Haul-It (unit)

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This pannier will carry a standard backpack, briefcase, case of beer or whatever else you have to carry.

If your rack tubing diameter is bigger than 15mm (and up to 21mm), you will need the Oversized Cam-Lock. More details here

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Key Features

As seen in Path Less Pedaled's review

Think of this bag as your truck bed, just throw your stuff in it and go. Already using a great backpack? Just drop it in the Haul-It and take the load off your back. The Haul-It will carry your backpack, briefcase, gym bag, grocery bag or even a case of your favorite beer!

  • Zippered convenience pocket for keys, wallet or phone
  • Folds for easy carry or storage
  • Plenty of reflective front and back
  • Made of 1000 denier US made Cordura®
  • Arkel’s exclusive Cam-Lock® mounting system
  • Made In Canada

One-Pull Compression Strap System

We’ve designed a compression strap that is a one-pull and click system that compresses 3 ways.

Folds in 3 movements

When the Haul-It is empty, it can be folded in a matter of seconds. This is ideal for storage, or when you wish to carry it away from the bike.

Technical Specifications (Unit)

Weight: 750 gr / 1.65 lbs
Dimensions: 13 X 13 X 7 in. / 33 X 33 X 18 cm
Folded Dimensions: 13 X 7 X 3 in. / 33 X 18 X 7 cm

Questions? We can help!

Talk to an Arkel staff member to guide you in your decision.

Equipped With Our Cam-Lock® Mounting System

This patented technology allows you to securely attach and remove a bag pannier to your bike rack in seconds.


4 reviews for FOR Haul-It (unit)

  1. NB (verified owner)

    I purchased a Haul-It in yellow and it’s been on my bike every day since I got it. I commute to work and was kind of missing taking my normal purse/tote to work with me, instead using a trunk bag so I could cary my lock. Now the Haul-It carries my lock and whatever bag I choose to take, regardless of shape. I like that it’s now easy to haul almost anything I want, so long as it can be secured to the bag. The zippered pocket is handy for my phone, keys, AirPods, a reusable shopping bag and work badge. The bag is easy to attach and detach from the bike and attaches securely. I did have to shorten the bungee that controls tension for the hook to get it to hold on to the rack on my bike.
    I’ve found this to be a versatile and useful addition to my bike and I definitely recommend it.

  2. Amy (verified owner)

    This is brilliant – when birdwatching I like to have my rucksack with me to carry extra layers, food etc etc but it’s too big to fit into a “normal” pannier and better to carry it on the bike when cycling instead of me wearing it. It fits in here and then I can fold the Haul-it and Orca pannier into the rucksack on arrival. Also handy for other activities like shopping or carrying awkward shaped items. As with the other panniers, having reflective strips and bright colours is useful for visibility. Really pleased with the Arkel panniers I’ve bought.

  3. Julie

    I tried regular panniers to transport my tennis things but I prefer to have my tennis backpack with me. The Haul-it works great for this purpose – easy in and out!

  4. MH (verified owner)

    Forget about trying to find the perfect convertible backpack pannier and just use your favorite bags instead! I also own a Bug pannier from a decade ago, and while that was a fine product, I find this much more versatile (and a lot lighter), especially since I have a favorite ordinary backpack with good organization. It also folds up reasonably well if I need to take it off the bike, although I usually just leave it attached if security won’t be an issue. The Cam-Lock hooks are convenient and unlike the old style hooks on my Bug, they don’t scratch the paint off the rack. There’s a nice pocket for small items, although if you put too much in it, it may expand and get in the way of your cargo. The one major gripe I have with the Haul-It is that, with a low seat and for better bike handling, I prefer to mount the pannier on the lower of the two bars available on my rear rack. Otherwise, a tall backpack or item can feel top-heavy and make it tricky to get on the bike. When I mount the Haul-It in this lower position, the bottom hook ends up a bit too short for its retaining loop, and because I therefore can’t tighten the elastic as much as I really should, the bottom hook tends to pop out when I ride over bumps. It would be great to have a second, higher retaining loop as an option to make it easier to mount at a lower level. I’ve found this to be the best option so far for carrying my favorite “normal” pack, and I might get a second for last-minute groceries or takeout.

  5. Eric

    Ce sac est idéal pour tous les types de travaux. Camping (J’ai transporté une brasse de bois), aller porter les enfants à l’école (et y transporter leur sac), faire L’épicerie (une caisse de 12 bud et des bananes). Vraiment le meilleur sac que j’ai eu.

  6. Doug (verified owner)

    Can confirm… will carry a case of beer.

    Of course, if you don’t balance the load, your bike may be a little tipsy. 🙂

    Seriously though, whether it’s a case of beer, a couple of jugs of kitty litter, or a 24-roll of toilet paper, the Haul-it has been great as either the only pannier on a quick run, or paired with a 30L pannier on the other side to haul a bigger load. Pro tip: tuck a couple of reusable grocery bags in it when folded, and then loop the handles through the strap when loading up.

  7. tadhg (verified owner)

    This thing is great. Ugly as a mud fence, but incredibly useful. The quality is good, the attachment is firm, and I’ve used it to transport all sizes of backpacks, diaper bags, kids art projects, beer (as advertised) and my violin. Things it can’t transport include an unsheathed axe, my son’s bicycle, or my son himself.
    The top zipper pocket is useful, but filling it pushes items precariously away from the bike. This affects the bike’s stability quite badly if you’re carrying something tall. A pocket on the sides or front would have be better storage for keeping things upright! Minor gripe though – the fact that it’s permanently attached to the bike says it all.

  8. Pat (verified owner)

    I bought this Haul-It and the Metropolitan. Normally, it is more convenient to pack my everyday items in the regular pannier. I keep the Haul-it strapped to my rack but out of the way. When I need it, I can haul an large variety of odd sized items. For example, I have carried the following with the use of extra straps (Rok Straps): a guitar in its own padded case, a full size watermelon, 20kg sack of rice, a large pot of cooked clams and mussels, and a 20″ wheel folding bike (12kg). I like how it can fold up into a small size to fit into other bags — it arrived in a Fedex flat box.

    I would not mind if there were a couple of D-ring attachment points for clipping things or a carrying strap. However, due to the simple, user-servicable design of the bag, I can see how I can easily add this without any sewing. Unbolt the mounting molts, place pieces of webbing with two holes punched into it, with a D-ring looped in it, and bolt it back onto the bag.

  9. elaine (verified owner)

    I love this thing! I bought two things and the other didn’t have the happy ending I was hoping for (probably more my fault), but this one is great! The clips are so sturdy. It will be interesting to see what we decide to haul around on our bikes. Thanks for thinking of this!

  10. Christof (verified owner)

    I purchased it as a solution for take my photo rucksack with me. It fits perfect at two different recumbents, it also can be used for simple bags when shopping your dayly needs. It’s a great solution!

  11. Gregg Kastner

    Last year I purchased a new ebike to ride to and from work. It’s about a seven mile ride one way. I purchased a pair of the HAUL-IT’s to bring by work backpack and my lunch along for the ride. These worked out great. My wife and I also have done grocery store and a few Target runs. These worked out great. If things work out this year as well as last year, I am thinking about getting an other pair for my wife’s ebike.

    A great and versatile accessory for anyone that does any kind of riding…

  12. Lisa (verified owner)

    The Haul-it is a great solution for my commute to work and for hauling groceries. It holds my backpack securely. The zipper pouch is large enough to hold a reusable grocery bag, keys, wallet and phone or a multitool. The Cam-lock system holds the pannier securely to the rack and is very easy to release when I don’t need the pannier attached. There’s even a look to attache a tail light. Overall, I’m impressed with the construction and very happy with my purchase.

  13. Jon

    I purchased two Haul-It panniers to have one on each side of my bike. I have used them for the past two weeks and am both pleased and impressed. They are well made, easy to attach to/remove from my rear rack, stable and secure, and very accommodating to hold my stuff (i.e., computer bag, back pack, sports equipment, groceries, misc. bike gear, etc.). The Haul-It is like a versatile basket with straps. It holds the bags I already have so I don’t have to transfer items between another bag. Great new option for my daily commute and allows me to transport most anything I need.

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