Seatpacker 15 sac de selle bikepacking (unité)

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Le Seatpacker 15 est muni d’un cadre avec attache rapide. 100% étanche grâce à sa doublure scellée, il s’installe et se retire en un tournemain.

Le cadre du Seatpacker élimine complètement le balancement latéral et il est en plus compatible avec les tiges télescopiques. Le profilé avant effilé et les parois avant semi-rigides éliminent le frottement aux cuisses. Nécessite un minimum de 20 cm entre les rails de selle et le dessus du pneu.

Dégagement minimum requis entre les rails de la selle et le dessus du pneu 8″ / 20.3 cm

Si la distance entre les rails de votre selle est de plus de 3.5 pouces ou 89 mm, vous aurez besoin d’un adaptateur Plus de détails…

100% Waterproof   Seatpacker Rack  No Tail Wag

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2.100000e+1n inventaire

2.100000e+1n inventaire

(2 avis client)

Fabriqué à la main à Sherbrooke, Canada

Nos couturières travaillent également avec l’équipe du CRDITED Estrie – un programme de services sociaux pour les personnes handicapées mentales.

Principales caractéristiques

Découvrez pour les cyclistes adorent le Seatpacker 9 !

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Compatible avec les tiges de selle en carbone et aéro

Grâce au support de tige de selle souple, il s’ajustera et se moulera sans problème aux tiges de selle aéro, et ce, sans danger d’abimer ou de bosseler la tige.

Spécifications Techniques

720 g

Poids (1.55 lbs)

15 L

Volume (925 po. cu.)

5 kg

Charge Maximale (11 lbs)

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2 avis pour FOR Seatpacker 15 sac de selle bikepacking (unité)

  1. Steve Arnason (client confirmé)

    Excellent bag with easy installation and user friendlyness. Just used for first time on a a four day, 520 km trip on Confederation Trail in PEI and it was rock steady. No wag or wiggle. We had good weather so cant comment on water proofness but it looks like it is very capable, Love the reflective daisy chain. Very happy with this purchase – highly recommend!!!

  2. Darryl (client confirmé)

    I purchased this for my first weekend bike trip. I was looking for a bag that would fit with a limited amount of seat post and that was waterproof. This bag is high quality, fits my bike perfectly, and with the mounting frame, it did not sway at all. Was caught in a huge downpour and the bag remained water proof.

    Highly reccomend.

  3. Petro (client confirmé)

    This is Best seat bag ever. I’ve Terrapin bag from Revelate Designs and it has major flaw with design, as you ride through singletrack or bumpy roads it inevitably sags and I had to adjust it multiple times during the trip, so after discovering Seatpacker design, I’ve decided to give it a try. And wow, what a difference. Day and Night. Bag was absolutely stable during 2-day bike packing trip through various terrain and I didn’t have to worry about adjusting. It was also raining heavily both days and bag was bone dry inside. Another bonus is when you arrive at the camping, you need just few seconds to remove bag and get you gear. The only small drawback is price, but this is definitely hight quality bag and I hope it will last long so investment would be worth it.

  4. Peter Marshall

    We have been renting Arkel with our bikes for a number of years now and always recommend because of the storm-proof feauturuers. We will open an office in Europe later this year and will carry Arkel there also. Very hapy with customer reaction

  5. Vincent Lord

    I bought this bag 2 years ago and while I am overall satisfied with the quality, the bag is not without issues.The bag system is extremely stable, there is no wobbling at all. It is extremely durable. The mounting system works on my carbon bike without any issue. If you leave the rack on your bike, mounting and dismounting the bag takes seconds.The main compartment is really waterproof. However the top pocket is not! My phone got wet after a few hours of riding in the rain. A few drops got in the pocket, fortunately the phone was unscathed. I also lost a rack screw despite the lock washers. The issue can be avoided if you tighten the screws once in a while. I was able to easily find a replacement screw at the hardware store. I recommend this bag to people who want rock solid stability without going the full pannier rack route.

  6. Craig Smith

    My wife and I bought two of these seat packs (9 liter for her bike 15 liter for my bike) 4 yrs ago. We are now in our 4th season of bike adventuring around the world (cycled 30 countries to date) all with these arkells. They are absolutely amazing: well made, indestructible, waterproof, and the right size for light bike packing. They still look brand new. The major difference between these and competitors is that the Arkelle seat bags slide onto a rigid frame so there is no sway when you get out of the saddle on climbs. Which is a major deal when climbing serious mountains (Alps, Pyrenees, etc). We cycle point to point carrying everything we have on our bikes staying nights in hotels. When you get to destination you can simply slide the bad off and carry to hotel room. The Arkells have been the best purchase we’ve made in all our bike gear. Can’t say enough about these. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

  7. Fear an rothar

    I bought one of these bags right after it became available and have used it on several multi-week and multi-day trips since then. It’s a winner on every front from my perspective. The stability, lack of tail-wag and lack of leg rub allows the bag to disappear and lets you get on with enjoying your ride. The ease and speed of bag mounting and removal is also appreciated, as is the resulting ease of packing. I have put its waterproof qualities to the test many times and it has passed with flying colours. Finally, the quality of fit and finish is exemplary and promises many more years of troublefree (ab)use.

    I do, however, have a couple of small observations/requests. It would be nice if the very welcome and convenient zippered pocket was a tiny bit more expandable. Sometimes, if I have packed the main compartment suboptimally, with something poking upwards towards the zippered pouch, it can be difficult to get items in and out of it.

    The reflective webbing on top of the bag is very convenient for strapping on random items. However, the resulting height can make it a little difficult to swing my leg over the bag, when getting on and off the bike. For those of us both long in the leg and not using dropper posts, it would be really nice to have similar reflective webbing available for use on the underside of the bag too.

  8. Patrick

    J’ai acheté ce sac il y a deux ans et j’en suis toujours ravi. La construction est durable, imperméable et super efficace. Initialement acheté en prévision de voyages de bikepacking pour mon vélo de montagne, il a même remplacé mes sacoches sur mon vélo de route pour le transport vélo-boulot. D’une stabilité exceptionnelle, il est aussi compatible avec les vélos à double suspension ou avec une tige de selle télescopique. De plus, le service à la clientèle de Arkel est exceptionnel. En fin, c’est un produit local, encore un plus!

  9. Jeff

    I received the Seatpacker 15 today and installed it. It is perfect! I packed it up with my tent, sleeping pad, pillow and cook system. Pretty sure my sleeping bag will even fit in it once it arrives! Pretty impressed so far with how stable it is. I have a Apidura seat bag too but the Arkel one is way easier to pack despite only being 1L bigger. I am looking forward to taking it on it’s first adventure once the weather warms up a bit.

  10. GalenaNightfire

    I bought both the Seatpacker 9 and 15. They are the only seatpacks that work on my XS carbon frame. I use the 9 for day trips in winter weather to carry all my layers. I use the 15 for UL touring (paired with Revélate frame bag and Sweet Roll). Yeah, ya gotta pack light, and wash out yer bibs each night, but it makes for pleasant days of riding without all the extra weight of panniers(and the extra crap you’ll shove in them, just because you can).

  11. Martin

    I bought this bag to use in addition to a half frame bag when I do light touring. I put tools, repair and nutrition in the frame bag, and keep the seatpacker for cloths and lighter items. It works perfectly. The light frame that hold the bag does a very good job at keeping the bag stable. I can even stand on the pedals when doing steep climbs. I bought this product for that very reason and I am not disappointed. It does work. I find it pricey for a bag but at least the quality is there.

  12. xnat

    Ce sac est beaucoup plus stable que des sacoches sur un porte bagage. Très facile à ouvrir. Rapide à enlever. Pochette avec zipper très utile. Le seul hic est que j’ai perdu une vis du support en roulant. Les bon vieux tie-wrap m’on sauvé.

  13. Nicholas

    This bag is simply perfect. There is no movement even if you rock the bike back & forth on a steep climb. I’ve biked across the country w/panniers. This and a front bag & frame bag is all one would need in the summer.

  14. ADKer

    I purchased the bag for a 3 day ride around Lake Champlain. We’d be moteling it so didn’t need huge capacity. It worked perfectly on my Specialized Rubaix road bike. What impressed me the most was the total lack of tail wag, ease of mounting and removing, and total waterproofness. It poured rain the entire first day (66 miles) and the contents of the bag were bone dry. Great bag that I can use for long day rides where I can carry my and my wife’s rain gear and lunch. Didn’t get 5 stars due to $200+ price, so perhaps not the greatest value. but that said, maybe top quality and functionality are worth the price!

  15. corakeen

    My experience using this seat pack has been outstanding. I’m here buying them for the rest of my family. Thanks for making something that works!

  16. Mike

    I just returned from a two-week trip through Colombia with three friends. One guy used panniers. He overpacked and complained about bike handling during mountain descents. The rest of us used seat packs, but we each bought a different brand. The Arkel was the clear winner. The mounting bracket made it more steady, but the biggest benefit was the ease of mounting and removing the pack. The others agreed that if they were buying again it would definitely be the Arkel. The 15l capacity was perfect.

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