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Our foldable basket
Position: Rear
Weight: 1,4 kg / 2,5 lbs (unit)
Volume: 25 l. / 1525 cu. in. Expands up to 29 l. / 1768 cu. in. (unit)
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Arkel's foldable shopping pannier: for corner store trips or toting a full load of groceries home. The Shopper does it all! Folds tight against your rack when not in use. A drawstring sleeve extends its already spacious 1525 cubic inch capacity to 1768 cubic inches.

Add another layer of waterproof protection, increase visibility, keep grime off your bags with an Arkel rain cover.


  • Easy access draw cord closure.
  • Folds against the rack when not in use.
  • Carry handles and shoulder strap for comfortable off the bike travel.
  • Has a small zippered pocket inside for keys, wallet, etc.
  • Practical key hook inside the bag.
  • Light aluminum frame ensures the bag will keep its shape.
  • Made of tough 1000 Denier US made Cordura.
  • Plenty of reflective material on all sides.



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10 customer reviews

The Shopper urban pannier (unit) reviews

Average rating
(based on 10 reviews)
  1. Un sac de vélo polyvalent et logeable

    By Marty819

    LE sac pour mon vélo boulot. Tout y entre, sans devoir faire de compromis. Vêtements de rechange, sac à lunch, laptop, souliers, et grâce au soufflet, on peut attraper un pain et du lait sur le chemin du retour. Système brillant pour accrocher et décrocher du porte bagage.

    Seul inconvénient de cette approche, un peu moins stable dans un virage serré, à basse vitesse. Résiste aussi assez bien sous la bruine ou une légère ondée. Il me manque le rain cover. un achat pour 2018 ! Et un produit 100 % sherbrookois

  2. Great but 3 suggestions

    By SRO

    Great product, well-thought-out. I love the strap for mounting a rear light and the ability to fold up the pannier when not in use. The rain cover extends the depth of the bag. People see and like the pannier.

    The pannier fits a whole shopping bag of groceries - which is the problem. I tend to fill up the panniers with more than 20 lbs, causing the black plastic bottom to make holes in the back corners at the bottom. There is a hole forming in the center, between the back corners as well. I'll need a new bag soon. Would it help to round the back corners of the black plastic bottom?

    I have the models with the front pocket, which I find useful.

    When I put the panniers on the rack, I have to push the shoulder strap into the bag and tighten the rain cover, so that the shoulder strap doesn't fall out and get caught in the back wheel. I wonder if Arkel can provide a suggestion with the bag about the best way to secure the shoulder strap.

    Note from Arkel: Please email pictures of of the holes at [email protected], we'll be happy to have a look and see what can be done to prevent or repair. Shoulder straps should always be removed completely and stored inside the pannier while riding.

  3. Seriously well designed, Durable and USEFUL

    By JanieH

    I've been using "grocery" style panniers for years for shopping but also for schlubbing all my gear to and from my teaching job, on my daily commute. Because of the heavy wear (abuse?) I subject them to, I usually get 12-18 months of use before they self destruct and fall apart--no matter the brand.

    I decided to upgrade to the Arkel after factoring in the cost of buying yet another pair, despite being initially daunted by the price. I SO WISH THAT I HAD BOUGHT THESE SOONER! They are light years better than any similar pannier that I have owned over the last 15 years of commuting. Quality materials, fantastic design, and high quality workmanship make these a stellar choice, even if you are on a budget.

    Things that I appreciate:
    -super high quality fabrics
    -high reflective details
    -nice sturdy frame
    -easily adjustable width settings on the rack clips
    -handy arm loops for carrying over your forearm
    -the folding option with velcro tabs to keep it shut

    Things I love:
    -super spacious interior holds a butt-ton of stuff. These are way bigger than any other grocery style pannier I've ever owned (which would be 10, in case you were wondering)
    -zip pockets inside
    -the adjustable/removable skirt around the top!!! This keeps items from flying out, provides some light rain/snow protection, and gives you a ton more storage for shopping
    -the tabs for attaching blinkie lights
    -the flat bottom
    -the rain cover --which makes these waterproof in even torrential rains for long periods of time! (for me, this is an extremely important upgrade as I use these bikes for year round shopping and commuting in Chicago)
    -the velcro adjustable cover that allows you to carry the bag comfortably without jamming your side with clips
    -the easy speed of the cam lock clips for loading/unloading

    I was unfortunately hit by a car last year and went down with my bags fully loaded. The left rear pannier skidded under my bike (and body) for about 15 feet across pavement and survived almost unscathed (just some mild stains). Considering the damage both my body and my bike sustained, this is nigh miraculous. They aren't joking when they tell you that you can't rip the fabric!

    Despite shopping for a family of 5 (3 teens), carrying an excessive quantity of heavy textbooks and papers to and fro every day, and just generally using the heck out of these, they still are almost like new, after close to 3 years of use.

    These easily get my 5 star rating!

    Thank you Arkel for making something awesome and useful.

  4. 1+ Year of use, still love it.

    By Lori

    I keep this bag on my bike at all times while commuting around town, and camping. It holds SO much and is very sturdy. The camlock system is the best I've used or seen used by my friends, its fast, easy, and sturdy.

    I found that I would rather place everything into this bag vs. wedge it into a normal pannier. I am actually about to get the Commuter Urban Pannier because I place my entire laptop bag into this bag, why not have a laptop bag that hooks to the other side AND matches! Love it.

  5. Very Sturdy

    By Bob

    I have had this bag for 3 years and it is still in great shape. I use them for shopping trips 3x week. It is much easier to use than another brand roll top bags I had. My main "complaint" is that this bag holds a ton which encourages me to overshop sometimes. I end up riding home at 5mph with all the weight. I have never worried about the bags breaking though. I also thought they might flop a bit since they dont have a clip or anything on the bottom but they are very stable and move less than my other one which has a clip. They are spendy but worth it long term.

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