cold pouring rain. My down quilt and spare clothing were dry when I setup camp. My wife and I are planning a Trans America ride within the next 4 years. Arkel Orcas will be on our bikes.

  10. Dannica S

    Since my last review I’ve taken these panniers on two more tours and they are still going strong. Just got back from 5 weeks in Scotland – where it rains everyday – and never had any water inside the panniers. The fabric has a couple surface scuffs, but no tears, as can be expected after more than 2 months touring and 4000km. And the panniers have never fallen off the rack no matter how bad the bumps, even though other things have rattled loose of the bike. In summary, absolutely fantastic panniers and I love them!

  11. Dannica S

    I used these panniers on a 2 week trip through Europe this spring and they were perfect. I had pretty wet weather including downpours and snow/rain mix, and the panniers remained completely dry inside. I like the sleeve inside against the back-plate for storing my iPad, maps and other papers that should remain flat. The attachment system is easy to use and completely secure; I’ve never had a pannier come loose. The side cinch straps are good for compressing the pannier to secure the contents and allow a variable amount of gear to be carried (my contents varied depending on how much rain gear I was wearing and how much food I had). The red colour and reflective elements made me more visible. Thanks for making great panniers!

  12. Rick

    I’ve used my Orca Panniers for 1 year. Probably got close to 500 miles on them. They are very well made, simple to operate, and durable. I like simple no frills design in my gear. I use gear hard but treat it with respect. I ride Rails To Trails and single track where panniers are subject to abrasions etc. The 35’s are the perfect size to stuff all of my gear minus my small 1 or 2 man tents. Never had a concern with rain and I’ve been in some horrendous weather on a few trips. Gear stayed dry….and I mean dry! Get a pair, you won’t be sorry.

  13. Surly Trucker

    I love the pair of 35 Orca panniers I have. I just rode home from work in an hour of pouring icy rain and everything stayed completely dry. Not only that, once I brought them inside, it was as though they hadn’t been rained on at all, the fabric is super tough and completely repels water. Very satisfied!

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