Cam-Lock® système d'attache (Paire)

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Système d’attache Arkel Cam-Lock® pour rajeunir ou redonner vie à d’autres sacoches.

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Équipé de notre système d'attache Cam-Lock ®

Cette technologie brevetée vous permet d’attacher et de retirer votre sacoche à votre porte-bagages en quelques secondes de manière sécuritaire.

Principales caractéristiques

We offer you our Cam-Lock® hook system as a separate kit, just in case you have an old set of panniers that could use a little spiffing up! The Cam-Lock retro fit kit is available with two different track length 8” and 10” to perfectly match your needs. Our system is foolproof and lasts forever—why not use it on your other brand of panniers? The kit comes with everything except the tools to install it! It is fully adjustable and it’s guaranteed for life.

Weight for the pair: 1.10 lbs / 0.50kg (8″ pair) 1.2 lbs / 0.54kg (10″ pair)

The Cam-Lock® will automatically fit rack tubing of 8mm to 15mm diameter.

The kit (pair) includes the following parts to retrofit 2 panniers:

  • 2 aluminum rails 8 or 10 in.
  • 4 aluminum hooks with self locking cams and nylon inserts to protect the rack
  • 2 carry handles
  • 4 d-rings to attach optional shoulder strap
  • 2 multifiber bungee
  • 2 stainless steel wire hook

You can order the kit with 8 or 10 in. tracks depending on the size of your panniers.

The Cam-Lock® hook kit comes pre-assembled as pictured below and detailed mounting instructions are included.

For more details on how this system works click HERE

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