Optional Laptop Sleeve (unit)

VAT excluded

Elegant, padded sleeve, specifically designed for the Bug. Made in Canada.

This bag will safely carry a laptopWill my laptop fit?

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2 in stock

Key Features

Offered as an optional feature specifically for the Bug, whatever you throw inside your bag this padded laptop sleeve will ensure your laptop is well protected. The Laptop Pouch adds versatility to your pannier and is fitted in a jiffy. The pouch is suspended from the top of the pannier with a reinforced and extra-wide Velcro strip bolted through the backplate. The Bug has pre-set holes to fit the bolting hardware that is included with the kit.

Technical Specifications

11 7/8 in. X adjustable in length 15 in. up to 16 1/4 in.
30 cm X adjustable in length 38 cm to 41 cm

Will my laptop fit?

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