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In partnership with Adventure Cycling Association we are offering a free 6-MONTH Adventure Cycling membership with every order of $50* or more

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Everytime you place an order of $50 or more, a signup link for a free 6-month trial membership offer will be included in the shipping confirmation email. Adventure Cycling’s is the largest non-profit cycling organization in North America with over 52,000 members. Their mission is to inspire, empower, and connect people to travel by bicycle. Their wok includes – mapping and updating the over 48,000 miles of the Adventure Cycling Route Network, lobbying government agencies to put safe shoulder and rumble strip policies in place, working with Amtrak and airlines to improve access for bike travelers, advocating for no-turn-away policies for bike travelers at state and national parks, and introducing bike travel to a new generation through Bike Travel Weekend, Bike Your Park Day, and the Greg Siple Award for Young Adult Bicycle Travel.

Your Free 6-month trial Membership to Adventure Cycling Association will unlock the keys to a wealth of resources and valuable tools that will ignite your dreams and plans for bicycle adventures of any kind — whether short overnight trips, weeklong tours, cross-country rides, or around-the-world journeys.

Perks of membership with Adventure Cycling include:

  • A subscription to Adventure Cyclist – North America’s only magazine dedicated to bicycle travel
  • Discounts on Adventure Cycling maps as well as deals on hotel stays
  • Free ground shipping on purchases in the Cyclosource store
  • Access to their special organized tours…and more!

With nearly 53,000 members, Adventure Cycling is the nation’s largest bicycling association. They exist to inspire and empower people to travel by bicycle.