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The most feature-filled laptop pannier that we offer. With plenty of pockets and storage capacity, this waterproof bag will easily carry all your office gear and more.

If your rack tubing diameter is bigger than 15mm (and up to 21mm), you will need the Oversized Cam-Lock. More details here.

Waterproof logoCe sac est équipé d'une pochette protectrice pour portableWill my laptop fit?

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Key Features

This bag is built to last with tough 1000 denier Cordura® fabric. To make this pannier 100% waterproof, we use a TPU laminated internal nylon liner with fully taped seams.

This is the most feature-filled laptop pannier that we offer. With plenty of pockets and storage capacity, this waterproof bag will easily carry all your office gear and more. As with all Arkel panniers, the Metropolitan comes equipped with our patented Cam-Lock mounting system. Whatever road conditions, you can ride in confidence that your pannier will stay attached to the rack. That’s a nice feeling, especially when carrying an expensive laptop. This bag has a rolltop closure system but we also added a zipper at the end of the opening. This means, if you stop for a run of groceries, you’ll be able to leave the bag unrolled and simply use the top zipper closure to keep everything secure. This feature almost doubles the bag’s volume! Another great feature of this bag is the easy grab and go pocket located between the front pocket and the main compartment. This open pocket will quickly become your favorite place to store any small items that need to stay close at hand. The flat bottom keeps the bag upright when resting on the floor.

Technical Specifications

1.27 kg

Weight (2.8 lbs)

25 L

Volume (1525 cu. in.)

Dimensions: 15.5 X 12.5 X 6 in. / 40 X 32 X 15 cm

Detailed Measurements

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Equipped With Our Cam-Lock® Mounting System

This patented technology allows you to securely attach and remove a bag pannier to your bike rack in seconds.


1 review for FOR Metropolitan (unit)

  1. Anthony Lohan (verified owner)

    This bag is AMAZING. Looking online I wasn’t sure I liked the look of it as it seemed too utilitarian looking to me and I usually like things a little more streamlined. I got the black bag and didn’t like the grey logo on the front, I found it a bit too overwhelming with the side reflective logos too. When the bag arrived the front logo was actually black stitching and not grey, which made it look much nicer. I sent several emails to the company and they responded within 24 hours to help me get a sense of what the bag was like. I even sent a few messages to the Instagram account to ask some questions and they responded within 24 hours and everyone was so helpful and kind. Yes I recognize that I’m a bit much, I’m just kind of particular when it comes to things I will have with me every day.

    Today was my first day with the bag and it seems like a perfect size. I would love to carry more stuff, but I have to be honest and say, I think if you want to carry more things, you should really have a second bag on the other side of your bike. A larger capacity bag on one side will just be too much. I fit my large Lenovo laptop, its charger, a large tea thermos, a large water bottle, a medium sized thermos for soup, my hat, biking gloves, snacks, two pairs of sunglasses, a pouch with biking tools and some other odds and ends.. and there was still some room when I closed it. On top of all this, I was able to put in my light winter jacket with the bag top unrolled and zipped shut, so there is a lot of capacity if you ask me.

    Some reviewers commented that the strap was flimsy, I don’t find it flimsy, and actually, the shoulder pad is incredibly thick and comfortable. I love how there is storage space between the front pouch and the body of the bag. I clip my keys onto the roll top strap with a carabiner and they can just slide comfortably into this pouch, I also put some hand sanitizer and it doesn’t seem like it would ever fall out on its own, even though there is no real top to this opening.

    The attachment system is very secure and works well, I am undecided about the bungee cord and have to use it for awhile before I decide if I want to use the bungee cord hook or take it off. I took it off for awhile today and the bag still didn’t seem to bounce all that much.

    The customer service is amazing. The bag build is high quality and well thought out. there are one or two design changes I might suggest… but I bet every single person would have one or two design suggestions to suit their own needs.

    I appreciate this bag and look forward to more Arkel products!

  2. James Sproull (verified owner)

    Love this bag. Got it to replace an older Arkel bag. This one is lighter and sleeker but seems to have the same capacity. Holds all my office gear including a 15″ macbook pro. The laptop has to be placed in the laptop sleeve vertically so about 1/4 of it is outside the sleeve. Not a big deal since I typically carry gym clothes so it’s still nice and padded.

    One improvement I’d like to see is adding a bit of velcro in the ‘quick pocket’ between the main body and the outer pocket. This is a nice little place to stash keys and sunglasses but I’d like a bit extra security for bumpy rides.

    Overall very impressed with this bag – the build quality is fantastic. The strap is a little light but I think that was chosen for weight reasons and I have no problems with it.

    Made in Canada too!

  3. Adam

    Perfect size for a commuter pannier – it holds my laptop, workout clothes, shoes, lunch, and sunglasses, with room to spare. Cam lock system is very well designed – attaches easily to my existing rear rack. I use the deep pouch between the main and outer bag to store my U-lock. The only weak point is the shoulder strap – it’s a little flimsy and the padding is thin. That said, it’s on the bike for the majority of my commute. When I carry heavier stuff, I use the beefier strap from my messenger bag.

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