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The Patented Technology
Behind Our Bike Bags

Meet The Cam-Lock®
Attachment System

Simply put, the Cam-Lock® allows you to securely attach or quickly remove your bike bag from your rack in a matter of seconds.

The Cam-Lock® is loved by thousands of cyclists around the world because it is reliable thanks to the strength of the aluminium rail and hooks, all while being simple to use.

Pull up the handle, it opens the cams. Release the handle and the cams firmly lock on the rack tubing. No need for special inserts. The Cam-Lock® will automatically fit rack tubing of 8mm to 15mm diameter. Covers the vast majority of racks on the market.

The Cam-Lock® system is a patented technology used exclusively by Arkel. We think it is the best attachment system on the market. But do not take our word for it – ask the thousands of cyclists who use our panniers!

The Story Behind The
Signature Series

Each bag is handmade right here in Sherbrooke, QC and signed by the person who made it.

Hear From The Press

"Arkel takes practical, everyday usability into account better than almost all the makers of all the other panniers we've tested."