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The Seatpacker 15 with quick release aluminum hanger. Completely waterproof!

Weight of seat bag: 440 g / .95 lbs
Weight of rack: 280 g / .6 lbs
Volume: 15l. / 925 cu. in. 
Requires a minimum clearance of 8" from seat rails to top of tire:
Maximum Load: 5 kg / 13 lbs.
Detail Measurements

If the seat rails of your saddle are more than 3.5 inches (89mm) apart, you will need the following adaptor More Details...

100% Waterproof   Seatpacker Rack  No Tail Wag

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New Bikepacking seat bag! The Seatpacker 15 with quick release lightweight aluminum hanger. Completely waterproof with sealed liner, easily slides on and off for easy packing and handling. Seatpacker rack totally eliminates side to side movement (Tail Wag). Plus it works with dropper posts!! Slim front design and reinforced front panels eliminate thigh rub. Needs a minimum clearance of 8" from seat rails to top of tire.


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Seatpacker 15 - Bikepacking Seat Bag | By Arkel

8 customer reviews

Seatpacker 15 Bikepacking Seat Bag (patent pending) reviews

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  1. Superbe conception

    By Patrick

    J'ai acheté ce sac il y a deux ans et j'en suis toujours ravi. La construction est durable, imperméable et super efficace. Initialement acheté en prévision de voyages de bikepacking pour mon vélo de montagne, il a même remplacé mes sacoches sur mon vélo de route pour le transport vélo-boulot. D'une stabilité exceptionnelle, il est aussi compatible avec les vélos à double suspension ou avec une tige de selle télescopique. De plus, le service à la clientèle de Arkel est exceptionnel. En fin, c'est un produit local, encore un plus!

  2. Pretty impressed so far with how stable it is.

    By Jeff

    I received the Seatpacker 15 today and installed it. It is perfect! I packed it up with my tent, sleeping pad, pillow and cook system. Pretty sure my sleeping bag will even fit in it once it arrives! Pretty impressed so far with how stable it is. I have a Apidura seat bag too but the Arkel one is way easier to pack despite only being 1L bigger. I am looking forward to taking it on it's first adventure once the weather warms up a bit.

  3. Pricey, but worth it!

    By GalenaNightfire

    I bought both the Seatpacker 9 and 15. They are the only seatpacks that work on my XS carbon frame. I use the 9 for day trips in winter weather to carry all my layers. I use the 15 for UL touring (paired with Revélate frame bag and Sweet Roll). Yeah, ya gotta pack light, and wash out yer bibs each night, but it makes for pleasant days of riding without all the extra weight of panniers(and the extra crap you'll shove in them, just because you can).

  4. Very good for light road bikepacking

    By Martin

    I bought this bag to use in addition to a half frame bag when I do light touring. I put tools, repair and nutrition in the frame bag, and keep the seatpacker for cloths and lighter items. It works perfectly. The light frame that hold the bag does a very good job at keeping the bag stable. I can even stand on the pedals when doing steep climbs. I bought this product for that very reason and I am not disappointed. It does work. I find it pricey for a bag but at least the quality is there.

  5. Perfect

    By Nicholas

    This bag is simply perfect. There is no movement even if you rock the bike back & forth on a steep climb. I've biked across the country w/panniers. This and a front bag & frame bag is all one would need in the summer.

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