The FACTS About Arkel's Waterproofing Systems:   

Arkel offers form, function, accessibility and THREE layers of waterproof protection.

Layer 1 Protection: 

Our bags start with coated Cordura; a durable, water repellent American-made fabric, nearly impossible to rip or tear, that keeps water out! The same hydrophobic finish used on world-class tents and expedition gear. Water beads up and rolls off, but our coating doesn't close the tiny spaces between fibers, so condensation won't build up inside the bag. Great protection during showers, commutes, and regular rain rides.



Cordura with DWR finish


Layer 2 Protection: 


Our rain covers prevent seepage at seams and along zippers during extended rides or whenever you choose to cover and go. They slip on in seconds, protect the entire bag, and store easy right in the bag. 

Additional benefits of Arkel rain covers:


rain cover

Rain Cover



Our bright, reflective covers greatly increase rider visibility.



Our covers protect the outside of bags from grime and grit, extending the look and life of the best bags in the business.


Dry at day's end:

After touring in the rain, just hang the wet covers out and bring a dry set of Arkel bags into the hotel, house or tent.


Added Functionality:

Rain covers allow Arkel to offer all the compartments, pull aways and features it's famous for, something top load bags can't. Never again worry about water pooling up inside the bag when you try to access something during a storm.


Layer 3 Protection:    

Interior waterproof liners come standard inside many Arkel Bags. 

Waterproof Liner

Waterproof Liner inside


Dry Bag

Dry Bag

Open any Arkel GT Series, XM Series, Briefcase, Commuter, Metropolitan, Messenger Briefcase and Handlebar Bags and you'll find additional layers of weather protection.

Our GT and XM Series come with highly visible waterproof liners inside that can be rolled out of the way, or used to organize the dry from the wet, the clean from the dirty, anything you want to have a THIRD layer of waterproof protection.

For those bags that don`t have built in liners, an additional layer of protection can be achieved by selecting one of our dry bags - which come in four sizes. These dry bags are perfect for securing electronics, or anything you want to keep separate from wet clothes, jackets or gloves.


Now when you think of ANY Arkel Bag, think layer upon layer of waterproof protection!