Dolphin 32 Waterproof Bike Panniers

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Waterproof panniers with useful front and side pockets, super practical when you need quick access to smaller items.

If your rack tubing diameter is bigger than 15mm (and up to 21mm), you will need the Oversized Cam-Lock. More details hereWaterproof logo

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Key Features

The Dolphin 32 is the smaller version of the Dolphin 48, but with the same eye to quality and function – a toploader with sewn and taped seam technology that offers an Interloc® System that creates a watertight seal by folding the closures one over the other. Then it’s roll, clip and go. An open access storage pouch that features small laser cut holes at the bottom for drainage – eliminating need to store wet items inside the bag, doing away with water build up and condensation.  Superior accessibility and the best in dry-bag technology has finally arrived.

Technical Specifications (Pair)

1.8 kg

Weight (3.9 lbs)

32 L

Volume (1950 cu. in.)

Position : Front or Rear

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Equipped With Our Cam-Lock® Mounting System

This patented technology allows you to securely attach and remove a bag pannier to your bike rack in seconds.


3 reviews for FOR Dolphin 32 Waterproof Bike Panniers

  1. Howard Moore

    My Dolphin 32’s are so solid! They are the first panniers I ever bought, other than some grocery panniers, and they are still going strong after some 7,000 miles. The red is a bit faded, I put a hole in the mesh part of one of the pockets, and the top of one edge of one of the front pockets pulled out. Five stars because that’s all, after all those miles and no special treatment. I dropped in to Arkel the other day and shared my thoughts on their design with Yves. They are great bags that you can count on to do their job, and nice people too!

  2. Jeremy

    I owned a pair of cheaper panniers for a few years, which had a waterproof cover. They worked ok but eventually decided to invest in new ones.
    I bought the Dolphin 32’s in red
    We tour mainly in Brittany France where the weather is unpredictable like home! Cornwall. One minute it’s sunny , the next it’s raining.
    They’ve really been pretty flawless. I looked at all brands including the ortliebs. What put me off most of the other waterproof bags was the lack of pockets.
    I didn’t want big pockets, just something streamlined and easy to shove a waterproof into.
    One of the best features is the open access side storage pouch. It’s brilliant and simple. Take your waterproof, cap, gloves, whatever and just slide them in. If they’re wet, no problem. Don’t have to bother opening the main bag.
    But please don’t get rid of it,it’s one of the best features!

  3. Brian in Vancouver

    I’ve been meaning to write this review for a long time. Simply put, the Dolphins are the best panniers I’ve ever seen or owned. Long ago I used Cannondale panniers on a 4 month tour of Europe, then for commuting and used MEC/Serratus Aqua-Not’s for 10+ years including cycling Lhasa to Kathmandu. However for 8+ years my wife and I have trusted our Dolphin’s, the 32’s and one pair of 48’s when more capacity is needed. I had a brief stint with Ortlieb Back-Packers, but the way their lower fasteners work is inadequate – I returned them quickly. The Dolphins are slightly over-built and might last forever. I’ve ridden all over with mine including Manali-to-Leh and they’re still like new. They are totally waterproof, no worries there. The roll-top closure is simple and easy to use, the hard plastic back that sits against your rack struts is robust and the attachment system is without equal. The adjustability of the attachment system with a small hex key is unique. The fabric is attractive, sheds water quickly and has reflective patches, as they should.
    I like that they are designed and assembled in Sherbrooke and that Arkel work with local folks who have challenges. I’d of course like to see all manufacturing brought back to Canada or the US, though it might not be easy.
    My asks on the 32’s are to eliminate one of the two pockets (unnecessary, adds complexity and cost) and eliminate the side storage pouch for the same reasons. It seems the D-rings have already been moved to where they no longer rattle against a rack, but I cut mine off and have never missed them. For the 48’s, I’d strongly recommend eliminating the ‘front’ pockets and eliminate the gap between the larger and smaller bags, along with the extra material that this requires (so the outer bag remains waterproof). Again, my idea is to simplify eg minimize complexity and cost, and in part, weight. I cut the front pockets off my 32’s and 48 as they rubbed against my heels no matter how far back I positioned the bags. I believe these changes would make the Dolphins even better, without compromising on those things that really matter. However if nothing were changed, then they’d still be the best pannier bags I’ve ever seen.

  4. Rob

    I purchased these specifically for a Catrike 3 day bike trip. I was impressed with the amount of gear they will hold. I actually found myself wondering what I was missing because there was so much room left over. The end pockets are great for carrying extra water and snacks. The side pouches were great for easy access to clothing and snacks. These fit perfect on my Catrike rear rack.

  5. sergei

    I used the dolphin serie bags extensively and I believe they are the best on the market. I traveled by bike for a year from belgium to malaysia, and then went around New Zealand, going through every possible condition ranging from desert heat and sand to tropical thunder storms, and these bags are still going strong and are not leaking one drop. The hook system is by far the strongest on the market and I have seen many top end bags from the competition traveling the same roads (Ortlieb, vaude) with broken hooks or rails, despite not being as heavily loaded as the Arkels. This system is absolutely bombproof. I only had some very minor complaints regarding the design, more suggestions of things that could be improved than real problems, so I sent a short review to the guys at Arkel. Well, I don't know how big of an impact I had and I'm sure they figured most of it by themselves, but every single point have been adressed with this new generation. Awesome work guys!

  6. psa

    I have been using these for more than 2 years for commuting in most weather. They are easy to use and completely waterproof. I love them! Only downside I find is that they are a little awkward to carry off the bike.

  7. Swervy

    I've had a pair of Dolphin 32 and Dolphin 48 bags and consider them the nicest set of bags I've ever owned. After using most of the other top brands on the market , I gravitated towards the Arkel bags because their mounting system is simple and secure. They are much more resistant to bouncing around on your rack, and I have yet to see them pop loose from the rack over many miles of dirt touring. In addition to the mounting system, the dry bag material keeps everything dry without the need for additional liners. These bags are very well thought out and constructed. Despite my desire to see a true roll-top enclosure, these are simply the best bags on the market for wet conditions, for people who love simplicity and durability, and for anybody needing a pannier to mount securely to a rack.

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