DRYPACK Cycling Backpack (unit)

VAT excluded

Fully waterproof roll-top cycling backpack with the added benefit of being compatible with our Randonneur Rack.

Weight: 0.95 kg / 2.1 lbs (unit)
Volume: 21 l. / 1280 cu. in. (unit)
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The DRYPACK is a fully waterproof roll-top cycling backpack with the added benefit of being compatible with our Randonneur Rack. Use it as a backpack or slide it on the Randonneur Rack® for a cool ride on your next commute. The DRYPACK is made of TPU laminated nylon with welded seams which makes this bag 100% waterproof. The backpack has an internal laptop sleeve and organiser for all your electronic gear. The main compartment is large enough for a change of clothes, electronics and lunch. Happy commuting!

  • Comfortable Waterproof Backpack
  • Compatible with our patented Randonneur® seat post Rack
  • Made of toughTPU laminated nylon
  • Large main compartment that opens up completely for easy access
  • Laptop Sleeve and organiser inside
  • Small external zippered pocket for wallet, phone, keys, etc.
  • Compression straps on each side
  • Comfortable carry handle
  • Reflectors on all sides and bottom
  • Easy to operate magnetic buckle
  • Lifetime warranty

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  1. Sean

    Commuted the Vancouver wet winter w/ these. Moved from Arkel’s drylite panniers.

    I was keeping my eye on backback rack combos for awhile. Tried the ortlieb system but there’s too much going on mechanically.

    Love: the outside pocket; fits my office clothes, flipflops; not having to carry the panniers; the vertical sizing keeps a small profile (compression straps good); combine it w/ eaglecreek clothes organizers ftw.

    Hate: no strap for light (in the rack position); the backpack weight + my IHG + my butt gets me a little nervous weight-wise back there

  2. 1959

    Used rack for overnight stop , did job perfectly.

  3. JWalNYC

    Riding about 28 miles into work, so backpack for laptop and clothes was becoming a bit uncomfortable. I only have a road bike so wanted something that could work on a seatpost rack. Current seatpost is carbon so the Arkel beam rack fitted the needs. Bag is well made and lightweight. Not drowned it yet but light showers and road spray did not get anything inside damp. If I was designing a mk II then I would suggest: 1. more comfortable shoulder straps. 2. A small loop on the bag bottom to clip a tail light ( bag obscures my current light mounting). 3. One additional pocket inside or out for keys. It has one outside pocket but dont want to put keys and phone in the same one as will scratch the screen. 4. A better way to stow the straps and stop them dangling in the breeze. I used the chest strap and clipped it on the “wrong side” of the bag and tied loose ends together

    On the road and mounted on the rack you forget it is there, as long as you stay seated. If climbing out of the saddle or putting power down away from a stop light the back end of the bike wobbles a bit and more likely to pull front wheel in the air Takes some getting used to and I had never ridden with a pannier etc. the bag and rack stayed in place nicely though. Highly recommend

  4. Samps

    I get compliments on my bag all the time – super modern and cool looking and does not move around when put on the rack! Only complaint is that there is not an easy way to access the inside of the bag once it is on the rack and I still don’t know exactly where I should be putting the straps when I have it on the rack. Regardless, a great bag!

  5. Gui D.

    Excellent backpack.. just as we get to expect them from Arkel!!

    Fits perfectly on the randonneur rack too, sweeeeet combo there…

    Definitely worth every buck…!

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