Cam-Lock® Oversized Hook (UNIT) - 15 mm to 21 mm

The Cam-Lock® Oversized Hook set will fit rack tubing of 15 mm to 21 mm diameter.

This kit is good to retrofit 1 single pannier.
Learn how to measure your rack tubing diameter
and click here to determine the track length (8 in. vs 10 in.)



Key Features

The Cam-Lock® Oversized Hook set is offered for those who already have the Arkel adjustable hook system either the older manual attachment system or our current Cam-Lock® self locking system.

If your system uses one of our aluminum tracks, as pictured below, this retro fit kit will work for you. The Cam-Lock® Oversized Hook set is available in two track lengths: 8” and 10” to perfectly match your needs.

The Cam-Lock® Oversized Hook set includes the following parts to retrofit 1 pannier:
– 2 oversized aluminum hooks with self locking cams and nylon inserts to protect the rack
– 1 carry handle pre-attached
– 1 retaining strap

It is important to match the length of the kits and the aluminum tracks.

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