Handlebar Bag Large (unit)

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Classic touring handlebar bag with main compartment completely waterproof and extra pockets for grab and go items. Sold complete with full aluminum/stainless steel handlebar mounts.

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Key Features

Functional and easy to use, combining RF welded seams and traditional sewing enables us to make a completely waterproof and practical zippered bag. No roll-top closure, just an easy to open zippered main compartment that’s always dry. You can protect the front and side pockets from the elements with an Arkel rain cover.

Bike travel with a DSLR camera – How to transform an Arkel Handlebar Bag into a deluxe camera bag

Technical Specifications

1380 g

Weight (3 lbs)

10 L

Volume (615 cu. in.)

Arkel Waterproof Handlebar Bag Large - Includes DLX Shoulder Strap

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1 review for FOR Handlebar Bag Large (unit)

  1. Levi

    Bought this bag secondhand and I am impressed! It’s not as cosmetically attractive as the “hipper” brands but the quality/durability/functionality is insane. (Keep the zippers lubed and you’ll have easier access). It’s kind of a heavy setup but it’s worth it. The mount system is amazingly practical. I love that the bag can be removed and the shoulder strap makes after ride hikes enjoyable being able to bring snacks, camera and water etc. I’ve had the bag for a few years now and no complaints aside from the color fade. My bag is now a vintage orange which I actually prefer to the two colors offered so not really a complaint, just a comment.

    Yesterday I was volunteering at the local bike shop and found an older, smaller model with all the mounting hardware (Someone was organized) which reminded me to review the above bag. I scooped it up immediately! Very different design and the zippers don’t function anymore but aside from that it held up very well and I imagine is very old. It’s still usable without functioning zippers and a perfect bag for my randonneuring build. Thank you Arkel for making great bags. Someday I’ll buy something from you guys directly when funds are available. For now a great review is all I can do.

    Cheers from Idaho!

  2. elaine (verified owner)

    At first I wasn’t sure I would get it to work for me due to tapered handlebars and the heavy load I wanted to carry, but with a bit of support from my bike company, we were able to move some things around and give it a better place to mount. I added some foam padding (yoga mat, and geomatrix gel on the bottom) under the yellow liner and carried a DSLR camera and two lenses along with wallet keys etc. and the bag didn’t move out of place at all on a pretty bumpy ride.

    I’m so happy we got this to work in the way I was hoping, it’s really a great bag!

  3. Elaine (verified owner)

    Well made bag that I bought for my new bike to keep my camera in a safe spot. There is no denying the quality of the product. I also bought the Haul-it (and the grips are fantastic). I plan to buy the dolphin 48 when I can afford it. I even showed the Haul-it to the E bike company I bought from suggesting he should contact Arkel and build a relationship.

    On paper it all worked beautifully. A bag that would keep my camera in a spot that if I fell, it was the least likely to be damaged. The handles looked super strong…exactly what I needed. I was able to mount it after moving some electronics on my handlebar, but it just didn’t work with a camera and lens in it. It was a similar size and weight of what I saw on the set up linked to this page.

    Maybe it was too heavy? Maybe the mounting bars are too long? Maybe my handlebars are too tapered? I don’t know, but it created a leaver arm no matter how much I tightened it.

    I do know from what I read that since I tried it, it’s no longer in new condition so that’s going to rule out returning it, so I am feeling pretty sad about it as it was expensive. Hoping I can find an alternative that can make it work for me.

    (I feel bad being negative because it is such a well built bag, I think it’s just because I couldn’t get to this conclusion without trying it on my bike first).

  4. Lee

    I’ve used this on a few tours (7-21 days), now mostly around town and shorter rides. Here’s how I use it:

    * Small speakers fit in the side pockets, angled back up towards me provides genuine stereo experience without having my ears covered by earbuds.
    * I used foam to create a custom camera protection insert for the main compartment (check camera stores for the foam, you don’t need the camera case, just the foam). This allowed me to have an SLR, three lenses, and a flash at the instant ready. These days I just have my cell phone, but you could use foam to create any sort of protection you desire.
    * The clear flip cover allows you to put your cell phone under it, and I find that the touch screen on my phone operates when I touch through the plastic (you lose a bit of finesse, but it works great for “recenter” on Google maps).

    I love the quick attachment/removal system, and the cover for the metal on the bag so the metal doesn’t rub you if you carry it off-bike with a strap.
    My older version (about ten years old) wasn’t fully waterproof, so I bought the rain cover which works great. Just like the pannier covers, it slips on quickly and stay secure. I appreciate how Arkel makes their equipment fairly waterproof, but also provides these covers for the occasional torrential downpour.

    • Arkel Admin

      Thanks for the detailed review. Note that the main compartment of the current version is totally waterproof. The hood has welded seams and it is design to overlap the main compartment which creates a watertight roof over the main compartment.The liner of the main compartment is also 100% waterproof. The rain cover is only needed to protect the exterior pockets from the rain.

  5. Harvey

    I have been using this bag for over four years. It is BY FAR the best mounting system and waterproofing around. I love the liner as a secondary waterproofing and works well for messes to boot. The mounting system never slips and doubles as a mount for bear bells when not in use by my bag. Thank you, Arkel!

  6. Jofi

    The handlebar bag is one of the best in the market.
    Little defects are the weight, definitely too heavy to carry it on the shoulder.
    the map case is too small, neither bigger maps nor route planner fit into it easily.
    I made my own one 28 cm wide
    Front department shall be waterproof for this price.

  7. Lorenz

    We used these bags to bike for 472 days around the world. The bags never failed us and we used them for years afterwards.
    The design and durability is second to none.
    This is expedition grade gear and for that the bags are an outstanding value.

  8. Steven

    I have now had this bag for several years. Excellent product. So good in fact, I purchased a small handlebar bag as well. I have two bikes fitted out to receive either the big bag or the small bag. I love that the bag can be adjusted to just about any handlebar configuration. I use the small bag for a camera case. The large bag will fit gloves, tights, jacket, reflectors, wallet, phone, keys, arm warmers as well as an assortment of food bars, energy bars and whatever all together under one roof! It does make a bit of a noise when riding over bumps, but not too bad. Zippers are wonderful. Easy on and easy off. The lid has faded a bit from the sun and looks a bit used, but still is water proof and seals tight. The side mesh pockets are fabulous and the generous front zipper pocket is great for storing batteries, front headlight, rear taillight, blinky lights, reflector straps, wallet, keys, and the pocket behind it fits the shoulder strap. Just love this bag and continuing to love it! Thanks Arkel!!!!!

  9. Oliver

    So glad i found this. (before price was raised) The mounting system is excellent and the whole bag is nicely designed. Some say the position could be a little lower but for me it is just perfect, because I have a headlight below it.
    Transaction and communication very professionally. Once again, merciful.

  10. Henning

    I bought this bag many years ago and have used it a lot over the years. I must say I’m impressed with the durability and functionality of this handlebar bag. It is big enough to carry everything you expect to be able to fit in a handlebar bag, and some more. I tend to load it up quite heavy sometimes, but the brackets and the bag stays firmly in place no matter how much abuse it gets on bumpy roads etc. The main compartment is easy to access even when riding. When leaving the bike for shopping or whatever, it’s easy to pop the bag off and carry it with the shoulder strap, having all the valuables with me all the time like wallet, camera, gps etc. Highly recommended!

  11. Steven

    I bought this to complete my pannier set. Just the size for a camera, lenses, binoculars, power bars, wallet, phone and whatever. What is really nice is that you can carry this as well as a pannier on the plane. It just fits beneath a plane seat and has the proper measurements for a carry on. Used this on a trip to Ireland and it rained. Everything dry on the inside. The outside pocket does get a bit soggy after a while, but it can take quite a bit of water before what's inside gets wet. The construction is excellent and the mounting is pretty simple. Once the mounting brackets are adjusted, it is a very easy off/on. The price is high, but the quality is there. I am not anticipating this bar bag to fall apart anytime soon. Again, a superior product.

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