In The Mind of A Cyclist Crossing Africa by Samuel Roy

Voyager à vélo est le summum de la liberté. En plus de notre santé physique et mentale qui se réjouissent, notre portefeuille peut être épargné, c’est bon pour l’environnement et le rythme de ce moyen de transport permet de vivre chaque endroit que l’on traverse avec nos cinq sens. Si ça grimpe, nos jambes vont le sentir, s’il pleut toute la journée, on n’y échappe pas, si les champs de lavande sont en fleurs, notre nez s’émerveille. Cette basse vitesse et cette vulnérabilité qui nous représentent en tant que cyclotouristes nous rendent aptes à rencontrer les locaux des pays que nous visitons, des gens à qui nous n’aurions probablement jamais parlé si nous étions passés en voiture. Ces personnes sont souvent curieuses et stupéfaites face à notre aventure. En pédalant on se laisse guider par notre coeur, vivant un style de vie pur, minimaliste et gratifiant.

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The White Road Expedition Declared Successful by Samuel Lalande-Markon

Adventurers Samuel Lalande-Markon and Félix-Antoine Tremblay have successfully traveled from Nutashkuan to Blanc-Sablon on their oversized tire bikes (fatbikes). This is the first full crossing of the Lower North Shore to be made by bike. The feat was completed in 18 days, several of which served to meet the communities along the route.

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How to have a good time with childhood friends by Jordan Remillieux

Most people prefer an all-inclusive resort in Cancun or a fishing trip to Baskatong. For the three of us, a week on a fatbike in Nunavik is ideal! Being an airplane pilot in Northern Quebec for several years, I decided 6 months ago to try a new bikepacking expedition. Having successfully completed a bike crossing between the villages of Tasiujaq and Kuujjuaq, I felt ready for a new adventure.

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Salut Grand-Maman

"Salut Grand-Maman" is a tribute to all grandmothers out there, stressed out by the crazy aventures of their grand-kids. Take care of your Grand-Mother, give her a call today, tell…

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Arkel Microtour

The Arkel boys out on a sub 24 hour overnighter. Had a blast being filmed by drone and using/testing our new Seatpacker and Rollpacker bikepacking bags and some of our…

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Arkel supports Roulons pour que ça m’Arche

A trip of 4000 km by bike through 6 countries in Europe during 4 months. Justine Rochibaud, 24, set herself quite a challenge! The goal is to collect 50 000$ for L'Arche l'Etoile of Québec, a non-profit organization where people with and without intellectual disabilities share life together, living and working in community.

The reason behind this challenge
Justine's big sister, Elise, lives in a L'Arche household for two years now. Her family wanted to make sure Elise finds a place with a family-like setting where she could feel surrounded and loved, just like at home. L'Arche is the perfect place because it provides an environment of mutual relationships where people with intellectual disabilities can reach their full potential. By seeing how happy and blooming her sister is within this welcoming community, Justine decided to get involved and help L'Arche in its mission. Roulons pour que ça m'Arche was born.

This trip is also a personal challenge for Justine who has never done a cycling trip before. « I am quite a sporty person and I have often ridden a bike for the past few years. However, I am seriously into biking for only two months. » During her 4000 km trip, Justine will visit 10 L'Arche houses in 6 European countries : France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Spain.

The mission of L'Arche 
L'Arche was founded in 1964. The aim of this non-profit global organization is to create communities which welcome people who have intellectual disabilities. Today, L'Arche exists in 37 countries worldwide, including Canada. Its mission is « to make known the gifts of people with intellectual disabilities revealed through mutually transforming relationships. L'Arche seeks to respond to the distress of those who are too often rejected, and to give them a valid place in society. »

L'Arche l'Etoile of Québec was founded in 1976. It includes 4 households and a day center.

The aim of this fundraising initiative
The main goal of Roulons pour que ça m'Arche is to collect 50 000$ for L'Arche l'Etoile. The organization has significant financial needs, and the money raised will help to open a second day center in order to welcome more people with intellectual disabilities.

During her trip, Justine will volunteer in every L'Arche household she will visit. She will take advantage of this opportunity to gather and share ideas, good practices, and strategies used in the different L'Arche houses, and bring them back to Québec.

Recently graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Accountancy, Justine wanted her fundraising campaign to be as transparent as possible. Every dollar given will go directly to L'Arche. To do so, Justine has found sponsors to cover her personal costs: bicycle, bike gear, transfers, and food. This is where Arkel steps in.

The commitment of Arkel
Here at Arkel, we love building quality gear that last, and we also love supporting the causes that are dear to our heart. That's why we have chosen to sponsor Justine in her bike trip through Europe by providing her with panniers. « I have been told Arkel products are high quality and very strong, so I am very thankful for their support. » said Justine.

Arkel is already dedicated to community empowerment through our commitment with CRDITED Estrie - a social service program for folks with Intellectual Disabilities and Pervasive Development Disorders - which goal is to bring these lovely people to work for a company in a real world work environment. The lively crew from CRDITED works every day within Arkel workshop. Supporting Justine's fundraising initiative was perfectly making sense to us.
In April, our team was pleased to meet both Justine and her sister Elise who came to visit our company.

This amazing trip starts on the 10th May. You can support and follow Justine through her website and her Facebook page.

Good luck Justine in this great adventure!

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