Signature H Sacoche de vélo urbaine (unité)

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Sacoche de vélo étanche conçue pour le transport urbain équipée de notre système d’attache breveté Cam-Lock®. Configuration horizontale (style mallette). Idéal pour transporter votre ordinateur portable et autres effets personnels.

Fait partie de la Série Signature – Fabriqué au Canada et signé par la couturière. Si le diamètre des tubes de votre porte-bagages est plus grand que 15 mm (et jusqu’à 21mm), vous aurez besoin du Cam-Lock Surdimensionné. Plus de détails ici

Waterproof logoCe sac est équipé d'une pochette protectrice pour portableDimensions maximales du portable?



L'histoire derrière la Série Signature

Ce sac fait partie de la Série Signature. Il est fabriqué au Canada et signé par la couturière.

Principales caractéristiques

La sacoche de vélo SIGNATURE H de configuration horizontale est conçue pour le transport urbain. En tissu Cordura® 1000 denier et munie d’une doublure en nylon laminé avec coutures scellées, elle saura répondre aux rigueurs et à l’utilisation intensive liées au transport urbain en toute saison. Dotés de notre système d’attache autobloquant exclusif Cam-Lock® mais avec une petite différence. Afin de rendre le transport en bandoulière plus confortable et de faciliter l’accrochage et le décrochage de cette sacoche en milieu urbain, nous avons supprimé le crochet inférieur et l’élastique. Pour en savoir plus à ce sujet visitez la section POURQUOI NOUS N’INCLUONS PAS LE CROCHET INFÉRIEUR ET L’ÉLASTIQUE. Les crochets d’aluminium de notre système d’attache résisteront aux rigueurs de la route et resteront soigneusement fixés au porte-bagages. Beau temps, mauvais temps, vos appareils électroniques et accessoires seront bien protégés. Cette sacoche est fabriquée au Canada et est signée de la main de son créateur.

Spécifications techniques (Unité)

1,32 kg

Poids (2,9 lbs)

24 L

Volume (1460 po. cu.)

Position : Arrière

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Équipé de notre système d'attache Cam-Lock ®

Cette technologie brevetée vous permet d’attacher et de retirer votre sacoche à votre porte-bagages en quelques secondes de manière sécuritaire.


1 avis pour FOR Signature H Sacoche de vélo urbaine (unité)

  1. Julie (client confirmé)

    I’ve had this pannier for about a year now and it’s still working great. I got it with the oversized hooks so it would fit on my e-bike cargo rack rails. I’ve had to make a couple small fixes/modifications along the way – the rubber lining along the hooks had to be re-glued (krazy glue worked well), and I had to add grippy fabric glue (I used glue you can buy to add grip to the bottom of socks) to the should strap pad so it wouldn’t slide off my shoulder. Still my favourite pannier by far!

  2. Andrew (client confirmé)

    Have had this pannier for over 1 year now using it approximately 5 out of 7 days all year round in Vancouver (including rainy days) and it still looks like brand new. Great for picking up groceries, lots of room. With the exception that it can be a bit tricky to hook up on the rack if you have it loaded down, the hookup mechanism otherwise holds the bag in place well and is well designed in that sense and hooks off easily, and with the built in flap to cover the hooks you can carry it around freely without damaging your clothes (in comparison to other brands). It is overall a great quality bag with a professional look that is serving me well and am happy with, and hence the reason for posting a review one year later to recommend it. Wish I had discovered it sooner.

  3. Dave

    I’ve been commuting regularly with this bag for over a year now, and it’s an incredibly versatile bag. The quality is very high and has held up after some rugged beatings from daily commutes in NYC through sun, rain, and snow. The bag contents have never gotten wet, even in some of the more gnarly rainfalls.

    In terms of spaciousness, I often commute with a 15” MacBook Pro, a change of clothes, a jacket, my lunch, and some bike tools and this bag has held them all at once. I mean really, itcan really hold a lot of stuff — I once managed to stuff an XBox I borrowed from a friend, and some often smaller grocery runs in it.

    Stylistically — even here in fashion-aware NYC, I’ve worn this around as a messenger bag and most people don’t notice it’s also a bike pannier, so you can really roll fairly incognito. You do kind of feel the metal hinges pushing against the fabric on your body while you’re wearing it, but it’s not like you’re walking around with this thing for hours, so it’s not a big negative to me.

    If I were to be give a gripe about the bag, I have only one: If you keep the shoulder strap on the bag, you have to loop it through the main front clip/strap every time you ride. This is kind of hard to explain, but the TLDR is: if you plan on keeping your shoulder strap on, you’re going to need to find a place to put it, or you may risk it getting caught in the spokes. I have a loop I do that works for me, but it’d be great if there were some place to tuck it or cinch it down so you didn’t have to do a Boy Scout-style loop-de-loop every time you clip it on.

    Other than that though, I’m incredibly happy with this bag. The quality and care of the design is unmatched. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a convenient, stylish, all-weather commuter!

  4. nyyankees588

    I’ve now used this as a daily commuter for almost a year and it has held up wonderfully. The on/off mechanism to clip to the rack on my bike is flawless (no matter how heavy the load is) and has never once popped off unexpectedly, even on the pot-holed/cobblestone streets of NYC. Waterproofing is solid, have been caught in the rain a number of times with a laptop inside and have been fine (although I do wonder how long the waterproofing will ultimately last, given that any fabric waterproofing tends to wear off after a couple of years in my experience).

    Space is great – Pushing this bag’s capacity to the max, I’ve been able to fit a laptop, lunch, full suit & shoes, a small bag of the necessaries (wallet, phone, etc), AND u-lock & chain lock without any issues. Even when the bag is maxed out and i’m barely able to fold down the closure once, there’s never been an issue with things popping out.

    The very minor cons I have are:
    – When carried as a should bag it isn’t the comfiest. The flap that covers the metal clasps is nice, but doesn’t provide a lot of padding when it’s against your body. Not a big issue because I only really carry this from my bike to office.
    – Lack of organizing pockets – I wish that there were more pockets to separate things. The one pock parallel to the laptop separator has some areas to hold pens, but I wish there were some additional pockets that truly separated things.
    – Lack of an outside pocket – I know that this pocket probably wouldn’t be waterproof or could even compromise the overall waterproofness of the bag, but I do wish that there was one small pocket outside of the large bag area to throw keys or something like a phone. Would be nice to have when you don’t want to undue to roll-top and rummage through the bag to find a small something.

  5. Z Salaria

    I am writing to review the Signature H Unit. I initially purchased the unit in 2016 February as I decided to commute to work daily by bike. I, once again, in 2016 August placed an order for another similar bag as I started to ride with two panniers. Key factors that drove me back to Arkel are:

    – The bag I had performed really well in rain, snow or dry weather. I never felt any of my items including my phone etc wet after rain or snow. While on the outside it seems water is seeping in, it doesnt due to the lining inside. This is key for anyone biking in the winter or wet weather.
    – The bags are spacious..I pack my bag with my work attire (shirts, socks etc) daily and also my gym gear and my lunch. i also have an emergency repair kit and a hand pump and a water bottle inside the bag at all times so it accomodates more than meets the eye.
    – Thirdly, the pockets inside help organize items by use. I usually carry a file back from work or have my apartment keys in the chain compartment and other electronic items in there. That helps with me not fumbling through the whole bag at the end of the day.
    – Lastly, my legs do not hit the bag when I am biking…I tried many bags as trial before I settled on Arkel and most had that issue but I have yet to hit the bag when I ride.

    Cons/Opportunities for Improvement
    – I feel the strap could be a bit more sturdy. When I carry it with all the stuff I have (which is a lot), the burden on the shoulders could be alleviated with a stronger cushioned strap.

    I recommend this product to anyone.

  6. Olafur NYC

    I have had this bag now for a few weeks. Not sure what I did without it.

    It goes on the luggage racks with a quick-release system that is strong and super fast.

    There are three ways to hold this bag. One is with a shoulder strap, another with handles at the top of the stretched-open bag for when buying groceries, and a third way when the bag is properly closed/rolled up there is a handle like on a briefcase.
    All very useful. I lock up the bike and zip the bag onto my shoulder without any effort.

    For office and general purposes, the bag is basically open and big. Inside it, on the rack side there is a thin compartment for a laptop, and a stiff material between it and the rack. In the lining of the laptop compartment there is a zipper for thinner things, papers and such stuff.

    This bag fits effortlessly onto all of my three bikes:
    1) Giant Cypress with a Topeak Tourist extended rack. I have shopped about 40 lbs of groceries on this one, with additional 30 lbs on the other side in a basket.
    2) Dahon MU8 with the Dahon large luggage rack.
    3) Brompton bike with its standard rear rack. Note: the bag hangs to about 5 inches off the ground which has been fine so far. I have shopped about 30 lbs worth of groceries and it was kind of ok though the bike itself has limits.
    Brompton also has a front-mounted rack and this bag sort of fits on it but better if the front Brompton mount is fitted slightly (shave off a bit off plastic) to ensure a proper grip.

    To fit all three bikes, I adjusted the clamp mechanism to the same single position, basically to push the bag backwards a couple of inches, this is not so much to fit the bike, as it is to clear the heels of my shoes when pedaling.

    I also have taken the bag around without the bike and it works just fine that way.


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