T-28 Sacoches de cyclotourisme classique (paire)

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Sacoches de touring, avant ou arrière, avec grande ouverture au compartiment principal et plusieurs pochettes pour un accès facile.

Si le diamètre des tubes de votre porte-bagages est plus grand que 15 mm (et jusqu’à 21mm), vous aurez besoin du Cam-Lock Surdimensionné. Plus de détails ici

CAD$249,99 CAD$212,49


Principales caractéristiques

• Made of tough 1000 Denier Cordura
• Large #10 YKK zipper on main compartment
• Front mesh pocket for quick on the go storage of clothing and gear.
• Front of pannier opens completely for great access
• Patented Cam-Lock® Hook system (panniers will not fall off)
• Internal aluminum frame to support the panier and prevents sagging.

Si vous comptez utiliser vos sacoches de vélo « à toutes les sauces », pour une randonnée de jour à la campagne ou pour simplement rouler où le vélo vous mène, les T-28 sont en plein ce qu’il vous faut. La pochette frontale en filet vous permettra d’y loger votre maillot mouillé, le compartiment principal muni d’une armature interne en aluminium offre un volume tout à fait surprenant et vos petits objets iront dans la pochette supérieure à ouverture « sourire » . Pour tous vos besoins de chargement plus ou moins modestes, la T-28 est toute désignée. Pour de plus sérieuses expéditions, pourquoi ne pas la jumeler avec la T-42? Vous voilà donc bien équipé!

Spécifications techniques (Paire)

1.78 kg

Poids (3.9 lbs)

28 L

Volume (1700 po. cu.)

Position : avant ou arrière

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1 avis pour FOR T-28 Sacoches de cyclotourisme classique (paire)

  1. JeremyN

    With the plethora of bikepacking setups on the market, these are as relevant in 2021 as when they were originally designed. Durable, SUPER functional and efficient in carrying design and load distribution for not just conventional road touring, but secure and stable on gravel & fire roads. Good Panniers and good design NEVER goes “out of style”. Thx Arkel for doing CANADIAN’s proud.

  2. Yoder

    Hey there, Arkel!

    Just wanted to take a moment from window shopping on the website to thank you for making the T-28’s! I’ve been a happy owner of my pair for four years now, having enjoyed their ease of use and durability through virtually every type of terrain and weather, and they just continue to impress me.

    While I am using them for nothing more than weekend rides on paved and gravel riding, riding to the local coffee shop, and even light grocery shopping and errands, they are the perfect size and exactly what I needed them to be!

    I initially had some misgivings about the pricepoint and making the investment in my Arkel bags, wondering if they truly were worth the money, but I have never questioned my decision since acquiring them.

    Thanks for making such great merchandise!

  3. Jpooch00

    I recently purchased a pair of T-28’s and they’re absolutely the best, most well-designed and well built panniers I’ve ever owned in my 40+ years of commuting and touring.

    A little on the pricey side but, hey, ya get what ya pay for, and these deliver that and MUCH more!

    Nothing but Arkel products all the way for me from now on!

  4. Slim

    I got these 2 years ago. In that time they’ve seen -45 C temperatures, dirt, rough handling, rougher trails, and all manner of things that should’ve torn or broken them.

    Yet they still work as nicely as the day I bought them.

    They are quite spacious, and the two pockets are really handy.

    The cam lock system Arkel uses to allow them to mount onto racks is brilliant. I rode for kilometres with them improperly latched on (the hook system should’ve been bent out of shape with the way i was riding) and after I discovered this, nothing had been damaged. I reattached them and continued on my merry way.

  5. James

    Dear Arkel

    Just a quick E-Mail to let you know how outstanding I found your panniers on a recent week long cycle tour in France.

    I have the T42’s on the back and T28’s on the front, the versatility of the bags was a major plus, being able to put maps, torches and flip flops in the outer mesh pockets was really advantageous! Also then using the other pockets to organise my tools and stove fuel, bits which really need to be kept separate from my clothes and other belongings. My two pals with me both had the waterproof Ortleib bags and they were most jealous, I reckon i’ve nearly talked them round into getting a set like mine!

    The only downside is that I ended up carrying most of the communal stuff as my panniers were better and more accessible, so thats the shopping for the evenings meal at the camp and of course the splendid vino from our various stop offs in the wine region, but I think i’m fitter for it!

    I’m saving up now for your small handlebar bag and I think that will be me set!

    Anyway thanks again for helping me have an outstanding trip, hopefully I will use your bags in many more like it.

    I’ve attached a photo of myself in France sporting my bike and panniers.



    – From London UK.

  6. Tandem Stoker

    My husband and I used the T-28 panniers on on Tubus rear rack for a 2 night bicycle trip. There is plenty of room for clothes and gear. The outside pocket and the top zipper compartment is super handy to use. Two thumbs up for Arkel!

  7. Aaron

    We have T-42s and a pair of T-28s (also a pair of B-26s). The build quality and design are good — really the same design as the T-42, just with one less zipper pocket and smaller. These work well as front panniers and I've heard of people who use four of these as front and rear panniers. The outside pocket is super handy. Build quality is good and we are satisfied with the T-28s. We just find we use the T-42s more than these on a daily basis, due to the greater capacity of the T-42s.

  8. Paul Natelli

    Hello Ives I have my Arkel T-28 and T-42 panniers and they are absolutely bullet proof and work extremely well. Been on three tours and all is well. Paul Natelli, a very satisfied customer.

  9. Richard

    The T-28 is the perfect pannier for my purposes. While touring, I can fit my 3-season sleeping bag in it, and my wife's in the other. While commuting, I can fit a change of clothes (including shoes) in one, while I carry all of my work gear (portfolios, files, etc) in the other. Rugged materials, very water resistant, easy to pack, and easy to load onto the bike. Great job, Arkel!

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