Catrike Bags Expedition, Road Or Speed (pair)

Specifically made for the Catrike Expedition, Road and Speed

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Key Features

In a nutshell: These bags are specifically made for the Catrike Expedition, Road and Speed. They are made right here Sherbrooke, QC, Canada from 600 denier polyester fabric with foam and high density polyethelene stiffeners. They are sold as sets and fit snuggly on each trike. No rack necessary! The designs are made to carry from the frame and require absolutely no other hardware. Important Note: This bag will not fit some of the newer models with the adjustable seat. Check chart below for compatibility.
Expedition Road Speed
2021 Yes
2020 Yes
2019 Yes
2018 Yes
2017 Yes
2016 Yes
2015 Yes
2014 Yes
2013 Yes No
2012 Yes No
2011 Yes Yes Yes
2010 Yes Yes Yes

Technical Specifications

514 g

Weight (1.13 lbs)

17 L

Volume (1050 cu. in.)

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  1. Chris P.

    I wasn’t certain if this would be a great decision, but as I was looking to do longer and longer rides, figured it was a good idea.

    Turned out this was the best purchase yet. Super happy with them. They fit so well that you really don’t know they are there, no bouncing around or getting in the way. Plenty of storage space. In one I have spares – tires, tubes, tools and in the other food, extra bottle, phone and some other items just in case.

    I’m going to keep these on even if I do a short ride even though it takes just a few minutes to get them on and off – they are light and out of the way, don’t think there is much of a penalty for having them there, and it provides security to both me and my spouse that pretty much no matter what happens, I’d be prepared (ok, shark attack would be a problem).

    I’ve used other bags and containers and while each was ok, just not really that useful or they just seemed to not fit as well. Problem solved here – these are specifically designed to fit in a particular model (Expedition for me) and so the fit is spot on. So, if you need to store something, this is a great option (ok, maybe not for a tuba or harp but who knows, maybe Arkel has something for those trike-riding musicians?).

    Good luck to all, stay safe on the roads / trials and have fun while you’re out there and if you get one of these bags, guaranteed you’re on the right path.

  2. likesbikes

    The fit inside the frame gives your trike such a sleek look, unlike most things that are added. Catrikes have graceful frame geometry and these bags function well without compromising the look of the trike. They hold more than you might think, too.

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