Waterproof Rain covers (Units)

VAT excluded

Waterproof covers to protect panniers against rain and road grit.


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Waterproof Rain covers (UNITS)-0
No one can predict the weather with 100% accuracy, and on an extended tour you are sure to run into at least a little rain now and then. To keep your panniers and gear dry, rain covers are an indispensable accessory. We make them out of ultra light 1.9 oz Silicon Coated Ripstop Nylon, so they are feather light and don’t take up much room. An elasticized drawstring allows them to be adjusted to fit the load and piece of stretch micro mesh fabric at the bottom allows any water that gets inside to drain. Besides keeping your panniers dry, rain covers also help keep them clean. We all know that the grit and grime that we can pick up on wet roads is some of the hardest dirt to get out. It is also detrimental to the pannier fabric. Washable rain covers help your panniers look better and last longer. Sizes available to fit all Arkel panniers and the handlebar bag.

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  1. Jerald Liow

    Bought both the rain cover for both the commuter and shopper units, thinking they were different in size or fit and hence different price point. CAD$24.99 for Commuter, and CAD$19.95 for Shopper as of 14-Jul-2019. Turns out both were the same exact item and size and marked to be suitable for Commuter/Bug/Shopper on the label.

    If you’re going to buy this for your commuter/bug unit, go back to their pannier section, select on the shopper unit (the bag itself, not the cover, then select under “YOU MAY ALSO LIKE…” the “Rain Cover For Shopper Unit” to save yourself a quick 5 Canadian dollars. Or you can just go to this link directly: https://www.arkel-od.com/shopper-rain-cover/

    Important Note: Selecting the any of option above will still charge you CAD $24.99 for the shopper unit. You have to follow the instructions above!

    • Arkel Admin

      Hello Gerald, The regular price for the single rain covers is 24.99, the 19.99 price was an error an we have corrected it. This error made you save a few $ on your order 🙂 . Since this error is now corrected, we will not post your review.



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