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The Bug Pannier Backpack converts from pannier to backpack in seconds. This convertible backpack comes with our Cam-Lock® mounting system.

Converts from pannier to backpack in seconds.
Position: Rear
Weight: 1.2g / 2.6 lbs (unit)
Volume: 25 l. / 1650 cu. in. (unit)
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Easy to use Pannier/Backpack combo. Converts from pannier to backpack in seconds.

- Helmet Holder Flap
- U-Lock Storage
- Sealed Weatherproof Zippers
- Quick Access Pockets
- Full Access Main Compartment
- Side Mesh Pockets


- Cam-Lock Mounting System
- Waterproofing
- Lifetime Warranty
- 1000 Denier Cordura Fabric
- Reflective Logos On All Sides

- Padded Laptop Pouch
- Rain Cover

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25 customer reviews

Bug Pannier Backpack (UNIT) reviews

Average rating
(based on 25 reviews)
  1. Functional, Quality, Spacious bag for active lifestyle

    By Dianna

    I am a health Coach and Mobility/Fitness trainer often carrying a projector, my MAC, a portable table with me among other things.
    At first it can feel clumsy to put it on and off the bike. I bike daily and after just 1 week it has become easy. It feels really secure and safe on there.
    Also it fits my helmet in the front expandable pouch. This was my New Year's resolution so now I will not lose my helmet like I have done in the past.
    This bag is well thought out, sturdy and of high value.
    I looked at all of the backpack panniers I could find. I am thrilled with my choice and want to let others know!

  2. Solid bag for 7 years

    By Brian

    I've been using a Bug I bought in 2011. It held up well, but finally the zipper sliders on one compartment became undone. The fabric and Styrofoam (or similar?) backing also wore through where the bag rubbed against my tire's quick release handle for years, but that had no affect on the bag's functionality. All in all, I think it held up pretty well relative to the punishment I gave it.

    This is an excellent pannier. With the extra hook, it stays very secure to the bike even over rough bumps. It is a decidedly mediocre backpack. The straps are slightly wider than I'd like (6' tall man with average broadness shoulders), the stiff backing is somewhat comfortable, and the hook sometimes ends up in my back. However, its imperfect backpack form is far superior to no backpack form at all, and all of its backpack imperfections are due to pannier strengths. It's very quick and easy to hide or release the backpack straps. It's great for walking the rest of the way from the bike rack to wherever I'm headed. It's just not something I'd take for a hike or on a flight.

  3. Great product

    By Dan L

    Excellent, highly durable bag that works well I both capacities: comfortable straps as a backpack, solid, easy to hook on and remove as a panier. Good array of compartments and excellent capacity (I tend to carry a lot). The construction is solid throughout, with zippers and mechanisms that have been working flawlessly for three years now.

    My one complaint/caveat is that the main bike frame hook (not the cam-locks) can slip off the loop too easily when not hooked to a bike frame (i.e. when in backpack mode), so you have to be careful not to lose it, and I wish there were a better option for securing it in backpack mode than the tuck-away method (see the pictures above).

    Otherwise a superb and reliable bag for commuting.

  4. Excellent

    By Aryeh

    Worth every penny. Quality is superior. Getting it on and off bike is incredibly quick easy. Conversion to backpack is no big deal. Helmet carrier can be repurposed in all kinds of creative ways. All materials and zippers are super super solid.


    By TroyA

    This is the perfect pannier for "Multi-Modal" Bike+Bus Commuting. When you do a "multi-modal" bike+bus commute, it's so wonderful to have such a flexible, well designed, well organized, and well built bag to quickly switch between "bike commuter" and "bus/public-transit commuter" modes. Of course, when you are cycling it is so wonderful to have your stuff in a pannier rather than in a hot, sweaty backpack. But when it is time to load your bike into a bus bike rack, you need both hands free, so having a pannier that quickly changes into a backpack, and which also has well designed pockets for all your bike commuting gear is wonderful!!! Of course, when you are making the switch between the two commuting modes, you need to quickly have a good place to transfer your helmet, water bottles, gloves, & other items to your back pack, and also quickly find & get your bus pass out of your pannier, so you don't take too long to load your bike into the bus bike rack and get on the bus. This extremely well designed bag is perfect for making that transition between the two commuting modes quick and easy. I've been using mine for 3 years of bike (6 miles each way) + bus (11 miles) commuting now, and absolutely love it. It is the perfect pannier/backpack for "multi-modal" commutes!

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