Arkel Pannier And Rack Fit Guide    
Know Before You Buy!      
We've created a chart to help you select the best pannier/rack combo for your needs. Our hook systems will fit most racks, but there are always exceptions.  
See the chart below to determine pannier and rack compatibility. Because of the number of racks out there it is not possible to list them all. If the rack you use or are considering is not listed below, feel free to email us. We'll research and try to confirm the fit. Once confirmed we'll add it to the fit chart.   
  Cam-Lock   B-Series Manual Hook System

*Special comments

Arkel Front Rack            
AC LowRider Yes   Yes  
Arkel Rear Rack            
Randonneur Rack N/A   N/A Cannot use side panniers on this rack
Old Man Mountain Rear Racks          
Red Rock Yes   Yes  
Sherpa Yes   Yes   
Cold Springs Yes   Yes   
Pioneer Yes   Yes  
Old Man Mountain Front Racks          
Ultimate LowRider Yes*   Yes * Panniers can only be mounted on lower bar.
Pioneer Yes   Yes  
Sherpa Yes   Yes  
Cold Springs Yes   Yes  
BlackBurn Rear Racks            
EX-2 RACK Yes   Yes  
EX-1 RACK Yes   Yes  
MTN-2 RACK Yes   Yes  
XR-1 RACK No   Yes  
BlackBurn Front Racks            
Bontrager Rear Racks            
Bontrager BackRack Lightweight Yes   Yes      
Bontrager BackRack Deluxe S Yes   Yes * Panniers can only be mounted on lower bar.
Bontrager BackRack Deluxe L Yes   Yes * Panniers can only be mounted on lower bar.
Bontrager BackRack Disc Yes   Yes      
Bontrager BackRack Yes   Yes      
Front Rack Yes   Yes      
Rear Rack Yes   Yes      
Tubus Rear Racks            
Tubus Airy Yes   Yes  
Tubus Cargo Classic Yes   Yes  
Tubus Cargo Evo Yes   Yes  
Tubus Carry Yes*   Yes* * Cannot mount pannier on the lower  pannier mounting bar.
Tubus Cosmos Yes   Yes  
Tubus Disco Yes   Yes  
Tubus Fly Yes   Yes  
Tubus Fly Stainless Yes   Yes  
Tubus Fly Evo Yes   Yes  
Tubus Locc Yes   Yes  
Tubus Logo Classic Yes   Yes  
Tubus Logo Evo Yes   Yes  
Tubus Logo Titanium Yes   Yes  
Tubus Pickup N/A   N/A Cannot use side panniers on this rack
Tubus Vega Yes   Yes  
Tubus Front Racks            
Tubus Duo Yes   Yes  
Tubus Ergo Yes   Yes  
Tubus Nova Yes   Yes  
Tubus Smarti Yes   Yes  
Tubus Swing No   No  
Tubus Tara Yes*   Yes* In some cases, the distance between the horizontal bar, where the hooks mount,  and the lower bar where the Tubus Bagholder clamps are positioned, is too short. This problem can be solved by mounting two hose clamps, or fuel line hose clamps, on the lower bar instead of the Tubus Bagholder clamps. With the hose clamps in place, clip the wire hook directly to the rack. This will prevent the hook from sliding off.


Racktime Rear            
Addit Yes   Yes  
Tourit Yes   Yes  
Connectit Yes   Yes  
Standit Yes   Yes  
Lightit Yes   Yes  
Foldit Yes   Yes  
Racktime Front            
Topit Yes   Yes  
Nitto Racks            
Nitto Big Back Rack No*    Yes * Doesn't work with Cam-Lock System, bags can be retro fitted with manual B-Series hook system to make compatible.
Nitto Big Front Rack No*    Yes
Bruce Gordon            
Rear Touring Rack Yes   Yes  
Front Lowriding Rack Yes   Yes  
Axiom Rear Racks            
Streamliner All models Yes   Yes  
Journey All Models No   No  
Journey Uni-Fit Yes   Yes  
Transit Yes   Yes  
Axiom Front Racks            
Journey front all models No   Yes  
Performance Bicycle            
TransIt TS-1 Rear Rack Yes     Yes      
Jandd Rear Rack            
Lite Duty Rack Yes   Yes  
Standard Rack Yes   Yes  
Expedition Rack Yes   Yes  
Jandd Front Rack            
Low Front Rack Yes   Yes  
Topeak Racks        
Explorer All Models Yes   Yes  
Super Tourist DX Yes   Yes  
Super Tourist Tubular Rack Yes   Yes

Will fit both Super Tourist Tubular Rack (W/O Spring) and Super Tourist Tubular Rack (W/ Spring)