Bike travel with a DSLR, transform Arkel Handlebar Bag into a camera bag.

Bike travel with a DSLR camera – How to transform an Arkel Handlebar Bag into a deluxe camera bag.

Handlebar bags are ideal to use when you need to carry a DSLR camera. Although our handlebar bags are not specifically designed to carry camera equipment, with some customization, it is very easy to modify the interior to protect your camera. We suggest using a blue foam closed cell sleeping pad. With a Google search they are easy to find and inexpensive.

 Arkel Handlebar Bag With DSLR Camera

Here is an example customization that took roughly 15 to 20 minutes to make. This is an Arkel Small Handlebar Bag customized to fit a Nikon D310 with a 30mm f/ 1.4 lens and an extra 18-55mm lens.

Foam Piece To Customize Handlebar Bag Into Camera Bag

Here are all the cut pieces of foam that have been prepared and a view of the main compartment of the Small Handlebar bag before the customization.

Camera inside an Arkel handlebarbag with protective padding

Voila! Done! Your camera gear is now well protected and easy to access. When riding, just stop, flip the hood of the bag open and grab your camera. This makes it very easy to document your trip. You can use the front zippered pocket for extra batteries, charger and other small items. Of course, you may also find that an additional piece of foam here or there, might improve this setup. Feel free to share your creativity with us. Indeed, with the ability to use it on your bike, clipped with our strong aluminum mounting brackets, or off, as a sleek camera shoulder bag, it might be your most versatile camera accessory.

Arkel handlebar bags make great camera shoulder bags

Off the bike, the Arkel handlebar bags make great camera shoulder bags.

Arkel super strong aluminum handlebar mounts

The handlebar bag and your camera equipment will be secure with our super strong aluminum mounting brackets.

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