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Seatpacker 15 Bikepacking Seat Bag (patent pending)


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The Seatpacker 15 with quick release aluminum hanger. Completely waterproof!

Weight of seat bag: 440 g / .95 lbs
Weight of rack: 280 g / .6 lbs
Volume: 15l. / 925 cu. in. 
Requires a minimum clearance of 8" from seat rails to top of tire.
Maximum Load: 5 kg / 13 lbs.
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If the seat rails of your saddle are more than 3.5 inches (89mm) apart, you will need the following adaptor More Details...

100% Waterproof   Seatpacker Rack  No Tail Wag




New Bikepacking seat bag! The Seatpacker 15 with quick release lightweight aluminum hanger. Completely waterproof with sealed liner, easily slides on and off for easy packing and handling. Seatpacker rack totally eliminates side to side movement (Tail Wag). Plus it works with dropper posts!! Slim front design and reinforced front panels eliminate thigh rub. Needs a minimum clearance of 8" from seat rails to top of tire.


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5 customer reviews

Seatpacker 15 Bikepacking Seat Bag (patent pending) reviews

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  1. Very good for light road bikepacking

    By Martin

    I bought this bag to use in addition to a half frame bag when I do light touring. I put tools, repair and nutrition in the frame bag, and keep the seatpacker for cloths and lighter items. It works perfectly. The light frame that hold the bag does a very good job at keeping the bag stable. I can even stand on the pedals when doing steep climbs. I bought this product for that very reason and I am not disappointed. It does work. I find it pricey for a bag but at least the quality is there.

  2. Perfect

    By Nicholas

    This bag is simply perfect. There is no movement even if you rock the bike back & forth on a steep climb. I've biked across the country w/panniers. This and a front bag & frame bag is all one would need in the summer.

  3. Great Bag!

    By ADKer

    I purchased the bag for a 3 day ride around Lake Champlain. We'd be moteling it so didn't need huge capacity. It worked perfectly on my Specialized Rubaix road bike. What impressed me the most was the total lack of tail wag, ease of mounting and removing, and total waterproofness. It poured rain the entire first day (66 miles) and the contents of the bag were bone dry. Great bag that I can use for long day rides where I can carry my and my wife's rain gear and lunch. Didn't get 5 stars due to $200+ price, so perhaps not the greatest value. but that said, maybe top quality and functionality are worth the price!

  4. Excellent

    By corakeen

    My experience using this seat pack has been outstanding. I'm here buying them for the rest of my family. Thanks for making something that works!

  5. Fantastic product - highly recommended

    By Mike

    I just returned from a two-week trip through Colombia with three friends. One guy used panniers. He overpacked and complained about bike handling during mountain descents. The rest of us used seat packs, but we each bought a different brand. The Arkel was the clear winner. The mounting bracket made it more steady, but the biggest benefit was the ease of mounting and removing the pack. The others agreed that if they were buying again it would definitely be the Arkel. The 15l capacity was perfect.

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