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Key Features

B-26 Panniers (pair)-0
The B26’s are based on Arkel’s time tested designs. They are built with the same attention to detail, the same materials, the same quality craftsmanship and the same lifetime warranty as all Arkel bicycle panniers. But they are built in their simplest form to offer top quality Arkel bags at a very affordable price. The B-26s are equipped with a manual hook system. Made of strong aluminum, this system is easy to use and there are no plastic parts that can bend or break. Built with nothing but quality and value in mind, these bags are really an incredible buy! Add another layer of waterproof protection, increase visibility, keep grime off your bags with an Arkel raincover.

Technical Specifications (Pair)

1.35 kg

Weight (2.9 lbs)

26 L

Volume (1600 cu. in.)

Position : Front or Rear

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  1. Marvin Hildebrand

    I have had the B-26 Panniers as shown since 2014 and I like everything about them. My travels with these panniers include three unsupported cycling trips of 2,400 – 2,900 km, and one trip of 1,300 km. The rain covers I purchased at the same time have also served me well, and kept my kit entirely dry. After 6+ years, the panniers show no sign of wear, and are basically like new. Zippers and all other materials are of very fine quality. I also like all aspects of the design: the compartments on the top of the panniers are great, for easy access during the day; and the side access for the main section of each panniers is very practical, especially when the panniers are off the bike after a day’s ride. This company appears to really know what they’re doing, and I look forward to upgrading my handlebar bag with an Arkel product in the near future.

  2. Mike

    I purchased Arkel B-26 front and B-40 rear for tour across U.S. These panniers have crossed on the Northern Tier 2016, Southern Tier 2017, Mickelson Trail, Katy Trail, and numerous other local tours. They are the best value in panniers, work great, no broken zippers, a few holes from snagging (my fault), sewn repairs easy. They are faded, but still function as new. The attachments to rack are rock solid, never had a pannier come loose even on trails and dirt roads. The rack lock-on system and bungie with hook are simple, hassle free, and do not break! The other big brand from Germany have come loose, and had plastic rack clips that break. If you want hassle free, value, get the B-series Arkels.

  3. Aaron

    We own a pair of these, and a pair of T-28s, and 2 pair of T-42s. While the B-26s are put together well and would probably provide long service, they're not very useful to us, and we hardly ever use them. The lack of an outside mesh pocket is really noticeable. I don't like how the top of the panniers sag when empty (which isn't true for the T series) so I added stiffeners (in the form of angle irons) to hold up the top of each pannier. These are simple, well made panniers, and would do if you are on a budget, but I think the extra money for the T-28 is money well spent.

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