Catrike Trail, Dash, Villager and Pocket bags (pair)

Specifically made for the Catrike Trail, Dash, Villager and Pocket

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Key Features

These bags are specifically made for the Catrike Trail, Dash, Villager and Pocket. They are made right here Sherbrooke, QC, Canada from 600 denier polyester fabric with foam and high density polyethelene stiffeners. They are sold as sets and fit snuggly on each trike. No rack necessary! The designs are made to carry from the frame and require absolutely no other hardware. Important Note: This bag will not fit some of the newer models with the adjustable seat. Check chart below for compatibility.
Trail Dash Villager Pocket
2021 No No Yes
2020 No No Yes
2019 No No Yes
2018 No No Yes
2017 No No Yes
2016 No No Yes
2015 No No Yes
2014 No No Yes
2013 No No Yes
2012 No No Yes
2011 Yes Yes Yes Yes
2010 Yes Yes Yes Yes

Technical Specifications

426 g

Weight (0.939 lbs)

15 L

Volume (914 cu. in.)

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  1. David R

    Very practical and large enough for keys, phone, and billfold wrapped in a small towel plus a reflective windbreaker for rain. That’s just for one side and it’s not totally full. Bought them for the Pocket when I had a couple thousand miles on it eight thousand miles back. Never an issue. They do fade but so have I.

  2. Action Lad

    I have a 700 and the bags fit perfectly. You never know they’re there.
    *When they are new, they work very well, however, as they age, the zipper starts to stick and later if you pull too hard, the zipper will lose its ability to tie both sides in. Best thing to do is when the zipper starts to stick, spray some W-D 40 along the two sides. Also, the black looks so nice when new, but if you use it in the sun or in a mixture of different kinds of weather, it’ll fade pretty bad. Thought about using RIT, but I’m not sure the coloring will stain whatever you put in the bag. My suggestion is to have SOME type of waterproofing option, at least a waterproof cover, and to have a better performing zipper. They’re out there. : )

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