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Waterproof laptop bike pannier (Vertical style design) made for urban bike travel.
Position: Rear
Weight: 1.32kg / 2.9lbs (unit)
Volume: 28 l. / 1700 cu. in. (unit)
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Waterproof logoThis bag will safely carry a laptop
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The redesign SIGNATURE V is a waterproof bike pannier (Vertical style design) made for urban bike travel. This pannier is made with sturdy 1000 denier US-made Cordura® nylon so you know it is built to last. A TPU laminated internal nylon liner with fully taped seams ensures 100% waterproofness. The SIGNATURE V is equipped with the best pannier mounting system in the bike business, i.e. our patented Cam-Lock® attachment system. The super strong and fully adjustable aluminum hooks will safely and securely hold your laptop and gear on your rack. This pannier is handmade in Canada and signed by its maker.

  • Lined with waterproof material and fully taped seams.
  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Zippered pocket inside for smaller items
  • Cam-Lock® mounting system
  • Padded mounting hardware cover for added comfort off the bike
  • Carry handle
  • Comfortable 2” shoulder straps
  • Reflective patches for night safety
  • Shopping bag style carry handles accessible when the bag is fully open
  • Flat bottom allows the bag to stand up 
  • Waterproof liner
  • Made In Canada

16 customer reviews

Signature V - urban pannier (unit) reviews

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(based on 16 reviews)
  1. Signature V - urban pannier on Giant Quick-E+

    By Raincheck

    If you were wondering? The Signature V - urban pannier fits perfectly on Giant Quick-E+

  2. Exceeded All Requirements

    By ChicagoBikeCommuter

    As a maximizer, I spent way more time than I should have for a $160 purchase but such is my personality. I had 6 essential requirements:
    1. Bag had to be water proof
    2. Bag had to have a simple on/off locking mechanism to the rack but still VERY secure
    3. Bag had to be adjustable so there was NO CHANCE my foot would rub against it.
    4. Lastly, the Bag had to have a Strap I could throw over my shoulders without taking it off the bag prior to locking it onto the rack each time.
    5. Had to have an inner Laptop compartment to secure my work laptop.
    6. Only wanted the bag as a UNIT not a PAIR. I don't have that much stuff (clothes, laptop, bike repair kit).

    You can't believe how many bags I researched and this is the only one that met all selection criteria.

    Results: I've used this bag several times now, even in rain, and I can say confidently the bag met or exceeding my expectations in ALL 6 areas. Very very happy with the bag: I should have done it years ago! No more shoulder/back pain; feels so free. Only comment: noticed some small threads on the bottom of the bag but think it is leftover from the sewing machine or whatever. I burned them off. Pricey but so worth it.

  3. Love. This. Bag.

    By JeremyHL

    I live in Vancouver and bought this pannier because I often take my laptop on my commute. I needed something waterproof. While my laptop fits very well, the bag doesn't suffer from the overly specific layout that many restricts many laptop bags. It simply offers one big pocket, one small pocket, and the laptop sleeve. This makes it quite versatile considering that I'm often carrying groceries or gym attire. One more detail to add is that the cam attachments can be moved, meaning that you can customise how the bag fits on your rack. Customer service was excellent when I had to return the one I ordered by accident. All things considered, I'm very happy.

  4. Multiple bags: This is my faborite

    By Rr1200gs

    I've been using Arkel bags for nearly ten years now. I have several models include ones for touring too. This Signature is my favorite probably because it's the one I use every day.

    I owned the one that this model replaced and I didn't think anything could be better. I was wrong. For function and carrying comfort the Signature is perfect for work, gym and light shopping.

    I DO think the cam lock is the best in the industry and I've never had a problem with it on any of my bags. Rock solid. Straps? Not satisfied, ... get one you like. They're easy and cheap. The bag itself is brilliant and so durable. Thanks Arkel. I couldn't be happier.

  5. Great pannier, LOTS of room!

    By Rangdrol

    I'm thrilled that a local Quebec maker made this available. Quality product with great space, and excellent design. I love that I can fit so much stuff in this, even grocery shopping. The one thing I wish they had done was provide a padded, reincorfed shoulder strap, to go along with the strap that's on the bag. Since it's so big and heavy, that would be a great version. I also bought the urban briefcase style pannier and that is half the size of this bag and that pannier has the padded strap, attached to the shoulder strap so a bag that is twice as large would have benefitted from that. This is the only design feature Ihope they will implement. Who knows, maybe I can just buy one from them.

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