Arkel- T-42 panniers in red

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  • Arkel- T-42 panniers in red
  • Arkel T-42 panniers in black
  • Arkel T-42 panniers in yellow.
  • rear view with Cam-Lock® mounting system of the Arkel T-42 pannier.
Lite Touring rear panniers
Weight: 2,3 kg / 5 lbs (pair)
Volume: 42 l. / 2550 cu. in. (pair)
Detailed measurements
$229.95 (pair)
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   Huge mesh for easy storage
A mesh pocket on a pannier has many undeniable advantages, like carrying a wet towel and bathing suit back from the creek without soaking the inside, or to stash fresh fruits, sunglasses and sun lotion. Or what about that much needed road map en route to the 4-star B&B -- now, wouldn't it be a shame to get lost?

  Smiley zipper path gives huge access
The rear pocket has a zipper that curves all the way to the back. That's what we call our "Smiley Zippers" because they open the pocket like a huge smile, giving unlimited access to the contents, yet never opening up the bottom so that you won't lose your precious cargo.

  Top Pocket
The top pocket features the same "Smiley Zipper" path as the rear pockets. It'll carry a full size Michelin map, keys, glasses, gloves, passport, wallet, change and much more! And if you forget to close the smiley zipper, the pocket and zipper configuration are such that the content inside will likely not spill out. If this happens to you, we bet this will bring a smile on your face!

  Integrated internal frame
The internal aluminum frame works in conjunction with the back plate that expends to the bottom plate and acts as a "shelf", keeping the bag from sagging when loaded. The dynamic of that system works as a whole to give unmatched rigidity to the panniers and incredible stability on the bike.

  Inside liner back pocket
A liner separates the backplate from the main body of the bag. The space between the liner and the backplate is ideal to stash a map, paper, envelope or anything you want to prevent from bending.

  Protect and organize with Dry Bags
Optional Arkel dry bags can be used to help organize and protect the contents of the T-42’s. Our 23 liter dry bag will fill the main compartment or if you prefer you can use a couple of smaller dry bags to better organize the load.

   Hard Bottom
The backplate of the T-42, made out of HMWPE (High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, which is a superior blend of the regular High Density Polyethylene) extends to include the entire bottom of the bag. This makes the bag incredibly strong structurally, it enhances stability of the bag on the bike and prevents the bottom from bulging or sagging under the load.

  D-Rings for shoulder strap
Like all of our products, the T-42 comes equipped with an integrated handle and D-rings for a shoulder strap. (optional) Also, by placing both panniers back to back, you can clip the D-rings together and carry the set of panniers with the one shoulder strap. This is ideal in airports or walking into hotels or at the office.

  T-42 A best buy!
The T-42's are truly outstanding, all-around panniers. Use them for touring or commuting, out in the country or in the urban jungle, the T-42's will never let you down. And they come at a more than affordable price for the quality, design and durability. Now hop on your bike and enjoy the ride!


One of our bestselling bags, the T-42 brings all the quality, durability and craftsmanship of Arkel's expedition series to domestic travel and lighter touring. Perfectly suited for credit card jaunts, urban exploring and all-around commuter use, our T-42s feature an aluminum frame and full-length zippers to keep gear stable and accessible. For a weekend get away, B&B tour or the daily commute, the T-42s are workhorses that won't quit. And for expedition riders who know just what they need on the road, the T-42s make great, affordable touring alternative to our largest bags.

Add another layer of waterproof protection, increase visibility, keep grime off your bags with an Arkel raincover.

Installing Your Pannier

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