Arkel’s Decade Long Partnership With Social Service Program For Developmentally Challenged

The Crdited Estrie Crew In The Trenches

The word is out that Arkel makes the best bags in the business; durable, functional, great looking and with up to three layers of waterproof protection. But what hasn't been spotlighted until now is that a lively crew from CRDITED Estrie - a social service program for folks with Intellectual Disabilities and Pervasive Development Disorders - has worked at Arkel's Quebec headquarters for more than 8 years. 

Front row, left to right: Daria, Dany, Bruce, Nancy
Back row, left to right: Gilles, Denise (Educator), David

We think of them as family around here. Once the designers have finished creating our bags and the seamstresses have stitched them tight, the gang from CRDITED Estrie goes to work assembling and putting the finishing touches on each Metropolitan, GT54 and commuter bag.

More than being treated with dignity and given a great work environment, the crew from CRDITED Estrie developes social skills and abilities that foster their integration and social participation in daily life. They contribute to Arkel's success. Without their energy, laughter and dedication, Arkel’s bags would have a little less soul. 


In an era marked by outsourcing and automation, Arkel is a place where people still matter, creating and giving back to the community is second nature, and making a quality product one bag at a time is how we roll.